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Poison and Bone Necromancer Guide

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Necromancer Strategies

a strategy for necs: max teeth, bone spear, bone spirit. put 10 pionts into bone armor, 5 or 6 into corpse explosion and 3-5 points into revive. use shako,nigma, homonucls, white with + to spear or spirit base, frostburn/mage fist, arachnids,and marrowwalks. skills around 130 str, none into dex around 100 energy and all the rest into life. merc use act 2 nm with thorns and equip with insight polearm(ral+tir+tal+sol) it adds meditation aura which is 700% mana rgen, crown of theives and good resist armor. use revives to keep merc alive and corpse explosion to kill groups ofenemies quickly.

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The Hybrid Bonemancer
Alright, after reading some of these strats I find most of them lacking in real endgame power, especially when it comes to ease of soloing all of hell, even with several people in the game. Please note: This strategy is only really for people who can afford some impressive items, otherwise you'd be hard pressed to make all this work.
Level 20 teeth, Level 20 Bone spear, Level 20 Bone spirit, Level 10 Bone wall (or more if you take your char to lvl 99ish), Level 10 Raise Skeleton, 1 point in all summoning skills except fire elemental, 1 point into prereqs and bone armor (yes, only one point to bone armor), DO NOT PUT A POINT IN BONE PRISON
Equipment: WEAPON: I use a Heart of the Oak for Cast rate, resistances, the works that this item provides, but some would advocate the use of a white runeword or any other boneskill enhancing wand. Personal choices really. HEAD: Shako or +2 necromancer circlet. I use a shako with ptopaz for mf and also the massive health and mana bonus. An UM rune is always a good socketing choice here. CHEST: Preferably an Enigma, or other +2 runeword body armor. BELT: Arachnid Mesh, As an alternate, Trang's Belt GLOVES: I use Trang gloves for FCR and +2 to curses, but magefists work etc BOOTS: Marrowwalks A MUST HAVE for +33 synergy. RINGS: Two Stone Rings of Jordan, or Bul Kathos, Or a FCR ring if you cant afford. SHIELD: Homunculus is the best choice, But boneflame or darkforce spawn works. Homu is the best though, because of the high block rate and twice the resists of the other two. I put a shael in it in case I get mobbed I can block faster. And Um rune is always a good choice here, also. AMULET: I use a +3 pnb ammy, but Mara's Kaleidoscope is a great choice if you can get one for the resists. CHARMS: Allresist small charms, 20 lifers, and an Annihilus small charm. 8+ PNB charms, preferably with life mods are GREAT help. HOTSWAP: 4+ Battle Orders Call to Arms
STATS: Preference really, but I go... 90 to str for enigma, Marrowwalks, etc. I get enough str mods from other things to pick up and get the enigma on, which buffs my str by another 50 or so. I use end up with about 190 of this at the end from equipment mods. DEX: I Put about like to keep mine around 180, varies depending on equipment mods how many points you really need, but the 75% block is great in case a few monsters get through. Vitality: Here is where a majority of your points should go, beef this out as much as possible, my necro has about 1100 life before BO and I never die with my skeletons and block chance. Energy: Maybe a few points here as a conveinance, but really items will beef this out enough that you don't need to waste any points here. If you feel your energy drops to fast, feed this stat up to about 80 and you'll be alright.
Strategy: Well, with this equipment and setup you'll have about a 5600+ damage bonespear/spirit, And after you BO about 1000 life skeletons (10-11). Use the Enigma to teleport into an area where you back is safe, and let your skeletons fan out and keep things off you while you spear everything. You should be able to solo the entirety of hell with ease.

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hi im a master necromancer. 1 thing i like is summoning. first get alot into skeleton mastery then if u want go for the golems. when u reach lv 30 get revive and alot into it. i got 14 into my revive and i love it! next get some curses (or bone spear) to master your guy out by lv 35.

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first there are a lot of good pnb necros out there some btter thjen others but one of the best ive seen is god can beat anything.
First: skills -- max teeth , max bone armor , max spirit , max bone spear , max bone wall . i repeat i repeat again anyone who puts 1 even 1 skill in bone prison should give up on necro and start over
second: stats -- str: only enough for you engima nothing more then 8 for wyrmhide engima me i like bp low defence but godly health , dex: only enough for your hoto or zero if you use boneshade , vit: everything once you have str and dex , energy: zero zilch nada negative 1 billion nothing
third: equipment -- helm: shako no questions about it socket it and use cham in it or um , armor: engima nothing else low str one also wyrm should be most str 88 nothing higher , weapon1: heart of the oak or boneshade i like heat because of restience , weapon2: call to arms all the way , sheild1: darkforce 3pnb(poison bone) or homu 2pnb then socket and um it , sheild2: lidless or monarch if you have enough str which you probley wont unless u have str charms , gloves: trang ouls or magefists nothing else , boots: marrowalks nothing else makes lvl 33 bonewall glitch thank you blizzard , belt: archnid the best you can have , rings: bk soj or 2 bk or 2 soj i like bk soj because bk health soj mana , ammy: 3pnb or maras , charms: 10xPnB Gcs, 1 anni, 9 5restience sc

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The Poison God -- Necromancer
You need all of your poison skills maxed in order to pump plenty of synergy into Poison Nova. You need a strong golem to keep you alive, and some curses for flavor in multi player games, when you can't kill the poison resistant monsters. This character is not for solo games in most of Nightmare and Hell mode, because poison immune monsters will destroy you unless you find a way around them.
Poison and Bone: Max out Poison Dagger, Poison Explosion, and Poison Nova. Place one point in Teeth and Corpse Explosion as pre-req, and one point in Bone Armor. BA is fairly useful after boosting it in level with equipment, but not useful enough to waste many points on.
Curses: If you have a favorite curse, use it. I recommend Decrepify or Lower Resist. I placed one point in every curse, and left it at that. Every curse is useful sometimes, and with full trang and + skill rings or an amulet, you can raise all of them to level 6-8 easily.
Summons: Give whatever points you have left to the golem of your choice and golem mastery. Make sure you put at least one point in summon resist, so it benefits from all your +skills. Ignore the skeleton side of the tree.
Equipment: Blackbog's Sharp is an excellent weapon for the poison necromancer. Find this immediately, as trang doesn't have a weapon and it offers +4 to psn explosion, nova, and +5 to psn dagger. Use trang. You don't need great equipment because you're not a melee type, and Trang grants +25% damage to poison skills, and -25% poison resistance to monsters.

-ArtayaDorvay (Necro: GrimMesiah)

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This is a great strategy to making a perfect summon necro... First will start with stats they go as follows. Str.. Mine is 180 but anything usually works with necros that i've learned. Dex... Didn't touch it. Vit 210... the more life the better.. Enr.. I have a good 130..
Now most people say summons are junk... Not true..! I did not touch poison or bone.. Just all my summon skills... Now moving on. I will not tell you what to use for armor.. use your own judgement on that one.. Now for skills.. When you start you have a wand for +1 for Skelly.. Skellys are nice.. I went back and forth between Skelly mastery and Summon Skelly.. after sticking at least 8 in each. You can stick 6 into Clay Golem.. I say just 6. You'll find out later.. I only at first stuck one into mage.. Keep workin on mastery and skellys. when you get em both maxed they do hella good damage. Next come the so nice blood golem. He's nice cuz he can heal you.. It helps.. I threw 10 into him.. Next I started working on mages after I got skellys and mastery maxed.. When after I threw 10 into mage.. I started iron golem.. Just one or two to get you to be able to have the all mighty fire golem.. he aborbs fire damage and thats nice.. I threw 15 into him.. And finally.. you see the Revive.. Most of the people I have talked to say revive is worthless.. Again not true. Reason being.. It will do the same damage the monster orignally did. Plus some.. After you throw as many as you want.. But remember with 10 skellys and 5 - 10 mages plus revives it can make your game seem like its laggin when its not. So if your vid card can handle it. Go crazy with Revive it comes in handy on hell.. Skelly resist.. I threw 18 into.. Now I've used this same stragey... I use Trangs set. and I went through NM and Hell with no rush.. IT works.. try it if you have time.. MAke sure you keep all the items with + to skill levels.. With all my stuff. I can have 13 skellys 13 mages and 22 revives... and with all of them going. I just stand there and watch the show.. In Hell it might take a lil longer .. But its worth the satisfaction of doin it on your own.

LVL 95 Summon Necro

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Pnb,summoning build. First max out bone sprit, bone spear , teeth , bonewall. Also put 1 pt in each skelton skill and max mastery. For rich gear: rare fcr resit fhr helm with +2 and 20s/ dusk enimga / hoto/ spirt for fcr homunc for resit/ mara or rare fcr resit ammy/ 1xbk 1xsoj/arach/p marrow/ trang gloves/ 10xpnb skillers/1xanni. Well you can really have poor pple gear since u need rich gear to support skelie skills. str, 77 dex 70,vit,as much as u can, energy none. For duels get ur summons they should be around lv 15 -14 depending on what gear u get. After that tele around with ur skeltons in duels and they will take dmg for and also will do some dmg.

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Poison Summoner: Ok these are my suggestions for building a good all around PvB,PvM Necromancer. Its going to be a bit difficult at first but after lvl30 nothing will stand in your way =). First reserve skill points for later use as Necros have some pretty worthless skills. If you want to have a couple of curses start with 1 point in Amplify Dmg and put another 5 points + in Iron Maiden. Definately max out Poison Nova and Bone Spirit and then add points to skills that increase their dmg. Skeletons? Forget them they are worthless against bosses. Also dont waste points on Golems cause when you reach Hell difficulty they wont be of much help. Instead focus on Revive/Skeleton Mastery/Summon Resist that will make your creatures stronger.Also add some points to bone armor (some extra armor is always good for this char) and spare some points to bone wall as it can save you when the situation gets really nasty. As for stats focus on strenght and energy at first. Forget dexterity its of no use to a char that will not directly engage in combat. Gradually build up Vitality but dont rush on this one. Energy much be built up first. Definately reach 106 Str , about 100 Vit would also be nice to endure hits in Hell and put the rest in Enrg. For equipment look for Trang-Ouls' set and generally items that add to cast rate, mana regenarations, adding skill points/life. Good luck

Level 76 Poison Summoner

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hello im here 2 tell u how 2 make the owning summon nec. first b4 u leave the rouge encampment u must say 2ur self not 2 ever put more than 1point in a curse ever in ur d2 career, trust me its a waste. first off my nec right now is only level 58, ikno ur sayin omfg wut a noob, but in reality this char owns all and i mean every1. my skills went so far max skele mastery, then max skele, simple enough but now ikno this wont make sence but max skele mage, one point in revive 4 now then put 1in fire golem and 1 in masterie 1in amp 1in decrepify and eventualy lower resist 1in resist and 1in bonearmor. ok now the stats start out putting 2 to strength and 3 to vitality, think about it with gear and bonnuses manas no problem, plus its not like we use bspear or spirit which im shooting every sec. lol, all i do is summon and curse because its not like my summons die lol. now the explanation of the gear. arm.(trangs) wep(arm of king leorac) shield(homununcolus) Boots(marrowwalks) cant use yet lol, gloves(nething u want) belt(arach) cant use either, and helm i4got but it has 4 2 skele masterie and good def. Next u must work on getting a merc, this is probably the most important decision u will make on ur char except skills use. 4 normal i use combat(prayer) 4 healing, nm i use the offensive(might) all through the game. give him the best gear possible and max his level. now the explanation of the strat, 1st u summon ur fire golem and take ur merc and him someplace 2build ur army. summon every1 u can have then go kill cows duel or baal. now personaly i luv cows and my summons apsolutely murder these things(beef its whats 4 dinner lol) i get all my guys if its being m,ade or if u get there a lil bhind then just take wut u have i mean plz wit ur amp ur maerc and golem pounding him no prob then resurect ur army. in cows revive is like the best thing ever but basikly i c nowhere else they r important but even though my lvl is 1 i have skill boosts making it 9, plenty lol. so go around and stay behind ur pets and curse the heck out of every1 wit amp or decrep. believe me u will b the hero of ur party if theres damage chars there making not only urs and there dam. 100% more but also ur pets, helps alot lol and the cows im sry2 say have no chance even if the game is full lol. blieve me this strat owns.

summon nec lvl 58(bonerthenecro), firesorc lvl 78(pyrosyko) and bunch of mules lol

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ok really necros are all abour killing alot at one time. mostly summoning nercos are worthless if u really wanna kill people u want full bone. you wanna were trang but if u got better use it. start with 12 in teeth 1 in corps explosion 1 into piosen dagger then max out bone spear and bone spirt and then work on poisen nova. u want that maxed because in hell my necro owns. u want to switch between man stength and vitality do not put any thing into dextarity because you wont go hand-2-hand. work more on bone armour because then u will really need the extra armour in hell.then later u want some in bone prison so baal wont come right at you. it wont last long but i will be ok then. mostly use psn nova and bone spear. those are thge 2 major skills that a necro has best. still maybe it wont suit u but i own with it.

shamenteken 98necro

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ok summon necros absolutly own barbs and most other ok chars i dont care how godly you are so stfu max skells, skellmatery and revive, 1-5 pts in skell mages(they have low hp and dont do that much dmg (this is a pk summoner build) 1 pt in to summon res and obviously 1 to all the reqs for the other skills that i say after this start maxing bone armor armor and bone wall (synergies with bone armor) NONE in bone prison use the marowwalk bug. 1 to amp dmg (the more skills you put in doesnt increse the amplified dmg just the raduis of your cast but with your equip youll have a huge raduis so dont worry about that ..Equip.. bp nigma you dont need def really you have bone armor to absorb lots of dmg shield use a homumc many use boneflame but i like to sacrifice the 1 more to necro skills for the +2 to curse way better blocking more res and other cool mods that boneflame doesnt have, use a shako or prefrably a necro circlet like a 2/20/20. Use a beast if you really want to get technical use hoto to raise the summons then put a beast on which gives a lvl 9 fanat aura to all your monsters to go duel. rings-sojs bottom line. ammy-maras or ghoul heart. boots-marrowwalks. gloves-trang gloves. belt-arachnid. secondary wepon- Cta. secondary shield-lidless. Gc's 10 summon 5 with fcr, 5 with 40 to life, 1 anni,res charms if needed,and the rest 32020's also put a um in your homunc, and a sheal in your circlet. after you get all your summonz to duel its as simple as cake tele right on top of some1 and game over your skells will tele with you so think of over 50 summons landing and hiting you at the same time when they are all hitting for at least 600...thats 30k dmg insanly godly
pssst ..your monsters will hit harder than 600.....alot harder :) also your pets take 90% of the dmg its hard for a zealer to kill you when hes got 50 other targets armound him :P another tip let a barb kill themselves by using a iron golem which you only put 1 pt in but itll give all your monsters a thorns aura so everytime a barb decides to hit a pet it hurts him Awesome for whirl wind barbs when they attack alot of times and hit hard which normally isnt a good thing but with thorns your hoping hes hitting extremly hard and has a great attack rating so he hits alot if you find your self dieing in a ww simply stand there and constantly cast bone armor over and over youll never die

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Poison Necro, -- B4 u skip this, and say ur stupid for even attempting this build, let me say i win 85% of duels i am in, mostly becuase of lag and the occasional 90 psn res freak. This necro Is stricktly PvP. U'll need a friend to rush ur weak a$$ to atleast NM Baal. If u wear right gear u can do about 6k-10K (pending) in 2 sec. When this dmg is used with lower resist curse, i can own just about everyone. Lower res when its capes lowers res -61 so if u duel a unprepared char with 20 res in hell he will lose his life very fast. U may have said to yourself "Well psn doesnt kill, only lowers life to one". this is true, but if u put one into teeth and with plus skillz given from gear ur teeth could to anywhere from 20 dmg to 100dmg. Use teeth to finish them off as they run away to akara to heal themselves like almost everyone does.
My necro is currently only lvl 76 (Acidic-Feind) with mage enigma, Hoto (soon to be deaths web), maras, homo, verdungo's(soon to be arach), sandstorms, trang gloves, and psn faceted shacko. He has owned lvl 95's easy. A lot of people say psn necros are crappy, and as far as pvm goes, this is true, but in duelz their pretty proficient.

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Summoning Necro Strategy:
To make the ultimate summoning necro, then you better listen up because i can tell you how. To start off put 6 skill points into summon skelly. After doing so you should now have access to the skelly mastery. Now put 6 points in skelly mastery and after doing go back and put 6 more in summon skelly. Keep doing this untill each is maxed out. Now you will have noticed that skelly mages is open. Max this column because mages are good for distractions so that your other warriors can kick the monsters asses. Now you should be around lvl 60. Now dont even worry about a fire golem. They arent good. You want to max out summon resist. Now you wont have to worry about your skellies getting raped by lightning enhanced monsters. Now your a lvl 80. Yopu now want to max out amplify damage. This curse will allow your skellies to attack other monsters with a huge amount of damage against them. And voila! Your amazing necro. For gear just get as much +skills stuff and it doesnt even have to be high defence. Strength-108 Dex- 50 Vitality- 180+ Energy-80+

-Sinanchion, lvl 68 summoner

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ok, alot of these(well all say) 2 make a bone nec and 1 on frigen clay golem ...clay golem does nothin dont worry bout it. spend ur pionts in teeth, bone spear, bone wall and bone spirit
str 104 (to hold trang)
dex nuffin cuz u wont got into hand 2 hand
vitality as much as posible
energy as much as posible

lvl 98nec asia nec_0111

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This is how to make a summon necro...
As we all know summon necros do not melee but rely on their undead minions. The first skill you can get is raise skeleton fallowed by skele mastery. A common flaw is that people raise as many skels as they can. Don't be then. Your skels, no matter how many you have are useless, thats why skeleton mastery is far more important. It would behoove you to but more points into mastery then in raise. Eventually you want them both maxed. A great strategy is to have 5-7 strong skels and several skele mages in the back. The group of monsters usually attack the skeletons allowing your mages to sit in the back and release an endless elemental attack on the enemy as they struggle against your front line.(Your regular skels) Mages become especially useful in hell when there are many immune to physical.
Its up to you which golem you'd prefer to use, each have their own special attributes. I really like the iron golem that gives a thorns aura and retains the properties of the item you made it from. Which ever one you choose place points into each as they will give bonuses. Just like with the skeletons, don't forget about golem mastery. Summon resist helps alot so don't forget that. I personally am not a big fan of revive but revives do help in hell difficulty. I made mistakes on former necros by giving them pnb skills and several curses but my mistakes will be your strengths. There is ONLY one pnb skill you need and that is bone armor. I wouldn't invest more than 3 points at the max because you want items that give you plus to skills. As far as curses go...amp damage is a necessary one but only invest a point in it. Iron Maiden is extremely usefully, not just in duels but when your outnumbered by the enemy cast maiden as opposed to amp damage. I also have life tap, I don't use it as much but it can be extremely useful. Life tap is the only way you can heal minions.
I've noticed that all these strategys call for high level characters with godly equipment. Thats not true. Yes your goal is to reach a higher level and obtain better equipment but we all start as a low level with crappy equipment. I suggest the infernal set, its a great low set, a great way to start. Necros more than any other character, I think, are all about the skills. Your not doing melee combat so defense and great combat items are necessary. You want to get as many items that give plus to skill. Once the infernal set becomes inadequate move on to wormskull or undead crown and later on a shako. Use waterwalks or marrowwalks. King Leloric is probably the best wand but I'm also a big fan of carrion shard. Trang gloves for the +2 to curses. Arach would be the best belt but its rather expensive. If you are unable to obtain it go for any belt that gives dex and life. Verdungos or tals. I prefer bk to a soj but I use one of both. If you can't get a mara's, any skill ammy works. Use a wand and a shield that gives you plus to all your skills or summon skills, discard or trade the others.Summon charms are not a bad idea either.
One last little tip, remember that you have a a place to wield a secondary weapon at? You don't always start a game with minions so have you a secondary weapon. I use grims burnning skythe but if you don't want to melee use pus spitter, a crossbow that gives two to your skills.

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Summoner Necro's are useless. They may be good in Nrml mode but they cant do anything in higher NM and Hell Lvls. My Strategy is to put 10 into Bone Armor, 0 into teeth, max out b-spirit and b-spear, max bone wall. If youre going to get "Marrow walk boots" then dont do Bone Prison, otherwise, max that out too. Put As Many skills into VITALTIY as possible. Try not to put into other caterories. By lvl 80 you will probably have ultimate dueling necro.


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Whats worthless? Some summononing spells are worthless, all the poison skills are worthless, all the curses are worthless. Objection i hear from noob: iron maiden is awsome ! Its worthless, later in the game the attack of enemys is so disproportional to their health the reflected amplified damage barely makes a dent anyway. Only dumb players level iron maiden up to make it at least respectible later, its not efficient worth of skills.
Yeah ok and believe me or not all the other curses turn out pretty ordinary later on by relative comparison to what you should be doing.
What should you be doing?
Ok ill tell you. Dont level up your golums, they are just the branch to get to revive skill which allows you to manipulate the enemeys high hp stat later in the game. Your monsters dont die, they cant they are too tough nor can they do any real damage, the hp floating around is too high. For this reason you dont need skeleton mastery nor do you need summon resist as the biggest threat to your monster minions is the 3 minute limit on them which you can not change, but are able to cope with. Monsters allow you to cheaply use your skills to cover yourself, it only takes 11 skills to get 6 monsters which will rise with items that have skill boosters. This is opposed to allocating ridiculus amounts of skills to getting respectible golums which again is not efficient worth of skills compared to what you should be doing.
With these always tough enough revived monsters as your shield you are able to cast away seriously powerful bone spells, which include super synergised bone spirit or bone spear and possibly corps explosion which is separate but does utilizes the enemys extremely high hp stat (later in the game enemys are tough so it will never be useless). Also use synergised frost armour and bone prision and wall when you have no corpses to revive. The allocation is a tricky choice between the bone skills i have mentioned in this paragraph and i have not calculated the best way to allocate yet on my level 56 necro who is called Lehcayus which is a cool name that i made up.

level 56 necro: Lehcayus

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Its all about what works on hell. If it does not work on hell its not worth doing, you will just get all upset cos you wasted skills. What works on hell tho?
My solution is to get 6 points on monsters and 20(max) on Bone spirit, bone spear, bone prison, bone wall. ok that leaves about 30 points and what about teeth ? yeah possibly Corps explosion or Teeth or Frost Armour, they are all good for the remainder of you skills. I must stress that evan if you have skill boosters dont get things like curses and summon resist or fire golum or skeleton mastery, they are not evan worth putting 1 point on, they will all go obsoleet. Evan percentage value type things like iron maiden, and lower resist and summon risist. they just mathimatically become insignificant unless allocated more points. Trust me i been there.
Noobs tips: Get 1.10 it has synergys between skills. Skills do go over 20, but only by items. Items dont give synergys.

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I read people suggesting not placing any skill points into summon resist which I completely disagree with. First, sure it lowers the amount of health your fire golem grains from fire damage. Well,your fire golem is pretty pathetic if it requires fire damage from monsters to keep it alife. There are also other types of elemental damages in the game and fire is only one of the four. Do the math, on average you will have 3/4 chance of running into monsters especially in hell with forms of damage other than fire. Secondly, how about your skellies? Your skellies do no gain health from fire damage and if they don't have summon resist, they are useless in hell. When you read strategies, be sure that those people plays solo at least part of the time. If all they do is run around with 7 other players in the game, how do they know that their build really works?

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omg ur all newbs, heres a short strategy 4 those of u who need to make a kick ass pvp necro.all u do is max melee skelle and skelle mage then max skelle masterie. thats about 60 skill points there.then max iron maden.i promise when your dueling melee chars they wont know wat to do. they will have skelles attacking left and right and when u cast iron maden on them they cant attack back or else a good melee char will die in about 1-2 hits as long as u have your iron maden maxed. but there is a flaw in this strategy. it really only works against melee. so dont try going against hammerdins or throw barbs thinkin ur gonna ownem,find other ways to beat them.

ecuadors minion, us east ladder

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Ive also got to respond on the ownage necro someone posted down there somewhere and say on some points they were slightly wrong.
My necro has ownership over just about everything pvp besides occasionaly sorces, he has max resists, equip being Shako, Wizardspike, maras, marrowalks, arach, 2 soj (wheres the point in ravenfrost when you constantly teleport to keep the minions around you?), magefist (dont know whats up with this sites guide, but whenever i use them they DO give +1 to fire golem AND to Corpse Explosion) enigma (breast plate NOT dusk shroud as dusk requires some extra 40 strength which could go into vita) and CTA + Lidless wall on second set if available. Shield is a little more complicated, i occasionaly switch between Homunculus and Boneflame, boneflame giving +3 to skills and homu giving +2, only downfall with Boneflame is even with 200 dex you still only have about 33% block rate, but with homu you'd have max (75%) course block doesnt make a difference if your fighting casters.
Stat points go depending on your preference and if your intending to have ANY chance against enigma barbs you will need a decent block rate (at level 86 and 195 total dex my necro has max block, but bare in mind all the adds from his equip). Everyone says no points in energy, specialy seeing as you'll get 55% increase max mana with this setup, but i always like to put in 20 or 30 points anyway, when i didnt he was running out of mana alot because of constant need to tele. Strength excactly 30 IF you have an anni with +15-20 attributes or a few stength charms. As much vita as posible. And of course if your going for ultimate power as many +1 to poison and bone skill grand charms as pos (+20 to life small charms are handy to)
Skills, if using the marrowalkers trick, max teeth, spear, spirit, bone wall, no points in bone prison, 1 point in each summon skill (besides skel mastery, marrowalks will do that for you) only enough points in curses so you can get decrepify, this helps you nail alot of runners when your using spirit, but if you think you wont use the curse, save them and put them in a skill you will use (my choice was bone armor) i put all remaining points in bone armor.
you may need to revise it a little to get it excactly how you want it, ive remade my necro 3 times and he still doesnt seem perfect, but it barely ever loses and dominates hell without a problem (except the second wave of minions in the throne of course, heh). Dont listen to anyone that says you dont need max teeth, my necro has anni, 4 skillers all that equip and uses marrowtrick, he only has 5,000 damage on spirit, thats not absolutely dominating against a TRUE PVP Barb.


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here is the REAL way to make a pnb necromancer. First a bone necro. DO NOT put ne kills into curses or summons. For bone skills u start out doin teeth. putting one into armor just to have it. Then once u get to 18 start putting ur skils into spear whitch will be stronger because u have the synergies from teath. Then once u reach 30 start putting all ur skills into spirit which will be stong from teath and spear. The once u have spirit maxed go back to spear. once spear is maxed do teath. then last of the do bonewall. DO NOT put any skills into bone prison because all u wiull need to do is get marrowalks boots which will give lvl 33 prison IF U DO NOT PUT ANY SKILLS INTO IT. iafter all that and u have no synergies to max start maxing bone armor so that no melee monster or char (barb mainly) will be able to touck u in duels. If u follow this strategy word for word u will have a OWNING necro. gl

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I'm gonna keep it short, coz i hate reading long ones. Iron Maiden + blood golem and bone spear, get loads of attacks from spears, which gives you life bcoz of ure bld glm and they hit themselves which gives u more life, add that 2 any other damage ure doing and ure bld glm and ure SET!

nec who heard it frm another who beat baal on hell lv.60!

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ok listen i have read about 100 of these necro strats...and most suck. the new patch makes the blood golam/IM combo useless. so lets get on with my strat. first off max raised skeleton and skeleton mastery. these r incredibly good in hell. second put 1 piont into corpse explosion and amp dmg. thats basically all u need to b a god. i also maxed bone spear and bone spirit. ok for equipement get enigma, shako, arachnids, 2x sojs, marrow walks, maras, arm or king leoric, and either a perfect boneflame or a homuculas. this build is rather expensive but it would very well. i was able to solo hell baal by lvl 71.

Patriarch XxThe_EndXxX lvl 87 necromancer

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Necro Strat...
Forget these other ppl.. in 1.10 poison is da bomb..max Pois. Dagger...Poison Exp...Pois Nova maybe lower re curse Get a good dagger with +mana or MF...Gull works nice walk up to someting and (prick) they go down in like 5 secs works great but hard to start with...when you hit lvl 30 ish...get max dagger... some in explosion....then nova explosion good for Baal Runs...kill One then chain explosion Novas good when you get it beefed up because it spans everywhere poison rules

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for necros make a summoner max raise skele and mage and mastery and summon res then do what ever and get good armor and like a 10 bone armor helps and add me to ur f list if u want to give me free i fell for the clan jr thing lost all my stuff im clan-nein us east so yeah hi

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a strategie for killing Duriel as a necromancer. First when you get to the required lvl try and max out your poison nova. When you approach the tomb hit your quick key (if you have one) for a quick Town Portal. Right as you get in the tomb make your TP and use your quick key for poison nova. Quickly cast your poison nova poisoning Dureil then run through your Town Portal (make sure you have plenty of town portals). After a while equip your quick key for a town portal run in cast a town portal. Poison Duriel with Poison Nova and run through your Town Portal. Repeat as many times as needed. P.S. this works with practically any Super Unique Monster (Boss Monsters)

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Boner Pvp Strategy: Ive been reading some of the noob's strats, here, and i've found one thing in common, NON OF THEM ARE RICH. so if u want the inside scope from a rich player, here's the strategy for the ultimate boner pvp nec. for starters, here are the items u need to get, umed shako, storm circlet ( godly nec and sorc ammy, ask around if u dont know what that is) hoto, nigma, either boneflame or homu(depends on weither u want more dmage-boneflame, or more resist-homu) 2 sojs or bul kathos ring, trang glove, MARROWWALK, A MUST SINCE THE GLICTCH ADDS LIKE 2K TO UR BONESPEAR DAMAGE. anarchids belt, ur second wepon should be, cta and lidless for extra life and skill. in ur inventory, u need to have 10 pnb gcs and 1 anni sc, the rest u can fill with life scs. now for ur skill pt. max the following, teeth, spear, spirit, bone wall. PUT NO PT INTO BONE PRISON- the reason is, marrowwalk is a special, very special nec boot, one that gives u 33 lvls for syenergy if u dont have any pts into bone prison, and to u noobs out there, yes this does work since its a glitch, not acutal 33 lvls of skills. so it will end up adding like 2k to ur bone spear damage, and like 2.5-3k for ur spirit damage. that is ur bone skills, put like 1 or 2 into bonearmor, u dont need that much. now here is the fun part where u will own in duels, in ur summon skills, put 1 into summon skeleton, 1 into skeleton mastery, 1 into clay golem, 1 in golem mastery, and 1 into summon resist. with ur gear up, u should have +17 to all nec skills and that gives u a godly clay golem that slows oppents by 60% with 10k life, u can choose to use fire golem too when u max all ur neccessary skills and have no place to put the rest of ur skills and 7 skeletons, in duels, u first summon the skeletons then tele around to lag other ppl (this only works if u have a good connection speed or it will back fire and lag urself) how ever, dont do this against fire sorcs, since their fireball has splash damage, u get screwed. if u acquire all the above items, ur bone spear will do around at least 6k damage with 100% fast cast rate, and ur spirit will do around 8k damage and ur teeth can actually kill ppl now with 2k dmage. as for ur skill puts, put enough str to use the gear, 35 dex total to use hoto and cta, and enough energy to have around 1.5k mana after u bo with cta, then put the rest in life. this nec is the ultimate boner, one who owns all meleers, most zons and other necs if u are good. only problem is trappers, fohers and sorcs. but if u get experienced enough in teleing and spearing, u should own them too like me. have fun and good luck with making ur nec

Fury_BoneGraves lvl 83 godly ownage nec, lost only 10 duels after completion, and i duel with him every time i play d2

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Perf Summon Necro Stragtegy. My skills are:20 mastery, 20 skelliton, 3 mage, 2 revive, 5 fire golem, 1 clay golem, 1 blood golem, 1 metal golelm, 1 golem mastery, 2 summon resist, 6 bone armor, 1 amplify damage,and 1 to iron maiden. My equipment is trang armor and gloves, string of ears belt, undead crown, manald heal ring, Eagel Gorget Amulet, Tearhaunch boots, Lidless wall grim shield,and king leroic arm

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poison bone necro ok put points in teeth till 11 levl then get a clay golem back to teeth till18th then max spear max spirit and go down to maxing bone prison.DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN CRUDDY IDIODIC POISON SKILLS!


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Biulding the ultoomate necro hey all you necros out there if you want to be altomate listen up. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN POISON SKILLS THEY STINK!.max bone spirit and bone spear max teeth for synergies.get bone prison around 10. congradulations, you have created the ultomate necro.

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i realize all these noob strategies on this page r crap. that is y i wish to contribute by adding to this page. even though this strategy is pretty long its worth reading :D. this is a "ownage nec." dis type of nec can take on everyone in pvp and does considerably good in pvm. ok da build is to put 1 point in revive and all of its preresquite skills. Put 1 in Fire Golem, corpse explosion, skele mast, b wall, and put 1 in b armor. this shuld take around 10 points. i dont know if you shuld put into curses but i wuld suggest not. MAX teeth, bspear, bspirit and put remaining points in b prison. Reasons will b told later. First your gear. You have no choice but to get this gear if you want ur nec to b da "ownage nec." get Hoto(wep), Cta(wep2), Enigma(arm), Darkforce(shield), maras(ammy), Shako or Kiras(helm, i go for kiras but my friend wants shako..), Ravenfrost(ring), Soj(ring), marrows(boots), magefist(gloves). ok now for da explanation of gear...hoto is good bcuz first off it gives +3 to skills and it also gives up to 40 res and fcr. HOTO is ko+vex+pul+thul on flail or staff. Enigma is good bcuz it gives +2 to skills all this other crap and TELEPORT which is essential in pvp. ENIGMA is jah+ith+ber on any arm but do on dusk. Darkforce is good bcuz it gives fcr n up to 3 to sum, pnb. Maras is good bcuz it has up to 30 res n +2 to skills. I recomend kiras bcuz it gives u a load of res to help everywhere. Raven is good bcuz u will never get frozen not to mention da 20 absorb. Soj is for da increase in mana n +1. Marrows has all dis crap n +2 to skele mastery so dats good, no boots r really dat good for da ownage nec. Magefist has fcr n dats bout it.
ok now for attribute point distribution. Get enough strength for da gear which is not much. put 0 in dex, 0 in energy, and rest in vitality. yes put 0 in nrg, gets kinda annoying in beginning but every lvl u get mana n ur gear gives u mana so its worth it. u basically need a lot of life so dont listen to ne1 who tells u to even waste a point in nrg, trust me its a waste.
Now to actually use da ownage nec. Ok..no one actually is proud wen dey own in pvm so im jus gonna say how to pvp. Very simple you go wherever u want n revive sum guys, it will b juiced up by gear so u can revive 10+. U dont have to do that much. Jus do about 5+. Once you tele wit nigma da revives will b surrounding u preventing u from getting hit especially from annoying fohers. constantly tele so revives will b always around u. You can BSpear or BSpirit if you get close (i prefer bspear). Dey will die in 1-2 hits (ususally). If they constantly run and dey bcome annoying use Teeth. It is very wide space dmg n hard to avoid. A few teeth wil defeat them.

Ownage Nec

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poisin bone necro max bone spear max bone spirit only max teeth for synergies if you want. put 0-10 levls in bone prison and/or wall. DO NOT PUT ANY THING IN THE STUPID POISIN SKILLS! get a fire golem to protect you kick some butt.good luck becoming a master poison bone necro.

talijr levl 52

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Necromancer: A good way to build a necromancer is to max fire golem to level 20, don't focus on summoning resistance too much, cause its gonna ruin your Fire Golems absorb fire ability. Max Life Tap and Iron Maiden to level 10. Revive, don't waste too much skills on that, it won't be neccesary. The Lower Resist curse can be quite useful, though I don't use it very much.
A necromancer shoulden't focus to much on strength. Use these following stats.
Strength: 120, or enough to wield Trang-Oul's Set.
Dexterity: 90-100, a necromancer dosen't go close combat very often so dex is not very important.
Vitality: 130-150, a choice of life, I say. Vitality increases your health and stamina so focus quite much on it.
Energy: Max, Try to put as many points a possible on energy, as it improves your mana. A necromancers choice.
The Bone and Posion skills are useful spells. Max bone spirit or bone spear as your elemental choice. Also max Poison Nova, Its a VERY useful skill. Bone Prison or Bonewall, Naaaaah, Not my choice, but in several situations it can be useful.
Items: The Item choices for a necromancer can be a break. I would recommend Trang Oul's Avatar. It may take some time to aquire it, but its worth it. Death's Web and Boneshade are valuable tools for your necromancer, as they adds various skill bonuses.


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Bone necro
first off if you do a bone necro YOU DO BONE SKILLS not curses or golem tanks. necros are impossible to kill if used right that is why you make a good bone necro and here is how. you need to max teeth, bone spear, bone spirit, bone prison, and bone wall. put the rest into your bone armor and you will never die while doing a ton of damage you dont need to have a tank golem get an act 2 defiance nightmare hired helper max his level and give him these things vampire gaze, bramble, doom
there is your tank if you need 1 your equip should be easy to get but needs to give resists and skills. also if you look at other strategies that tell you to do lots of health say forget it cuz you need magic you are a mage act like one jus get 100 dexterity, 200 strength, 100 vitality, put the rest in energy there is a very nice build have fun

Wraithreaper bone necro lvl 80

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Here's a Summon Necro strategy coming from a level 85 necro who solo-ed himself through all the difficulties. One thing one has to remember that a necro's minions are much more durable and lethal in 1.10. You should max these Skills and I'll give an explaination as to why.
-Skeleton Mastery : Gives your minions maximum durability and damage potential.
-Raise Skeleton : Increases the number of skeletons raised at one time and increases their effectiveness.
-Skeleton Mage : I know your scratching your head but they have a few good points. The ice bolt skele mages slow the enemy down quite a bit. They also serve as additional targets that in turn will allow your other minions to stay alive longer. They come in handy against monsters excessively resistant against physical attacks... especially when coupled with Lower Resist.
Might as well as take advantage of your maxed Skeleton Mastery and put at least 10+ points into Revive. Knowing what is good to revive is crucial as well. Next put at least 1 point into Summon Resist, Decripify, Lower Resist and all the curses before them. Now this still leaves a few points left over, i suggest Corpse Explosion.... clearing out or weakening a group of monsters can only be good for your minions. Some other tips: Amplify Damage can remove the physical immunity of most monsters making your skeletons more effective. Decripify when used in conjuction with the cold wielding skeleton mages I mentioned before will GREATLY hinder tough targets.
For attribute point distribution, ignore Dexterity, Dex is absolutely useless to this build of Necro. Pump up Strength to 160 and then evenly distribute to Vitality and Energy.
As for mercenaries, in Normal stick with Act 2's Combat Mercenary(Prayer) as it'll keep your minions alive longer. For Nightmare and beyond consider Act 2's Offensive Merc for his Might aura.
What to wear is pretty simple. This build requires very little enhancing from +skills items but armor and accessories with +Summoning and Resistances or Life/Mana will obviously be a big help. If you want to be like me and take things to the extreme try equiping your Might aura merc with a "DOOM" poleaxe, "BRAMBLE" armor and then equip yourself with a "BEAST" hammer and "ENIGMA" armor. DOOM, BEAST, and BRAMBLE are runewords with very helpful bonuses. With these items equipped your minions will benefit from Might, Fanaticism, Holy Freeze, and Thorns auras... 'nuf said'.... one more thing i haven't tried yet(cuz i dont want to sacrifice my Homunculus) is an "EXILE" shield which blesses the user with a nice Defiance aura.
Summoning necro's have problems in three specific ares: Retaining revives during movement, narrow spaces and Baal. Revives unlike skeletons, golems, or mercenaries will not teleport to you after reaching a certain distance... they will simply disappear. The answer to this either move slowly or if you're able to teleport(this is handy is a lot of other ways too). Narrow spaces will hinder your minions from reaching their target, one way to combat this problem is Corpse Explosion. Baal is a problem because of the previous issue. If he happens to stay put on the bridge in the middle of the Worldstone Chamber you've got some problems. I present a couple (albeit risky) ways to get around this. Lure Baal to a more wide open area within the chamber or you can run past him preferably stopping in a direction he's not attacking in causing some of your minions to teleport by you and joining forces with the others in flanking Baal.
I should add that this kind of build allows you to kill Diablo with relative ease making Diablo MF runs somewhat more reasonable than it would be to other characters. The fact that Diablo's battle ground is a big wide open space makes it very easy for your minions to flank and beat him down with effective use of Decripify and Life Tap. Just make sure your packing some nice fire resistance as you will not be able to avoid his expanding ring of fire attack.

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ok first of all ill wantto tell u about ur points.put 1 point in teeth and bone armor the first few levels and NOTHING MORE. when u get to level 6 put 1 point in corpse explosion. then when u get to level 12 put all the points u can into bone wall until u r level 18. then put all the points u can into bone spear until ur level 24 (almost done saving points hold on) then put the points into bone prison unitl ur level 30 then MAX bone spirit. this will bring u to level 50-51 in that area. now u want to alternate between spear/prison. when these r maxed finish maxing bone wall. u should be somwhere in the 80s now. if ur going to hold out to level 99 alternate points into teeth and armor (for synergies). as far as equipment goes, i have a white wand (rune word) trang wing, +2 to skills ammy, shako, enigma, 2 sojs, sandstorm boots, draculs grip demonhide gloves,a trangs belt, and a bunch of +to pnb skills gc's. this will give u about +8 to all skills, +10 to pnb, and about +2 to spear. there is a special strategy that i use both for team pk and 1on1 pvp. for team pk use tele (enigma) and get to a safe spot. keep this set on right click and keep bone spirit/spear (whatever u prefer) on left click. hold in shift (if u using spirit) and keep casting bone spirit and they will track a player and hit them (hopefully). if u r using spear u have to keep the enemy in sight and hit them while ur fellow team mates hold them away. if ur doing 1on1 pvp set bone prison on right clik (have tele set to like f2 and prison on f1 so u can tele to put some distance in betweem ur enemy) and spear/spirit on left clik. cast prison on the enemy and ass soon as u do this keep casting spear/spirit. if they cant tele or leap they have to break out of the prison and this will stall them for a second giving u the oppurtunity to cast a spell or 2 ^_^. well thats it if u have any qwestions or comments email me at sicksk8r13@yahoo.com and please no negative feedback. thx!!

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Summon Necro strategy !!!!!!!
ok first choice as with any character really is to choose which type of character u want. Now this strategy is for a summon necro, wich is very good at killling diablos many minions but not very good at PKING. so if you'r looking for a pking necro this is not it. On the other hand, poision and bone necros do not fare as well in the acctuall game as summon necros.
With summon necros it to is a matter of choice but all variables aside, the only real choice is what golem u want to have your back, or front...depending on your preference...lol.
N e Who, i chose a fire golem/ clay golem hybrid. This is a matter of choice i say again. If your break it down, really these are the only real choices. They both can be made from nothing and they have real advantages, The clay golem can greatly slow its target and fire is the strongest attacking golem and has little perks like elemental fire damage, holy fire damage and causes damage to surrounding monsters or players when summoned or destroye,. thats sweet. But the clay golem can have a tremendous ammount of life if you follow my skill plan, mine has over 10000 life.
so ill give you a run down on my equipment, my skill trees and let you decide what works for you. I mean the reality is that every persons way of using a character is =ly good depending on the person.
so at current my Necromancer is lvl 76. My skills so far were spent as follows. the majority of my points went here in to summon skils . For skelly mastery i have lvl 33, raise skelly lvl 16, clay golem i have 13, for golem mastery i have 30, for raise skelly mage lvl16, for blood golem i have 11, summon resist i have 13, iron golem i have 11, fore has lvl 14, and revive has 11.
for poisin and bone skills the only ones i wanted to use in my offensive were teeth at lvl 9, bone shield 11(wich has a version 1.10 glitch with marrow walk ill get to later), poison dagger at lvl 8, corpse explosion at 8, bone wall lvl8, poision explosion at lvl 8, bone spear lvl 8, poision nova lvl 8 and bone spirit lvl 14. Now the glich in battle. net is that if you never put any points into bone prision and equip marrow walk boots, it gives you a huge boost your bone skills, dont ask me how, but my bone shield at lvl 11 absorbs 640 damage....thats insane. it gives synergy bonuses 2 but you can never put any skill points into bone prision, wich is ok cause marrowwallk has bone prison charges...lol...its fun to take advantages of stuipd errors in programming huh...lol
Curses are very important to summonning necros. The important thing to rember is that you dont really need to pile a bunch of skill points in to them to be able to take advantage of the effect they can have. My skill points are allocated as follows but the ones i use the most are amplifiy for the start of normal and later decreptify. For Nightmare i use mostly decreptify all the way through and for hell i used mostly amplify and lower resist. The second most important thing to take advantage of is hirable help. An act 2 defensive merc will use a Defiance aura on u and all ur summons wich even at lvl 1 will increase you and your minions Defence to 70% of normal. In nightmare i changed to an act 2 offensive merc wich shares a might aura with you and your whole party, greatly increasing the attack damage you and your minions do to enimes. In hell i went with a defensive Act 2 merc with defiance aura coupled with an amplify curse. These merc aura in conjunction with necro curses will give u the advantage in every situation, In a party the necro can be invaluable to any character with his ability to curse and summon, allowing greater effectivness to any party members attack while also being an effective offensive member when his summons and revives are ideally supported. I also suggest giving your mwerc the best equipmen available and res him whem ever he dies to ensure that he stays close to your lvl. always have a life steal inhanced piece of equipment on your merc 2.
i use the trang set, 2 sojs, marrow walk boots, ammulet of currotion summoning +2 and the arm of king leoric tomb wand.....good luck

-MarshKahllah, west coast gate.

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Ok well first of all.......all the other strategies on this page are good, if youre interested in making a charater that isnt good for anything. Im gonna tell you how to make the ultimate PVP necromancer. And when I say "ultimate" I mean that many lvl 99 characters have died by my necro. The ONLY character that will be any sort of a challenge to you if you follow my instructions will be a trapsin(but only wussy noobs make trapsins cause theyre the easiest things to make). And even trapsins wont be too much trouble if you get teh right resists and absorbs.
First of all DO NOT put any points into summoning skills or curses. Put your first point into Bone Armour. Then up to level 6 put your points into Teeth. At level 6 put 1 point into Corpse Explosion just to get past it. Up to level 12 youre going to put your points into Teeth again. Then at level 12 put 1 point into Bone Wall. Up to level 18 again put your points into Teeth(so many points into Teeth is neccessary for synergies later). Now youre going to put your points into Bone Spear up to level 24. Then put one point into Bone Prison. Again out your points into Bone Spear until level 30. Now youre going to max Bone Spirit. Then go back and max Bone Spear, Bone Prison, Bone Wall, and Teeth. If youre going right to level 99 then out the rest of your points into Bone Armour. Of course youre going to need to fill your inventory with P&B GC's, and as far as equipment goes......Ill let you work that out. I cant tell you everything :) I will tell you that you need to get your resistances up adn youll need to have lots of elemental absorb(light, fire, ice), and have as much + to skills as possible. Believe me there is a perfect combination. Ive showed a couple friends how to make this necro, but they didnt have the perfect equipment so I walked all over them :) Youre going to want just enough ST to wear all your equipment, you souldnt have to put any points into mana(again if you have the right equip). Youre going to want enough points into DEX so that you have max block(you want to have max block for the odd chance that someone gets to hit you, which they shouldnt), and then put the rest in VIT. Trust me when I say that this is the "ultimate" PVP necro, and if you make it right you will own all........except me of course :) I actually like to hear what people think so if you wanna make a comment lemme know, tapper341@hotmail.com


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Hey if u want to learn how to make a nice necro than DONíT make a summoner. Summoners might be good for normal and nightmare, but in hell they SUCK. If u want to learn how to make a nice necro max these skillz out and u wont be sorry: Iron Maiden-Max this out so if some one were to hit u with a little or a lot of damage, 650% of the damage will be returned to the person that hit u. Bone Armor-Max this out because it gives bonuses to bone spirit and bone spear and when its maxed, it will absorb 700 damage for u. Bone spear- Max this out because when its maxed it does 2k damage and shoots all crazy fast. Bone Spirit- Max this out because when its maxed it does 2 or 3k and it follows them. Gear NOT TO GET- Donít get TRANGS if your going to do this strategy because when u have the full set of trangs it makes u shoot all crazy ass slow..Just get every part of the trangs besides the armor. GET ENIGMA for the armor because u tele by the people and shoot them. In duels and quests u KICK ASS with enigma and the rest of this strategy.

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This is really the way to build a Necro. Max Confuse, Fire Golem, Skeleton Mastery and Revive. Skeleton Mastery makes monsters stronger and Confuse makes them all kill each other. So you just confuse, summon a Fire Golem in case they come to kill you and then revive the dead bodies.

Igor the ultimate Necro

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poison master
poison dagger: used for your main attack u absolutly have to max this out. poison explosion: just max for the synergies. poison nova: this move owns max out and with everything maxed in poison this is the deadliest move in the game so max it. bone armor: put like 3 in it and u will get items that juice this up. bone wall and prison: put 1 in each for safe keeping. curses: put 1 point in every curse they will be used alot. summons. skeles: put like 2 points in norm skeles and mages put 5 in mastery. clay golem: put 1 in it he will be a guard to take dmg. revive: 3 is good here. summon resist: like 2 if if u want too sacrafice points. do watever u want wit rest of points. thats 90 points used jus by lvlin so put sone in teeth or ne thing u choose to use

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summoning necro
skeleton mastery: increases life and damage so it is a must if using skeletons. max quickly as possible reccomended that all skill points in first 20 lvls go to this.
skeletal warrior: great in the beginning acts but get killed lots if you have not maxed skeletal mastery, reccomended that only one point be put into this skill untill mastery is maxed, then feel free to pour points into this.
skeletal mage: ok for beginning acts but insufficient firepower in later nightmare and hell so you can either max this or only put one point and go for revive.
now comes the big choice, revive or fire golem(if you have chosen skeletal mage) with my necro i went with fire golem so i could make something from nothing to start the killing since necros obviously designed for melee and i needed the first corpse to start my army but if you go with the golem make sure you throw some points into golem mastery
that should cover your skill points unless you feel you need to put points into some other category, but i used this and my necro has done very well for me.

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For a necromancer choose to make poison, bone, or summon.for summon max revive, skeleton mastery, golem mastery, mage, skeleton, and put a few points into fire golem. poison, max poison dagger, poison explosion, and poison nova. bone, max bone spear, spirit, prison, and put a bunch of points into teeth. every type needs a few points in bone armor and amp damage. also put 1 point into clay golem and golem mastery for a basic tank.

lvl 89 summon necro, lvl 75, bone necro, and lvl 76 psn necro, lvl 99 barb, lvl 76 sorc, lvl 87 pally, lvl 45 druid, lvl 67 asn.

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If u like blood golems than use life trap in conjunction. this will heal u and you dont even have to fight! this is great against Diabl. Also use bone spear or spirit for a pimary attack. in act 5 there are some great heads, but if you cant get one trade.

Boner the necro

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