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Bowazon Guide
Raenius' Frost Archer Strategy Guide
Guided Death's Amazon Guide
Bowazon Strategy Guide
Natedoggs Amazon Guide
Building a Bowazon

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Amazon Strategies

THE Bowazon.... GEAR: Faith, Fort, Dream, Wisp, Ravenfrost, Glooms Trap, Steelrend or Hellmouth (for fire absorb) Atma's Scarab (to get rid of pyhsical immune) and all res gc if want(i got 5 15 all res gc, 2 5 all res sc, and 6mfsc (for fun)) and gheeds (for fun). SKILLS: max guided arrow, 15-17 or so intomulti arrow( a few into strafe for easy rushing) 10 into avoid, dodge, and evade. 12-15 into critical strike.
Thats all there is to it. I can do hell by myself easy. All in all (with your merc having pride) you should do 1034-5436 with guided arrow, 796-4563 with multi. but with critical strike and the amplify dmg from atmas scarab you can do bout 5k-9k dmg easy. No more running from certain immune monsters...THERE IS NOTHING YOU CANT KILL.

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Hybrid zons rule, no doubt. I made one i think there the funnest chars in the game, good for pvp(not the best, but can own alot) and great of pvm. Be carefull with skills and you'll do great. Max: lightining bolt, charged strike, lightining strike and, lightining fury, then put 1 point into guided arrow, 1 point into critical strike. dont waste points on evade or dodge because they waste skill points and you need them to be at level 10 to be good. Stats are simple, Str should be just enough for all are equipment, Dex should be 150 no higher, vit as much as possible and energy should be about none. Equipment is simple. For weapon/java is titans or tstrokes, Bow shouldn't be the best, either low faith, windforce, buriza, hellcast or eaglehorn. Helm, either be vampgaze, or dream helm, for more lighting damage. Armor can be anything, durress is great but i use templer coat because of the max resistances and block rate, shield should be stormshield with pdiamond, boots should be gores or marrowalk, belt is tgods, rings is manald and raven, gloves you switch bow u use clegaws for knockback, javazon you use 3 to java skill gloves. your lighting fury should do about 3-4 k damage, and lighting strke should be 4-5 k, guided should be around 2-3k, its super fun to use!


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Hey. I hear that bowzons are shitty duelers. But they arn't. I know a wicked stratgy to own everyone. Attributes: Str-106,Dex-175, vit-rest of skills, energy-NONE skills: max guided arrow, 16 points into critical strike, 15 into avoid, 10 into dodge and evade and multi arrow. Equipment: Armor: Duress, Weapon:faith,Helm:Dream, gloves: crafted hitpower gloves(because of knockback), boots: gore riders, ammy: maras or highlords, rings: ravenfrost, and or bulcathos. You'll do around 3.9 k guided arrowdamage with ingnores target defence. Then heres the awsome part, get a act2 merc with good stuff that uses might, you'll do more damage like 4.5 k and with ingnores target defnece and with critical hit every 1/2 arrows will double the damage. so around 9k damage, i find that way better than any other char!

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hi, im hereing that people should make hybrids and go java/bow and then when they talk about killing its mostly use bow? well here it is right here. bow is awsome, excpecally guided. because all you need is to stand back and fire.
Stats. 90 str, 170 dex, alot of vit and no energy.
Skills. 20 guided arrow,20 critical hit, 15 avoid, 10 dodge, 10 evade.
Equipment. Helm:dream for that holy shock and other stuff..Armor: either 4 soket armor with ed jewels in it or duress for crushing blow, 33% open wounds, and resistances, and the 20% enhance damage..Weapon:faith for fant which will add 248-260Ed..Belt:verndigoes..Gloves bowzon+ gloves..boots:goreriders..ammy maras..rings ravenfrost and dwarf star.. and tons of poison damage charms, you'll do 4k damage with ingnores target's defence in the faith. people say go knock back and its good to but i wouldnt get windforce because its slower and it has no ingnores target defnece, so get cleglaws gloves or dont because you'll own before they get to you
Xscorpiox x-ten_bowzon

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this is a cs zon build. You will need to get this gear poor pple:shako/titans/shaft/ss/+1zonskills ammy. rich pple gear: p eth up'd titans /grif with p lit die facet/up'd shaft or coh/monarch with x4 p lit facets/soj/bk/t-gods or dungo/+3jav skills gloves/eth trek.This is one of the best zonz build because its good for pvm and pvp not many builds are. Thatís because one of they sy of cs is lit fury which is great for pvm and cs which is great for bosses and pvp. For skills max these cs,litfury,lb,ps,ls. Max the skills in this order cs,litfury,ls,ps,lb. For duels just walk up to them and use cs most of the time its 1 hit kill. For pvm use lit fury. And for hell and those dam lit immune get a a2defaura merc. Get this cheap and easy gear for it insight/gris armor/ vamp gaze.He will do around 2.2k dmg and give you med which is great because now you can actually put no pts in mana. For stats Str: as much as you need to wear gear. Dex: as much as you u need to wear gear(cs doesn't have ar) Vit: poor all your pts into this as you don't need any pts in mana because of your merc. Mana:none live off your mercs med

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I have a level 76 javazon and she wipes out crowds of cows and other powerful demons, in Hell, with ease. Put about 10 points into Pierce so that your javas are likely to pass through enemies. Max out Valleyrie because she will kill lightning immunes and draw attention away from you in tough situations. Max out Lightning Fury, along w/ +skill items this skill will split into over 20 bolts and pierce can turn that 20 into 40 or more. The best part is that you get leach for every monster a stray bolt hits(If you use titans and gaze). It's also worth sinking one point into Dodge, Avoid and Evade for the chance that you will avoid an attack. Put about ten points into Lightning Strike for when you fight melee. It is a fairly dissapointing skill and your zon's true power will be in the throwing power of the javelin. Put about 150 points into strength and dex. Vitality is a must so that you won't die easy. Get your total life somewhere around 600-700 Most people will have you believe that zons don't need any mana because of leach. This isn't true because while leach is very helpful it isn't enough to constantly throw javs with Lightning Fury. Other rumors include that you need a T-gods belt. T-gods is very nice for a javazon but String has damage reduce and leach. If you use a Gaze, String, and Shaft your damage reduce will probably be somewhere around 60%. This means that you only feel 40% of all physical damage. Many people think that putting Ort and Ral Runes into your stuff is a waste. Ort and Ral Combined will give you 30% fire resist and 30% lightning resist. Rfrost is important too for the: cannot be frozen.
Recomended Equipment: Helm: Vampire Gaze w/ Ort Rune, Armor: Shaftstop w/ Ral Rune, Shield: Lidless Wall w/ Perf Diamond, Weapon: Titan's Revenge, Boots: Good Resist, Gloves: + Java , Belt: String Of Ears, Ring 1: Raven Frost, Ring 2: Good Resist, Amulet: +1-3 Amazon Skills

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this is the ultimate hybrid zon. Heres the gear breakdown:titans (eth if possible), shako (ed jewel in it), ebotd war pike, Maras ammy, hell rack, umd lidless. 2 sojs or 1 soj and raven spiral, coh, aldurs advance 4 fire res, t-gods, and finally 3 to java glove wierd gear but you'll find out wut it all does. skill spread: 20 to plague javalin and 20 to poison javalin poison give 200 ed on psn damage 20 to impale 20 to lite fury 1 to strafe and 1 to guided arrow and all the requirements the rest of points put into passive u chose them. explaining y each skill:impale with ebotd war pike can do 11000 damage because with gear impale add 1025 ed with indestructible item so no loss of durability. psn skills 20 in both give the added bonus of the 10% psn damge per skill lvl means LOTS of damage in the higher 1 26k baby. lite jav for lvlin and tose guys that r immune to psn and andy . strafe and guided arrow 4 dueling . solo dueling advice: use guided arrow too keep them frozen then go cloe and use strafe too make sure they're frozen then do up and and impale them and that should be that. NOTE keep them frozen till u impale them. zon team dueling advice: as long as u both use this skill planner have 1 be shooting strafe to hit many targets accurately while the other uses 2 plague javelins per person then impales them to death. NOTE keep them frozen till u impale them. with this u should be able to kill anything at lvl 80. talk too me if u dont whop them at lvl 85


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This guide is for a javazon. Basically you have to be decenlty rich to make. First off, skills and stats, jeese just do synergies and whatever stats you desire EXCEPT for energy. Gear can very but this is good gear to rape hell cows and pvp in a single bound. Alright for helm griffon's eye, for javelins eth up'd titans, stormshield, maras, coh, bk ring, manald, thundergods, eth treks, and +3 java gloves. I have 10 gcs so i can get like 2k more damage...very important. And on switch have +4 tstrokes with another ss. Just use tstrokes for melee(pvp,pvm) or eth titans(pvm). Well all I can say is good luck and have fun, its a game not life(for most of us)

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ok this is the Ultimate strategy of all time 4 a bow zon but it might take a couple of months to do but its worth it. ok so frist of all get a windforce they work the best then get a valk helm with +2 to skills then get gore riders 4 there added effects then (if u have another hell character) go to act 5 in hell and do the anya quest then go in and out of the portal and every thime u get to town talk to anya and see if she has a + 3 bow skill gloves ( this is also a way to get +3 trap claws and + 3 war cry javs )then after that find a + 3 bow skill ammy , highloards, or imp brow its up 2 u ( i chose + 3 ) now here comes the part which is literally impossible unless u got some siriuos good stuff now ue goal is 2 ..........get not 1 not 2 but 6 40 15's each of them costs like 2.5x290's so start saving up. when u got this which will take so long that u will forget about this text now or an easyier part get 2 sojs ( if u got all 6 then getting 2 sojs will take 5 sec) now find a 4 socket archon plate and socket ur valk helm and ur wf and put 4 40 15's in the armor and put one in ur valk and windforce. and as 4 belt well its up to u i made my belt its a blood one there so good make one ur self to find out how go to the crafted items section of this site. now 4 skils max out guided arrow and strafe and put 6 skills in all the dodging skills, max out penetrate, and put 6 skills on pierce and critcal. and with the rest of ur skills put them on valk warroir because she will help u keep guys off you. now 4 stats put 120 on strength and 230 on dex and 120 on energy and put the rest on vitality becuse u can never had to mush health. after u do this u wll not only rule dules u will own literally everyone u will be a god u wll NEVER lose EVER use guided arrow 4 duels unless its a barb then use straff.

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b-zon strat. seems all these strats are obsolete cuz of the new patch...or u guys are just pathetic n00bs..., so heres a brand new 1
20 guided arrow --isnt it obvious? 20 freezing arrow -- u guys think guided arrow is all u need...but wat about skeleton necros? plus, it does KILLER dmg... around 10 multiple arrow(not too much cuz it cost quite a bit of mana if u dont got good mana leech)--for hitting teleporting sorcs, and personally i dont really like strafe... and around 10 valkerie (just in case)
5 critical strike, 5 dodge, 5 avoid, 5 evade, 5 pierce...y put only 5? cuz it doesnt give much bonus in higher lvls...
ITEMS: well, if u cant find good items, y should i bother talking about them?!..but windforce truly ownz...

lvl 92 b-zon

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I have a level 83 java amazon she owns and this is how u make her own. First you need the gear. T-gods, Titans, waterwalks, valakrie/shako, + highlords and good gloves like venomgrips and stormsheild. The stats are 80-90 str, 130 dex, no mana becouse aman leech will do that job, and the rest on vit. You need good resitance and wit that stuff another java ama won't hurt you one bit. And you will be able to own anyone.

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i have a lvl 75 javzon and it owns ALOT of face.to build a javzon first pour points into dex,strength,and energy.max out lightning fury, lightning strike and valkrie. after that w/ the leftover points put them into dodge and avoid. I recommend thunderstroke or titans.If u follow these directions and get sum +1 skills shit u will definitly own face. i garuntee u that.if it doesnt work tell me


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Here is my lay out for the pure owange pvp hybrid zon.
Stats: Strength: Only enough to wear your gear (without strength gear on), Dexterity: anywhere between 200-250 (every point in dex is 1% extra physical dmg and helps your blocking %), Vitality: any points not in dex should go here Mana: as with any good char, NEVER EVER PUT POINTS IN MANA!!!
Skills: max lightning fury, max lightning strike, max charged strike, max Guided Arrow: few people know it always hits (no need for ar), seeks out targets, makes it ALOT easier to hit those pesky enigma wearers and sorcs, 3 pts in Dodge, 3 in Evade, and 3 in Strafe, 3 in avoid, 1 in critical strike, 1 in slow missles: for pesky necros, fire sorcs, bowzons and it even works on tornado and hurricane!!!
Gear: Dont worry much about ar because guided arrow and lightning javas always hit (except when blocked or when another zon's dodge skills kick in), instead focus on high damage and skills gear.
Helms: Harlequin Crest Shako: +2 all skills, vitatilty, and dmg reduce...what more do need? Be sure to um this bad boy. > Armor: Chains of Honor : 65 to all resists, +2 all skills, life leech, and dmg reduce....need i say more? Boots Gore riders: awsome melee mods that greatly increase dmg when they kick in, as well decent defense. Gloves: although hard to get, some rare +2 java skill lvls with either ias or life and mana leech are your best bet, but since these are really rare dracul's or venom grips are a good too. Amulet: I recommend either Mara's Kaleidoscope or Highlords Wrath unless you can get a godly rare zon ammy (+2 zon skills, resists, mana or life leech). Rings: i recommend atleast one ravenfrost for the dexterity and cannot be frozen mod, and either another raven or a life AND mana leech ring preferably with resists. Belt: Thundergod's Vigor: helps your java skills with some decent resits, fucks up trappers. Sheild : Stormshield: 35% dmg reduced and resists. Be sure to put a pdiamond or um rune in this. Bow: Windforce: With a shael rune in it, this is all the dmg and ias you to take out casters, not to mention the knockback keeps anything from getting close. Javalins: Titan's Revenge: get some eth titans if you can otherwise norm ones will do fine. Charms: if you can get them, get 4 passive and magic gcs (for all those invaluable dodge skills), and as many poison small charms as you can get (over 100 psn dmg).
Characeter Strategies:
Blizz Sorcs: a good blizz sorc will you 1-3 hits there are too many icicles to dodge them all so avoid getting caught in the middle. Keep your distance and fire with guided arrow. If it gets too close, use charge strike or fury.
Fire Sorcs: Use slow missles and fire away with guided arrow.
Lightning Sorcs: Dont get close enough to be hit. Keep your distance and use guided arrow.
WW Barbs: With max block, you can easilly tank ww. Use charged strike they get close otherwise use guided arrow. Enigma Necros: Run like hell and use guided arrow to break bone armor and finish it off. No matter what, dont get close as homing bone spirits are really hard to dodge at close range. Enigma Hammerdins: Same as necros, dont get hit and use guided arrow. Enigma Druids: These bastards will give you a tough time. Keep the hell out of hurricane and if you can get close enough, use slow. Stay the hell away and use guided arrow. Dont bother with javalins as cyclone armor will absorb your lightning easy. Charge Palladins: A good chargedin will really piss you off unless you got some fcr to get some hits in between each charge. Keep your distance and get behind the hills or rocks where you cant be charged. Use guided arrow and fury. Zeal Palladins: Charged strike owns many melee chars but if you're having trouble going one on one, keep your distance and use guided arrow to own easy. Trap Assasins: Tgods will absorb some trap damage but if you get hit by mindblast, you're screwed. Keep your distance and fire javas and guided arrows till it dies. FOH Palladins: These are the only chars gayer than trappers, even off your screen FOH can hit you so stay the hell away and god forbid it lands conviction on you. Shoot guided arrows in its direction until it dies. Bow Amazons: Use slow missles to stop guided arrows and use charged strike until it dies. Javazons: Dont even get close enough for either one of you to use slow missles. Run and shoot guided arrows.

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This is a strategy for hybrid amazons. First, Amazons are based mainly on gear. Dont except to be able to kill Baal in hell with a 20-50 damage bow or javelin. Here is the recommended gear: Helm: Shako (good all around char helm), Armor: shaftstop (awesome armor with 30% damage reduction. Weapons: Windforce and Titans (preferably etheral) No question here. Shield: Stormshield (good all around shield, Moser's blessed circle will do if you cant get a Stormshield. Belt: T-gods (helps the lightning javalin skills. Gloves: Mav's icy clutches will do fine. Boots: can vary depending on preference. I prefer waterwalks. Now for attributes. Strength: Enough to wear your gear. Dex: at least 300. 1 point of dex = 1% enhanced damage. Also, with 300 dex and a good shield (with javelins), you will have 75% blocking. Vitality: the rest. VERY important for all chars. Energy: nothing. Mana leech will take care of your mana problems. Now for skills: 20 guided arrow, 20 lightning fury, 5 in dodge, evade, and avoid, 10-15 pierce, 1 valkery, 10-15 critical strike, and 5-10 in penetrate. Easy. For fighting. Use lightning fury when fighting mass crowds of monsters not immune to lightning. Guided arrow can easily take out a unique monster, bosses, or other chars if you duel. Pierce benefits both of these moves tremendously. Critical strike is also important for guided arrow, but penetrate is more of a luxury to have. Use if your attack rating isnt satisfactory, but it should with 300 dex. Evade dodge and avoid are also luxuries to have, but may save yoour life a few times. Valkery is a meat shield, do NOT max this. No matter what level, this will not be able to kill a monster in hell. If you really want more life in it though, feel free to add some points after the rest. This covers all you need to know about hybrid zons. Hope this strategy helped you.


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This strat is for DUELING only.Here are the skills for a level 82 Amazon: Guided Arrow - 20, Avoid - 20, Evade - 20, Dodge - 20, Critical strike - 5, Pierce - 10. After put your points in Critical Strike. Your stats should be for a level 82: Strength - 73, Dex - 103, Vitality - 314, Energy - 10
For your weapon, use a rune bow, preferably a Dart with a RUBY or Saphire in it. Use a +2 to Amazon skill amulet that is Prismatic. Use rings that have high Life and Mana leech that are Prismatic. Your boots should have high resists and faster running. Your belt and gloves should be Deaths for the resists. Your Helmet should be a Biggins Bonnet, for the Increased Damage.If you have that stuff, then you will own in duels! =)

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