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Amazon Skills
Bow and Crossbow Skills Javelin and Spear Skills Passive and Magic Skills
Assassin Skills
Martial Arts Skills Shadow Masteries Traps
Barbarian Skills
Combat Skills Combat Masteries War Cries
Druid Skills
Elemental Skills Shapeshifting Skills Summoning Skills
Necromancer Skills
Curses Poison and Bone Spells Summoning Spells
Paladin Skills
Combat Skills Defensive Auras Offensive Auras
Sorceress Skills
Cold Spells Fire Spells Lightning Spells

Character Skills
Skill trees are unique for each class, and your character will be able to specialize in different skills, which will determine how you should distribute level-up points. It will not be possible to learn every skill, so each character will be forced to specialize.

Each time your character levels up, you receive 5 attribute points and 1 skill point, which are up to your discretion to distribute.  Strength points affect your damage, dexterity points affect your ability to hit and avoid getting hit, Vitality points affect your life, and Energy points affect your mana.
Skill Synergy Bonuses
Synergy bonuses will boost the effectiveness of the higher-level skills based upon the number of points you place in lower-level skills. This gives players an incentive to use their skill points earlier in the game, rather than keeping them, and using them only for high-level skills. If a skill has a Synergy, the other skills that will help improve the skill will be listed. Items that give bonuses to skills and skill levels do not add to Synergy bonuses.

Click here to view the Character Skill Synergy Maps

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