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Paladin Strategies

This is the cheapeast best PVP Paladin Fister Strategy.My paladin have lvl 86 end he can easy defeat Zealot , Smiters Paladins , Assasins , Sorcs You will have a big problem whit amazon` ( Bow or javeline )
Fist of the Heavens = Maxed ( 20 ) ( Primal Attack ), Holy Shock = Maxed ( 20 ) ( Give`s bonus to fist of heavens ), Convinction = Maxes ( 20 ) ( because reduce`s the enemy def end rez ), Salvation = 1 point ( rezist from elemental dmg ( Sorc`s , Druid`s , etc )), Holy Shield = Maxed ( 20 )
Strenght: Enought to wear you items., Dexterity: Enought to make ctb ( Change to Block ) 50%, Energy: 60 Points ( because u need a lot of mana , at least 400 ), Vitality:Rest of the points
First Hand: Weapon: Hand of the Blessed Light, Shield: Zakarum Shield ( um ), Second Hand: Call to Arms ( CTA ) for boo ( Battle Orders ) Increase Life, Armour: Skin of The Viper Magi ( perf 35 to all rez ) [ Upgraded (lem + ko + perf dimond + Skin , in cub ) + Um ], Boots: SandStorm, Gloves: MageFist, Belts: Arachnid, Rings: 1 Bul-Khatos Wedding Band , 1 Raven Frost ( perf , 20 to dexterity , the dexteiti for ctb and Cannot be Frozen are very nice ), Helmet: Shako ( um ), Amulet: Serap ( 2 palla , 2 def skill`s )
On left click u put Fist of The Heavens , On Right Click u put Convinction or salvation

UnEqUaLeD ( Barbarian Sword 90 ) ; NyCkU_Paladin ( Paladin Zealot 89 ) ; NyCkU_Fister ( Paladin Fister 86 ) ; Natures_Force ( Druid Elemental 87 ) ; Skeleton ( Necromancer Summoner 82 )

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This is how to build an incredibly fast paladin with amazing aim and packz a tuff punch. The first skill you want to max out is Zeal. Dont be fooled by werewolf and their fury, zeal is the way to go. Next max out the aura Holy Freeze. This aura is helpful as it slows enemies down considerably, and allows you to use zeal without getting interupted. The next skills you need to max out are resist cold, salvation, and sacrifice as these are synergies that will give passive bonuses to zeal and holy freeze. Give ur pally alot of strength, vitality, and dexterity. You do not need alot of mana because the only combat skill you realy use is zeal, and zeal wastes hardly any mana at all.

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Ok this is the Layout I have for my SCL pally. I have made 5 chars to perfect this. first off, don't bother reading the other ones, they are a waste of time. Second, don't put any into energy. this is my my stat layout: base dex, base str, base mana, all into vita (I know your block is low but get a Defiance merc and you will be fine) Third: In order to get a decent amount of damage (10k or 11k) you will need the following: Very Low Str Enigma (Mage, Breast Plate, Dusk: I use Mage) Um'd Shako (or a +2 pally skill, 20% fcr, 20% fhr if you are rich) Any% Hoto (Wiz if you have to) CTA (any lvl bo will do) Hoz either um'd, pdiamond, or zod'd if Eth for rings, I use a BK and +15 str 10% fcr ring, it is really up to you (soj and bk is good combo) for a ammy you want mara's ofcourse magefist for gloves. Get treks or Travs for boots (you will need the + to str to glitch your gear on)
I have roughly 170% mf at level 90 and I am at 4.1k hp. I haven't done my skill quests yet and I do 11k Hammers with 9k Def (Haven't done skill q's in any difficulty, will be more when done those). For a merc, If you are too lazy to level an a2 defensive (Holy Freeze is what I suggest) Use a a2 Hell (Defiance) for His gear get or make an eth fort, get a eth insight, and use an andy helm. This will make your merc a tank and You will not neet to put into mana.
Get LOTS of life sc's and 2-3 Large str charms (+5 str). Also be sure to get a Anni (Stats don't matter anything will help)

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hey, best pally melee vs melee players strat. I made one and i owned barbs, and melee palys. max in order. Thorns, holy shield and defiance. Thorns returns 1010% of damage so the enemies accully kill them selves. and holy shield and defiance give you tons of defence and block rate. Where Vampgaze for damage reduce, same with storm shield for more block rate/damage reduce. Where Templer coat for block rate, not shafts because damage reduce limits at 50%. boots could be anything same with gloves, belt should be dungos for damage reduce and life.

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Perfect charge pally strategy
ok first max out might until lvl 12 then put like 3 in charge now max out rest of might then charge, now max out vigor, put like two in salvation for resis, and put the rest of the skills in holy shock. Once u did that stuff equip holy shock and charge. at the very least with a half desnct weapon u should do 11k
stuff u should get helm:shako,armour:anything that adds skills and has at least 1100 def,gloves:magefist charge pallys neeed mana regeneration,boots:ik are good, balt: get somethin thats good aim for resis,wep:btd try to avoid grandfather,shield if use one hand wepon: i dont know much about shields so use somethin with at least 400 def
stats 200 in strenth 180 in dex nothing added to mana 100 in viatality if u have stuff left over put it in dex and viatality


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Here's how you build a zealot pally:
Skills - max - zeal, max - sacrifice, max - fanaticism, max - holy shield, max - defiance, 1 point in salvation, rest into charge. Note: This IS possible because at lvl 99 with all the skill quests completed you get 110 skill points, add it up. Also, get that one into salvation right at lvl 30 to take care of element-based monsters.
Items - Botd (use watever u want but it works for me), Guardian Angel (upped and um runed), Mara's or Seraph's (i use seraphs again matter of opinion), Hoz (um), Arachnid, string, or verdungo's, Shako (um), Mandal, Bk ring, Dracul's or Soul drainer (for the life leech), Sandstorm Trek's
Stats - Strength - just enough to use all ur equipment, Dex - lots, get max block and high accuracy, Vitality - 160ish to keep u alive not too much though because with all ur blocking and holy shield you wont be getting hit much at all., Energy - NONE
Extra - Get annihilus if u can though it is rare. Dont get hung up on jamming ist and topazs into everything u wear, thats what ur mf sorc is for! Set zeal as ur primary mouse click and use ur auras on the other side. Dont be potting constanty. if u do tons of damage (which you will) your life leeh will heal u crazy fast. Get all the combat and offensive GCs u want and have fun :)

zzHELL_RAIDERzz Level 89 zealot

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After getting bored of my godly hammerdin(arent they all) I decided that I want to do something that doesnt involve standing, holding shift and clicking. I decided to build a paladin, with three main charasteristics: 1. FUN, I wanted him to be different then others, and catch a lot of attention. 2. Effective. I wanted a character who could do the whole game in all difficulties. 3. and most importantly I wanted him to look cool(unlike hammerdins which I'm just sick and tired of seeing)
I also wanted it to be mysterious and unique. You look at a paladin these days and you immediatly think "hoto, enigma, hoz, soj's, archnid..."(you get the picture). I spent about three days planning it out. Reading stats of all the rune words over and over and planning it out with resistances damage etc. I decided that the way to make him fun would be lots of different attacks going off at the same time. As I progressed my planning that I could accomplish the "flare" by shoving lots of different % to cast some attack from other char type. With this I present you funRUSOfun :) NOTE: The gear is VERY expensive. In fact the weapon is worth most if not all of an averege hammerdin's gear.
gear: Sword 1: Destruction(not a lot of physical damage, but trust me the casts more then make up for it.. the key to my pally), 23% chance to cast level 12 Volcano on striking, 5% chance to cast level 23 Molten Boulder on striking, 100% chance to cast level 45 Meteor when you die, 15% chance to cast level 22 Nova on attack, +350% Enhanced Damage, Ignore Target's Defense, Adds 100-180 Magic Damage, 7% Mana stolen per hit, 20% chance of Crushing Blow, 20% Deadly Strike, Prevent Monster Heal, +10 to Dexterity. Sword 2: CTA(duh dont have to explain). Shield 1: Exile(dont have to explain either). Shield 2: Doesn't matter... I use HOZ but it's just there so I don't die when I do cries. Armor: Fortitude, chilling armor does wonders in both defence and it just plain looks cool with the other two auras and two warcries going :) ). Helm: Delirium in Spired Helm. This causes a distraction on the monsters along with other goodies :) if you're still using shako throw it out and get urself one. Any pally or most other chars even can benefit from it. Rings Ammy Belt boots: bk's, mara's, archnid, ik boots...
In case you haven't realised this is a zealadin. I'm not gonna go into stats and skills too much... you know em. Fana, Holy Shield, Zeal, Sacrafice, Defiance. Stats, depends on what you want. *HINT* get ur dex up so u can block and make use of that holy shield :).
When I was finished I was overwhelmed by the FUN factor this character has. It's beond fun. It's far from the strongest zealadin out there. It will kill anything without being killed at high levels(by the time you can wear the full gear you'll be set). Hell cows and baal take a lil while but he barelly loses health ever and can stand in a pack of 50 cows and not get hurt while slowly leveling it :). I counted 10 skills from other characters. As you hit a few times you will be throwing volcanoes, molten boulders, novas, cast spells(you get the picture... and create one hell of a show.
How is it in duels? Well since most of the damage comes from the casts you really have to get a good zeal hit to get the attacks going. It's decent in duels. If you duel against other pvm chars which this is, you will own the bigger half of them. I found that sorcs and zons are a walk in the park because you can charge them and with the gear even tho I put one point into charge I have level 12. Hammerdins are tricky but u can charge to them and zeal and hope you wont get hit. Barbarians you gotta get them with elementals so you have to zeal since the defence wont be broken by a single charge. A decent strategy is smiting them because it ignores defence and you also cast the other goodies at the same time :). Haven't dueled other characters but I can imagine a summoning necro actually being FUN :).
Another good aspect of this build with this particular gear is that your max resists arent 75-75-75-75 they're actually 80-80-80-75 so you do get hurt by elementals less. However to level those you will need some charms.
Cheap Alternatives To Gear: I've found some other items to replace the paladin to still have a fun one yet still effective. Weapons: Oath, Voice of Reason. Oath casts bone spirit quite often, and voice of reason casts frozen orb and another sorc attack. Armor: a good alternative to fortitude would be bramble or coh. shield, anything that makes sence.... spirit hoz whatever you want :) helm, eeew :) delirium is just too fun to replace. Especially when the rare delirium does happen where you turn into a bone fettish :) (btw I got called a hacker multiples of times by noobs for turning into bone fettish)...
Call me a noob, call me a waster of runes but believe me, this is a 150% sucessful build in my eyes and it really did bring the fun back into diablo. He is now a level 88 and still leveling. Zealadins also seem to level faster then hammerdins and they do have less trouble living in sticky situations. He can freely stant in the field by pindle and as long as you keep clicking those chargers wont kill you even if they all gang up.>br? Anyways that's it for the guide. I do want to give some credits to my good friend cmot dibbler for introducing me to certain rune words and ideas which made this character build come to life. I will close with a final note that this char has flare, style, originality, and gets more wows then when you put up an inventory full of ists to show off before you start building him :). Screenshots coming right up after I get a host of sorts :)

-AssasinoRuso level 88 FUN zealadin

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Hey everyone. This is a good strategy for PvP chars that could own everyone and its easy. Its FOH/Conviction. First thing first is Stats: STr should be at 93 exactly no higher or lower. Dex leave it at 25. Vit should be high as possible and energy should be at 100. Skills. Max FOH, Holy shock. Conviction should only be at 25 including skills because it stops at that level no higher, so dont max just leave it at a number like 15 + all to skill levels is 10 =25. put a point on holy shield for more defence and 1 point onto salvation to get around. Now Equipment: you dont have to go wat i have recommended but i use it and i like it tons. Weapon should be Hand of blessed light for the 4 to Foh the more skill to foh the more damage so if u use Hoto, you'll only have 3 but listen to me first. Armor is coh, not enigma because u dont tele with Foh, because tele will screw you up by lagging and its to slow from lack of Faster cast rate, so use charge. its accualy faster, less lag and a funny storie i was chargin away and the sorce was in the way and i killed her by charge! lol. Coh is good for resistances to. helm should be um'd or 5/5 lite facet shako or um'd or 5/5 facet griffons either way its good, more damge with griffons but more advantages with shako. shield is an um'd hoz. ammy is maras or a 2-3 combat skill ammy or the one i have which is 1 to pally skill 20 to all resitances, 12 str, 9 dex. but maras is better. belt is spider(arachnids)tgods and trangs belt. switch when needed like ice sorces use trangs for cannot be frozen, spider for most, and tgods for those lite assasins and sorces. boots, is either tearhaunch for resitances or marrowalk for more stats and that trusty bone prison. gloves is magefist for cast rate and regenerate mana. and atleast 5-10 pcombat gcs and 1 anny and some resitances charms/ life/ faster hit recovery. and rings is 1 soj and 1 Bk, and switch with dwarf stars because the life 15% fire abosrb when needed and the magic reduce is hacked against boner's necros. alost switch with some raven frosts incase u need during blizzard and orbers. But i have 2 10% cast rates and adds 10 to all resistances. and ur set for duels

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Hi heres a great foh stratgy. People say foh is a cheap move but who cares i know many who can counter it. Max foh, holy shock, and 13 on conviction because at level 25 it stops reducing and ur skills will raise it, a few points on holy shield and thats it. Stats, about 90 into str, 100 dex, Stack Vit, 100 into energy. Equipment: Weapon is the foh weapon +2 pally skill 2 foh, hoto, or spirit weapon, helm is griffons with lit facet or shako, ammy is maras, armor is enigma, shield is hoz with um or Pdiamond in it, belt is tgods for agaisnt trappers(trust me its worth it) rings is soj's and 1 dwarf and raven when a perticular sorce comes up, boots is treck, or tearhaunch for resistances, gloves is magefist. Should be able to own everyone except wind druids but if ur good it'll be easy.

75 necro (XmST) 75 pally (FohST)

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How to Build a Paladin by: pyro[xpert[DsA]
Str:120, Dex:45, Val: X, Energy:100
Max : blessed aim, Max : hammers, Max : concentrate, Max : vigor, Put 1 skill in meditation, Put the rest in holy shield
gloves : magefist(dont need fire just the fcr), Armor : enigma, 1st wep : hoto(heart of the oak), 2nd wep: cta(call to arms), shield : hoz, helm : shako, rings : sojs, ammy: seraphs ammy, belt : string of ears, boots : up to u really what ever you like
This pally can duel but hammerdins are not the best duelers if you want to be a champion dueler then first you have to chose offencive or defencive. Offencive would be to use your enigma to slowly travel toward your enemie and fire a swarm of hammers. Defencive would be to sway back and forth and fire arrows i like to call it anti-enigma cause no one can tele on you =)
That is the hammerdin meathod of pyro[xpert[DsA] thank you for reading.

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Godly Zealot Pally -- Ok so your sick and tired of going into hell duals where theirs all these anoying people that think thier so good and just keep killing you before you get your body and then after makin fun of you cuz ur so easy to kill Well thats going to stop NOW.
I know you go to sites to find the perfect strategy but looking at some at other sites just made me laugh 20k defence at lvl 90 making it seem like alot and a 10k attk dmg. Ill tell you how to make one of the most insane dualing characters so next time your dualing for fun and some punk thinks hes so big just get your godly pally and 1 shot kill him then he wont nothing he will probably just leave the game...lol
ok for the skills alot of people say to max out zeal but seriously its a waste of time at first put it only 3-7 skills on it.. then max out sacrifice. then put 3-7 skills on charge ok alot of people dont even use this skill on pallys but its soooooooo good you know those annoying people like sorcess and necros and all the non melee characters well they know you will have (BREATH OF THE DYING) and like (EXILE) so they know you will just destroy them in like 1 shot not even using zeal cuz they dont put up defence on those characters so they will try to stay the heck away from you and just long range you like mad.. Well this skill comes in real handy cuz the run you charge at them and theres no way they can escape you when your comin at them so fast trust me they cant move and it will only take like 1 shot..
SKILLS -- ok then max out sacrifice cuz it gives a heck of a bonus to zeal. then max zeal itself to make your attk rating really high. after these things you will only be at like lvl 45-50 you still have a good 30-40 skills to put up till you will probably stop lvling ur guy. you want to get you want to get fanaticism either 15-20 skills i recomend maxing it for even more attk dmg. finally youve pretty much finished up on the attk skills you want now you have to have good defence but dont worry about not having enough skills to max out the defensive skills remember all together in normal nightmare and hell there is skill quests and if you do them all theres another 12 skills you have to use.. ok now max holy shield then do all the skill quest and put it on defiance and you will be good to go you dont need defiance that much even tho it really puts up defence in duals you will be keeping fanaticism on and trust me your holy shield will take care of the defence.
ITEMS -- ok now if you want your pally to rule you got to be rich because these items are really good. helm- Crown of ages 2 soc and defanitely put 2 Ber rines in it because it will redice your damage by 14%. boots- ethreal sandstorm trek boots . belt-verdungeos heart cord. armor-ok now alot of people say to use enigma but trust me in hell duals elementals will really cause alot of damage to you thats why you need resistances bad use chains of honor-runeword it puts up resistances 65 and its 2 to all skills for zealots its much better.. weapon-Ethreal(BOTD)zerker its just crazy but it cost alot try to get one with high ed it will cost you more but it is alot better. amulet-go with maras kaleidascope if you can ge close to a perfect thats great cuz then it will also put your resistance up close to 30. rings-because your not putting any stats on energy you will want to use 2x sojs for mana but when your dualing put on 2 dwarf star because it has magic dmg reduce and fire absorb you need something that helps you against magic dmg because it does alot of damage. gloves- draculs grasp or for dualing use anything that puts up resistances 20 or more . shield-(EXILE)try to get one with high ed makes a big difference. if your still worried about resistances dont you can always do the resistances quest and put it up alot. if your still worried just replace some stuff but be carful what u replace cuz this is the overall best setup
STATS -- Strength--120-135 just to use items, dexterity--put 120-135, vitality- after you put up strength and dex put all your skills in here you will need life trust, energy-none trust me your items do it for you , do all this and you will own anywhere
its halarious cuz i ordered my items for my pally and hes at lvl 88 now but when he was ayt lvl 60 and i had some crappy sword and nothin good i was almost takin out lvl 80s this set up owns.... as i said before dont pay attention to other websites strategies they think thier pallys are godly at the end with 20k def i have 29k with no shield weapon boots gloves or belt....

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Perfect Hammerdin - OK, first things first.... every one who posted stratagy's for a hammerdin are all retarded.... how can u not know how to build a good hamemrdin... i mean i see good hammerdins like atleast 3-4 times aday... you know u've seen em too, those guys that host the hell baal runs with there bot... i had a nice ass hammerdin... i made him my self and he was my first ever pallidin in general... i've only bin playin for bout 6 months... ne ways back to the subject, as for skills.. not too difficult, max vigor, blessed aim, concentration, and blessed hammer [duhh] lol, in my opinion u should max blessed hammer then concentration.. dont matter when u get the others done but get blessed hammer and concentration done first seeing as how they give the most damage...1 to all the points you need to get those and one to charge one to meditation and all the reast into holy sheld.. as for stats, there really isnt a perfect build for stats, it really depends on what u think is better in ur opinion... i'll just tell u my hammerdins stats and u can follow em if u like.. about 110-120 strength.. hammerdins dont use too much high str required gear so not too much there.. bout 190-200 dexterity, most ppl would say im a dumb ass for puttin so much in strength... but when ur fighting barbs or zealots or even som strong melee mosters in hell they can get about one hit on u b4 they die... hammers r pretty hard to use against charge... u just throw out hammers and hope they run into em lol or u can tele with a nigma but not too many people can afford one... back to the point... with 200 dexterity... if ur hammers miss any guys... u can always block what accually gets in to you ne ways... for vitality i had about 185 ... with my gear and all i had about 750 life most poeple would want more... but like i said the stats are all by your opinions and for mana i had about 80-90 with all my gear on.. i dont remember the base stats off hand, and now we come to gear
VERY EXPENSIVE!! but hey, its worth the months of savin up lol Helm: Shako-Perf Topaz, Body Armor: Enigma-[JahIthBer], Shield: Harold of Zakuram-Um Weapon-Heart of the Oak-[KoVexPulThul] Perf[40%FasterCastRateand 40Resists], Gloves: Magefists-Up'd, Boots: WarTravs-Perf[50%mf], Rings: Bk[Life] + Soj[Mana], Amulet: Mara's-Perf[30Resists] Get your self an Annihulis Small Charm... by now killin the diablo clone will be easier and dont waiste your time and inventory space with combat Grand Charms... Offensive Aura Charms will give you more damage, concentration gives more damage then the hammers them selves lol, by now u should get about 13-14k damage for each hammer... and a load of cast rate to spit out like23-24 hammers b4 they start to disappear and if u super dork and u dont need a calculator for thst... its like {14k X 24 = ?} a whole lot im geussin so no ones gunna be able to touch u and if they do.. with 200 dex ull block it ne ways.. now go and get ur self an act2 defensive hell mercanarie with vamp gaze fort and lvl 17 meditation insight, and if u spent ur life savings on your enigma... a nother high lvl most likley etheral armor will do just as fine.. i find alot or eth corpsemourns with my pally ur merc wont die as long as u keep teleporting around .... ur unbeatable now... now kill madd stuff and get bored of diablo2 and get ur self a life... bye bye


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Mike's Hammerdin Guide for Ladder Play
First off - Stats: Put in enough Str to wear an Archon plate or Dusk Shroud (for Enigma). Enough Dex to achieve Max Block (Shouldn't be much - you want a good HoZ or Spirit monarch, plus you'll be putting ALL leftover skill points into Holy Shield). All other points go to Vitality --- More life = survive hell magic casters. NO ENERGY! I cannot stress this enough. The reason many hammerdins fail is improper skill allocation, leading to temptation to bump energy. Do not waste stat points in energy.
Skills: Here is where things go awry for hammerdins - you must not waste a single skill point, as 1 point in the later levels means roughly 800 to 1k of dmg. in your hammer.
Start with prereq's for hammer and conc. 1 point only in the synergies until you are high enough level to get blessed hammer and concentration. DO NOT MAX hammer right away - The hammers get expensive quickly, and you will start to run out of mana easily if you max hammer first. It's a little slower to max concentration and vigor first with an occasional bump in blessed hammer, but you will last longer till you can get a merc with insight or magefists. Once you have something to help regen mana (either a manald heal for low levels or insight pole on merc) then start bumping your hammer. DO NOT waste a point in meditation or salvation or redemption -- you will not need any of them with the right gear.
For gear you will need EXPENSIVE stuff. But you will do at least 11k dmg per hit, if not more. Helm: Shako with Ber (Um would be a waste see further down) for extra dmg reduce (dmg redux, +skills, res all) Belt: Arach mesh (+ skills and mana). Gloves : Magefist (Mana regen + faster cast), Weapon : Perfect HotO (40 Res all and +3 skills with fast cast). Shield: HoZ (50+ res all and +skills Block rate, etc.) or Spirit monarch till you can get HoZ. Socket with P.Diamond, NOT UM.. Boots : eth Treks or War Travs for MF. Rings : either 2 BK or BK and SOJ (+ life and + skill OR +mana and + skill). Amulet: 25 mara's or better (Res all and +skills). Armor: Archon Enigma (+skills, res all, teleport, fast cast)
With the right gear you will have enough +skills to kill anything with a few hammers and enough resists to be maxed out in hell after Anya quest. This is why I don't Um shako and HoZ ---> Um would be a waste, because you get perfect resistance after anya quest with a p.diamond in Hoz and a high enough Mara's and HotO.
Annihilus helps here, but isn't crucial. You only need anni for the +skill anyway if oyu can't get one, sub a pally combat GC. for small charms, you want life with fhr.
When built right, your pally will have around 1700 life without BO. For merc you want defensive normal or hell merc (Defiance aura) with an Insight Polearm or eth Insight Colossus Voulge. Insight will give your merc between lvl 12 and 18 meditation, which will end your potion chugging for mana permanently.

*darkaynjil DarkKnyte Lvl 85 Paladin, USwest

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Hello. Here is a short strategy on a 1.10 patch palady. I played this one in single player in 8 player mode through nightmare and it still beats monsters in hell (4 player mode, had to reduce it :) ). It is a so called Freezadin. The main offensive combat skill you should use is zeal. Max it and as a sinergy bonus try to put some (as much as you can) into sacrifice. The defensive combat skill should be holy shield. It really boosts what the paladin is known for. So this also dictates your weapon combination. Use the fastest, high damage one-handed weapon (long sword or the scepters) with the best possible shield. I cannot give you insight into my equipment since I play single player. For the main aura you must use holy freeze. This not only freezes your enemies but gives a huge cold attack bonus to your phisical attack. Combined with zeal you will be a pure force of destruction! For sinergy bonuses to holy freeze use the resist cold aura and salvation if you have some spare points. With all this bonuses your attack should reach very high numbers. Also the physical immunies should be no problem anymore. But if you find some of those physical-cold immu.... Just run away or equip your merc with other elemental damage weapons. Your best helpers in this are the act 2 aura spearmen. For stats put about the 100+ to str (more if your eqipment requires it), 200 or so to dex (for attack rating and defense) and the rest to vit. Put no points into energy. Good luck!

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Hey... ownage palidon right here. its easy, and can take out many chars. SKills, Max hammer, concentration,blessed aim, vigor, 1 on salavation, holy shield, and charge
Stats- 90 str, 130 dex, Alot of vit, 25 energy.
Equipment-Armor Engima, helm shako, ammy maras, rings, raven and soj, hammer weap hoto, hammer shield good spirit, boots tearhanuch, gloves mage fist, belt arachined, 10 combat gcs, 1 anny, charge weapon lightsabre, charge shield hoz. HERE ya go. use spirt for sheild while using hammer, cast rate, resistances 2 to all skills, 22 vit, 100 mana you dont need that much skills from hoz with the charms and stuff you do over 12k damage, and hammer will kill the wind druids abr barbs
Charge you do 5.5k without concentration because vigor will add you tons of damage to charge, and use salavtion as aura against sorces and trap assasins and lightsabre absorbs 20% lighting, and when facing fire sorces use a dwarf star ring instead of raven and when facing cold use raven, its an awsome strat, try it some time and you'll own i've only lost to FOHERS... who cares about em, and really good sorces and good hammersdins that can telle aswomley,


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This would be one of the best guids that will be there for a zealer pally.... First of all we will cover the gear.. For Rich Kids : ber,ber or 80-30 ias coa|eth valor for armor| for wep try your best for eth death cleaver or a good wep with good open woods or deadly strike if all fails a ebotd zerk will work| for shield i perfore a good vortex exile (get enhanced damage but res will do) but if you would like to be a manar dueler use a ss with 40-15 ias jewel | for boots ether use imps or gore riders| for belt use a the highest verdungo's you can find| for rings you should use angelics and have a spair raven for if they have cold damage| for ammy you should use snagelics ammy| for gloves you should use the highest steel rends you can find| and for secondary wep you should use cta| and for your charms get max damage gcs that are good maxe damage and att rating and life| also you will need anni (but you will do fine without one. For all you poor Kids: well i dont realy kno for a godly zealer
now for your skills. First you will need to max zeal and then fant. Then you should max your holy shild out also. Then you should max out defiance.(your defence is very important in zeal duels). Then with all your extra skills you should max out sacrifice. YALL TELL ME HOW YALL LIKE MY BUILD. AND TRUST ME IT OWNS IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT GEAR.....

lilcdowell6 is my account

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Name: Pk-xxxLeaderxxx
Lvl 86 Hammerdin Palladin ( Mfer, Rusher ) -- Mfing: 248%
My gear :: P topaz shako, 1363 def archon enigma, 39 hoto, 30 maras, Spider, 2 sojs, Treach greaves ( NO need imps for pally), 505 def hoz Um'ed, Cta ( 1 bo ) - ( good for now), Magefist ( regernate mana ) ( helps alot ), 12% mfscs
Damage:: 11k, works for me :)


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O.K. the best strategy out there has to be the hammerdin sure some people diss it but there just so stupid they don°¶t know how to use it. O.K. the first thing you want to do when making a hammerdin pally is to save up every single skill point you get. Save it up until you reach level 18. Then put in all the skill points you need to reach Blessed Hammer and Concentration. Max these out (1 in each for every level). After doing so put one point in holy shield. Max out vigor next and then Blessed Aim, after doing this you will have a shit load of damage. For your final skill points place them in the mana regen aura, it is good to have when you run out of mana pots. (Any extra points then just dump in holy shield)
As for Stat points just try and get your strength up first, upgrade dexterity a few times for certain weapons and energy only 15 times. Upgrade Life for the remainder until level 45. Finish off strength until 110. Then upgrade life until level 99.
Starting Attributes: Strength 25, Dexterity 20, Vitality 25, Energy 15, Hit Points 55, Stamina 89, Mana 15
Effect of increase in Character Level: Life +2 Stamina +1 Mana +1.5
Effect of increase in Attribute points: 1 Vitality point adds, 3 Life points, 1 Vitality point adds, 1 Stamina points, 1 Energy point adds, 1.5 Mana points
Stat Points: Upgrade Strength until level 12 (85 Strength), Upgrade Dexterity until level 22 (70 Dexterity), Upgrade Energy until level 25 ( 30 Energy), Upgrade Life until level 40 (100 Life ), Upgrade Strength until level 45 (110 Strength), Upgrade Life until level 99 (370 Life)
Skill Points: Save Up Skill points until level 18, 20- Blessed Hammer, 20-Concentration, 20-Vigor, 20-Blessed Aim, 1-Holy Shield, 20-Mana Regen
Equipment: GET THE FULL DISCIPLE SET!!!!, The set includes: Ammy [Telling of Beads], Gloves [Laying of Hands], Armor [Dark Adherent], Boots [Rite of Passage] Belt [Credendum], For your weapon the best is the Heart of the Oak [ KO + Vex + Pul +Thul], For your shield I recommend the Spirit Shiel [Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn] , [Get the weapon to if you are having trouble getting the Heart of the Oak], Rings = Stones of Jordan x2
There know you are off to make the ultimate hammerdin pally.

Dark Soldier

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hi. THis is one of the best ways to beat most players out there as a palidon. Because palidon's rule. It's pretty tipical but easy. You pretty much go hammer so max hammer, blessed aim, vigor, and concentration. Now for the easiest part 1 point into charge,holy shield, and salvation. Equipment is decent. Armor is coh or guardian angel, helm is shako, ammy is anything that adds skill, shield is hoz, hammer weapon is hoto, charge weapon is lightsabre because its easy and its only for sorces and guys with low defence, boots is tearhaunch, gloves is up to ya, belt it arachnid, rings is soj's have an anny and a bunch of combat gcs. Stats is 100 str, 150 dex, rest into vit, and 40-50 energy. Now how this works, you use hammer to kill wind druids, barbs, ww aassaisn, wolf druids, zealots,smiters, chargers, javazons. You use charge with all skills it should add to about 15 or higher and vigor which adds damage so you do alot like around 5-6k without concentration because you use salvation against sorces, trap assasins, and other dum and weak elemental guys. so its killer easy to duel but its hard to get bone necros becuase only barbs and sroces can get em.

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here is my short little pally zealer strangy
first max:sacifice,zeal,fanatiscm, and holy shield, if u want to put some points into definece. poor gear is: shako hoz atlantean g angle vigor boots,t gods, and scanes charge and chance and some rings. rich gear: shako hoz egnima some runeword weap with very gast atk speed, highlords 2 sojs some belt and vampbraces. if u dont have shako vamp gaze is just fine 2 . so there it is if it works be happy and have a nice day

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hey. heres a great way to build an awsome PvP hybrid Pally.
First the stats: Str: about 100, Dex:150 for block rate, Vit: as much as possible, Energy: 40
Now skills. Max Hammer, Blessed Aim, Concentration, Vigor, and 10 on Salvation and 1 into charge.
Equipment. Armor-Coh, Hammerweapon-hoto, chargeweapon-gimmershred,sheild-HOz, and helm- shako, and the rest is up to you.
Now how this works is when your facing barbs and javazons and wind druids, you go hammer, you'll do around 8k damage so that's take em out quikly. When you face sorces, trap assasins, and bowzons go charge you'll do around 8.8 k damage without concentration so you go salvation for resistances.

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okay - PvP Pala... He's expensive in terms of kit, but well worth it to pi$$ off sorcs / trapperz / fohdins and the like...
Here's the gear - Crown of Ages [2 um] - Guardian Angel [um] - Exile Kurast - BOTD eth BA - Draculs Grasp (or whatever gloves, i find these are unimportant here) - Eth Sands, or non eth if u like ;) - Thundergods Belt... as far as rings and amus are concerned, no maras or sojs dudes... u gonna need raven x 2, dwarfstar x 2 and wisp x 2 and rising sun amulet (swap and change rings as needed) After that a few +15 all res GC's will be needed to hit max res (+95 all res, except poison but who cares about that sh!t!!) THATS it equipment wise... unless u want CTA and sigons on swap for life etc
Now, max charge and fanatacism and their respective synergies.. put a good few in holy shield. Use minimum required strength and maybe 100ish in dex rest should be in vitality.. NO ENERGY---AT ALL!!!!
Now, you should have a pala absorbing all elemental attacks (sometimes cold sorcs can be a pain in the arse but hey - no builds perfect) u will have an easy 12k or over defence and around 10-12k dmg - have fun pi$$ing off sorcs and the like, and incase u is a newby ebay ho.. be prepared to be called "Noob! fU%^£ng absorber!!" then just kill em again..and again..and again..
My pala is at lv 82 and only good Enigma barbs and high end Melee characters are a problem, but not often..
Hope this guide is handy to someone, so if u can, have a go its good fun :D


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Paladin Strategy:
- I have been playing DII Exp. for just over a year now. Up until 2 weeks ago, I played only in "Normal". I have just begun applying my diablo skills to "Hardcore", and find my tactics in questing and character development are highly effective.
- My primary, normal characters are my 90th level assassin, "Darkbrood", monster-slayer extraordinaire. I should qualify myself by saying that my advice pertains solely to monster-slayers, not player-slayers. I have a 72nd level paladin, "Kelador", who is a zeal, conversion, fist of heavens pali. I also have a 54th level barb, 33rd level druid, 25th level sorc, 15th level necro, and 12th level zon. My favorite chars to play are the pali and assassin, particularly ones employing heavy melee.
Development of my hardcore paladin: - in the early levels, I poured skill points into might to increase my damage levels. I defeated Andarial by myself without having to return to town for a second round of healing potions at level 12. I had developed might up to level 6, and had a scepter with a +2 bonus to might. (key tip*always collect your treasures and travel back to town to sell everything. trade up for better armor, shield, weapon, etc. whenever you return to town.)
- once I did a few countess and tristram runs up to 15th level, I travelled to Lut and was able to reach Tal Rasha's tomb by myself at level 18. I poured everything into zeal, and a little into holy fire. The holy fire aura augmented my zeal attack damage, and also affected nearby monsters that i was not currently smashing to bits.
- at level 26, with 3 points invested into holy shield, I stepped into Tal Rasha's tomb with Duriel for the first time, possibly my last since I'm playing hardcore ( no room for error). I stepped up to Duriel and began crushing him with zeal, holy fire aura active, and my holy shield already cast. I must qualify that I traded up for a Lut mercenary (defensive-cold). Once engaged with Duriel, I did not retreat or drink a single potion. I killed him without breaking a sweat, much to my surprise and delight.
- I did tomb runs up until 28th level, at which time I sailed to Kurast. I quested through Kurast in one session, reaching Mephisto at 28th level and defeating him with heavy potion drinking, making four trips back to the docks for refills on a plated belt. Killing the council was a simple matter after clearing all of travincial beforehand so that no casters were able to attack me at long distance other than the council.
-******key-tip***** I always upgraded my weapons, and equiped my merc with the best available items, second to mine. Also, I actively opened every chest, checked under every rock, and every corpse...looking for runes. At the time I fought Andarial, I had a Nadir helm, Stealth Armor, and a Steel mace. By the time I reached the Travincial Council, I was equipped with an Ancient's Pledge rondache, the Nadir helm, rare platemail, and a Bloodrise mace.
- I am currently 30th level, and have poured every skill point into holy shield. I intend to remain in the Kurast area for at least the next 3 to 4 levels in order to develop my conversion. When I step onto the Plains of Despair, I will make allies of my foes, and sweep through the remaining ranks.
- I look forward to any tips and advice concerning pali development from fellow adventureres. Good Hunting to all!!!

Robert Redden

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I'll tell you the best melee Paladin strategy. I have made 37 different builds and this is my favourite. I love playing melee Paladins. Start out putting points in Sacrifice and Defiance until they are maxed: this will give you good defence and a nice offensive skill to carry you through Normal and most of Nightmare. Once these two are maxed, start putting points into Holy Shield until it is maxed too. Holy Shield benefits from synergy points with Defiance, and not only that, when you have both on at once your defence rating is so high you almost never get hit by anyone! Once Holy Shield is maxed, start putting points into Zeal. After you get to level 4 in Zeal it is already better than level 20 of Sacrifice, so START USING IT. By this time you will have plenty of Mana points. Zeal only takes up 2 Mana points, and by this time your Mana recovery rate will be quite fast so that Mana is never a problem. Zeal benefits from synergy points with Sacrifice, so you'll be happy to know that it was good you maxed out Sacrifice already!
MAX OUT ZEAL. At this point you will have maxed out Sacrifice and Zeal (attacking skills) and Defiance and Holy Shield (defensive skills), and their synergies all benefit each other. Your level will now be in the mid 70s. From this point on feel free to place points where you like. You may find it convenient to throw some points into Prayer and Cleansing to recover from those nasty poison attacks, and some into Salvation as well to survive some particularly nasty elemental attacks. That is the ideal melee build for a Paladin. As far as skill points go, DO NOT put ANY into Mana!
Paladins get plenty of Mana points for free each level anyways, so don't waste your skill points on it! You need enough Strength and Dexterity to handle the better items, so put lots of points into these two, and at the same time make sure that you eventually have over 1000 Life points: since being able to take the odd hit that penetrates through your incredibley solid defense is still very important. As far as items go, always use the BEST you can get: there are no special 'must haves' for this build, just armour and a shield with high defense points and a one-handed melee weapon that deals lots of damage. One note to add though is that early in the game, when you are still using Sacrifice as your main attack skill, make sure you wear some kind of life-leach rings etc. Keep wearing life-leach items even after you start using Zeal, since staying alive while killing your enemies is what the game is all about! I have made 37 melee Paladins and this is the best. If you follow this strategy you will have great success and no frustration playing your melee Paladin.


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To build the perfect hammerdin, you will have to follow the instructions word for word. Do not substitute any items, skills or stats!!!!
Stats: Strength - 120, Dexterity - 60, Mana - 0, Vitality - all remaining points
Skills: Blessed Hammer - 20, Concentration - 20, Vigor - 20, Blessed Aim - 20, Meditation - 1, Redemption - 1, Salvation - 1, Holy shield - 1, 1 to all required skills
Equipment: Helm - Shako (Socket Um Rune), Armor - Guardian Angel (Socket Perf Topaz), Shield - Herald of Zakarum (Socket Um Rune), Weapon - Heart Of The Oak (Rune Word), Gloves - Frostburn, Belt - Arachnid Mesh, Boots - War Traveler, Amulet - Mara's Kaleidoscope, Ring 1 - Stone Of Jordan, Ring 2 - Stone Of Jordan, Charms - Annihilus, Gheed's Fortune, and , many Combat charms.
If all of these instructions are followed precisely, your hammerdin will be doing 13000 to 14000 damage per hammer by level 85.

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Ok,this is how you build a good hammer pally. First put pts in hammer. Then put pts in Concentration(don't put in synegy first conc have 15% synegy has 14%).After your done with that put pts in your syerngys. This is the gear you should get shako,hoz,mara,hoto, enigma or angel,x2soj or x2bk,arach,mage fist,sandtrek,also try to get as many skills gcs as u can. When ur dueling just tele right next to them and start doing hammer. If you can't tele use vigor to run to them and swtich to conc and use hammer.

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hey everybody im bored and thought that i would waste sometime in school to say my awesome pally strategy. first of all my level 94 pally is unbeatable. i do 25k per hammer with some good stuff. here is the skill layout, very easy. blessed hammer 20 concentration 20 blessed aim 20 and vigor 20 and holy sheild 20 i also have the rest of my skill points into defiance, and meditation so that when i am out of potions i can get my mana back fast. with my defiance on i have 36k i wear nice items. maras ammy shroud nigma 2-vigor boots uped hoz with um, perfect hoto, perfect um'd shako and hellmouth gloves but i need better. i also ahve a couple of offensive, defensive and combat sc. i can kill anything(as ,long as its not magic reisistant. so over all all my defence skills have 38 and my offensive has 40 and my combat has 41. so hammerdins rock, but u need good items to make them godly, so 26 k hammers kill all. im remaking cahr right now cuz i wasted a skill and i want him to be perfect, but he is still awesome.

Us East Dusandavarfreoh or juanqui

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ok alot of people do not no how to play D2. first of all hammerdins rule! i do about 15k every time and i ahve almost 34k defence. its easy just max -blessed hammer , -vigor, -blessed aim, -defiance, -holy aim , -and the rest into anything i use the mana recovery aura
i can rush anything and have perfect resist. i wear a shako 2 sojs vigor boots enigma hoto perfect and a uped hoz. i am the best and my merc a nm thorns can kill all 2 w/ me for help on stuff

lv 98 pally dusandavarfreh Useast

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i have a 83 level paladin and heres the most amazing build that there is. put almost no points in energy because most of ur good skills requires practically no mana except vengence, but there is a thing called mana potions and some items will give u more energy. put most of ur points into strength (about 170-200), some points into dexterity (150-180) and some points into vitality (140-180). i have a few items that add 20 to these points (in total my items give me 60 to strength). for ur skills max out zeal, vengence, holy shield, and fanaticism. use a combination of zeal holy shield and fanaticism for most of ur fighting, and use a two handed weapon with vengence and fanaticism for bosses and big guys. when i use holy shield my defence goes from 3500 to 22000. also get a weapon that steals life with every hit for ur zeal. for ur items i recommend u do "breath of the dying" on ur weapon and "stone" on ur armor. make sure to get the best weapon u can get to put a rune on it before u do it. if u have a weapon that steals life ul be unstoppable because a combination of zeal and fanaticism makes ur attack speed extremely fast.

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I'm currently working on a build that I call Ramuh or Lightning Savior. I'm maxing out Prayer, Lightning Resist, Holy Shock, Holy Bolt and Fist of the Heavens. I've also thrown a level to Meditation. Prayer and Resist Lightning I keep in the background. I use the toggle weapons to set up two different ways for combat. I keep Holy Shock with Vengeance on one side and on the other I use Meditation and switch between Holy Bolt and Fist of the Heavens. With this build you get a Cleric, an awesome warrior against the undead and a pretty good melee fighter. Everyone loves a Cleric! Leveling stategy: I would level the Holy Shock first until level 11 and the alternate between that and Resist Lightning (so you always get more for you point). I would fit in Vengeance (set as your base attack)soon because it adds a good boost on top of Holy Shock. Fit the rest of them in when you feel it's needed. The downside to this build is, although lightning adds a really good max damage, the minimum damage sucks. (i. e. Holy shock adds 1-3182 to your attack after all levels are done.)

Happy Slaughters, Jeremy

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Hi everyone. I decided to make my own Paladin strategy for you all.. I call pala with this strategy "Phychical FOH-Zeal pala" (Becouse this strategy contains many phychical).. And this kind of Pala doesn't use many auras (only what I use is salvation).. So this is what you got to do.
Stat Points: Str: 170-200, Dex: 170-190 (for good hitting), Vitality: 200 (for good Life points, Energy: 15 (becouse with this you don't need good mana points..)
Skills: Max out (20):, -Zeal, -Fist Of The Heavens, And others like this:, -Sacrifice: 15, -Charge: 5-10 (I got it on lvl 5 and it hits already over 1000...), -Holy Shock: 10-15 - Gives bonus to FoH, -Salvation: 5-8
AND DON'T FORGET THOSE SKILLS WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE BEFORE YOU CAN USE THESE ATTACKS!! Weird thing in my Pala is that I don't use auras :) Only salvation is on my use..
And stuff you use: -Some good scepter with pala skills and damage., -Some Griswold stuff or other good armor (Something with skills), -Somekind of fast boots (+40% faster..), All kind of stuff what gives skills to you.
So. This is my Pala strategy. It can be a little bit lame but I like it :) Hopefully you like it also.

Palarna lvl 74 Paladin

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I am really good at making low lvl dueling characters... This is how u make one, the best char is the pallydin first u put 10 points into charge and maybe 5-6-7 into smite depending on what lvl char u wanna make.Then into stat points u put only in vitality and energy and only enought strength to use the gear u have planned for that char. Everytime u lvl put 5 into energy then the next time u lvl 5 into vitality on so on. GEAR u dont need fancy unique gear just get hotspur boots and hand of broc gloves then armor u use 3 to 4 soc armor low lvl and socet maximum dmg jewls into it.Not Enhanced dmg MAXIMUM DMG. For the shiel u find a superior Hearaldric shield and it will have like 30 enhanced dmg 12-40 atr and mayb enhanced defence. Then u do the socet quest and socet it. The quest schould give it 4 socs. Then u socet it with MAXIMUM DMG JEWLS.Then u do the same with the helm 3 soc and socet it with maximum dmg jewls. Now the wepon your best bet is to do cows and find a 6 soc war hammer then u put maximum dmg jewls into it. And thier u go u schould have the best low lvl dueler on the net if u follow these intrcutons.


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I built a FanataZealout. Iím not gonna tell ya what to do. Iím just gonna tell ya what I did. It worked awesome through nightmare, but I needed some heavy duty gear to survive hell. At level 76, I donít get killed too much in single player games, even Act 5. Ultimately you want: Sacrifice - max (for the damage bonus to Zeal), Fanaticism Ė max (other melee characters love having a Fanatic Pally close by), Zeal Ė 5 to 10 (for the multiple hit more than the attack and damage bonus), Holy Shield Ė you choose (unbelievable defense bonus), Vengeance -10 (for the Physical Immunes in Hell). If you get to Hell without Vengeance, youíll be OK 95% of the time, but is that good enough? I have a lot of life leech (32% with BotD Berzerker Axe - 525 max damage, Carrion Wind Ammy, and String of Ears belt so I can heal almost all of my life in one hit. For a helm, I wear Delerium. I love to confuse the crowd. It makes all the difference. With a high attack speed, the bad guys get confused pretty quick. Just get out of the crowd and they start to attack each other. Then you move in and take them out from the edge of the fray. Now youíre only getting hit by one or two instead of 5 or 10. BIG DIFFERENCE. I wiped out Hell cows solo with this setup. Only the uniques gave me trouble because of the Immune to Physical so I couldnít Zeal (need to use Vengeance). I also swear by Enigma for armor. Saved my backside more times than I can count.

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Short and unique paladin strategy. Think of a magic # 13. Put 13 points in Zeal, Vengeance, Holy Shield, Fantacism, Conviction, Salvation. Don't try to put all skill point at once. go step by step when u need certain skill for sure. For example u may choose to do zeal at level 12,13,14 and then save some for vengeance at level 18. For rest put 3 into charge and use remaining to complete the skill tree. Choose my way, believe me u will succeed.

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This is for people who like short and simple strategies for Paladin. Paladin is one of the Unique character who has complex skills. To devlop your paladin think of the magic # 13. Try to get your skills like zeal, vengeance, holy shield, fantacism, conviction, and salvation to level 13. This will make undefeated single player Paladin. Develop each skill when u need them. Don't develop all at once. For example u may do zeal for 3 times and vengeance for 4 times. Rather then doing zeal 13 times all to gather because by doing that your character will not have effective characteristics at lower level or middle level. So, anyway that's 13(6) = 78 remaining 20. Then for those 20 try to do level 3 charge, level 2 cleansing and then use the rest to fill the skill level.

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Hi everyone.My name is Vinko and I'm from Croatia.This is a very simple but very strong strategy for the paladin.You need 20 points in Zeal,Vengeance and Fanaticism.A few points in salvation and thats it.When you're on higher lvl's where you will have these skills,get some nice items.Like Breath of the dying,Enigma...other nice runewords...bla bla.Cya

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ok those peeps who start off the strategy by saying max this max that all very well and cool if u get rushed and hell cow :D but what if ur single player or mayB hardcore (not many peeps rush in hc) + in the new 1.10 patch u cant rush i dont think so heres how to start an easy paladin now the paladin is strong if you know how to make one also its a PARTY helping char if u play B.net ;)
so im gonna do a guide basing since u start in act 1 and u just got the den of evil quest of akara many ppl say dont put any skills into these 1st "newbie" skills i dont know why as if u put 1 skill in them u wont get past act 1 belive me you will prob get owned by tainteds lol
now your combat skills are cool but actuley not till ur lvl 12 + so since ur not right now and put 1 in smite and 1 off ur den of evil reward into scarafice that should do till ur lvl 6 and then put 1 in holy bolt etc lvl 12 1 in zeal etc etc till 18 then pt 10 lvls into this till your 28 ok so ur probaly thinking that sounds cool and easy but what do i do inbetwen the start and lvl 18 and what skills should i put between holy bolt and zeal etc well i think if i counted right u have 12 between all the ones i told you so i say put these on offence auras put 6 into might 3 into blessed aim then 3 into concentration now with that i beat normal with might and then vengance when i got this using might till Fanaticism obviouslythen basicly put 1 skill to vengance then next lvl 1 skill to Fanaticism keep doing that till max btw Fanaticism mixed with vengance both maxed will help u greatly! with every difficutly defencesive auras
id say do this after u max vengance and fanticim because its a must have for hell ok so defencive only good ones is Salvation mayb for hell

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Just a submission for a fairly specialised Paladin build that people might find interesting. For background: I generally play multiplayer cooperative, this is definitely not a PvP build. Usually I'm teamed up with a Sorceress or Amazon, as those are my wife's favourite classes. The build is basically a Convertor paladin plus some Cleric-style party protection; I would call it a Saviour build.
My combat skills are based around the combination of Smite and Holy Shield, plus Conversion and a little bit of Vengeance. I know a lot of people disparage the Smite skill but the combination of Holy Shield, maxed, and Smite at least level 10 and preferably maxed, is devastating; not only do you get a huge defense and block bonus, but also the Smite is very fast, never misses and give a lengthy stun (3 to 4 seconds). While the minions are stunned, change to the Conversion skill and do some missionary work; they're easy to hit while the stun lasts, and then they'll fight for you. You don't need to max out Conversion, but at least 10 points plus your item skill boosts is good.
A few points in Vengeance is good for physical immune enemies and against bosses; at level 10 you're doing more than quadruple damage. In teamplay, though, your own damage is less important than the help you can give your party, and the Smite/Conversion approach is great for that.
Charge is handy for rapidly engaging bosses, but one point + bonuses is enough, and it's a prerequisite for Holy Shield. Zeal is a prerequisite and good against crowds of weak enemies, but I don't use it. Holy Bolt and Blessed Hammer are prerequisites for Holy Shield but otherwise useless.
The most significant defensive aura is Salvation- don't bother with the individual Resist auras, at low level they're unimportant anyway. When you reach Hell difficulty, though, the ability to protect your party against elemental attacks is very useful. Don't max out this skill, diminishing returns set in quickly, but 12 levels will cancel out the resistance penalty for Hell difficulty.
Since I'm often playing alongside a Sorceress character a point in Meditation is useful for quick recharging after or during fights. Cleansing, similarly, is handy for lifting curses and poison effects. One point + item bonuses is enough for all practical purposes in these skills.
As I'm usually providing Salvation in Hell difficulty, I don't bother much with offensive auras; that's a different build.
To summarise: Smite MAX, Holy Shield MAX, Conversion 10+, Vengeance 10+, Other skills as prerequisites: 1 each., Salvation 10+, Meditation, Cleansing: 1, Other skills as prerequisites: 1 each. Smite first, then Convert them, and take Vengeance on the bosses. For your attributes: Energy is rarely important, you need good Dexterity to hit with Conversion and decent Strength and Vitality for damage and life.
As for items: I like sets, Sigon's at lower level and try for Heaven's Brethren at high levels. The socketing you get in Act 5 is very handy because you can socket set items (and then personalise them)- I currently have a Sigon set with my latest Paladin that's socketed with topazes for extra MF. Skill boosts are great in amulets, try crafting. I'm also enjoying the Honor runeword (Amn El Ith Tir Sol in a five-socketed scepter) as it gives +1 to all skills and lots of other good bonuses including life steal and deadly strike. With Vengeance you don't need elemental damage boosts so your charms should be magic find and poison resist. Make sure you have faster run/walk in your boots, make sure your attack speed is Very Fast for quicker conversion, and get some life regeneration.
My account is xav_visiting if you have any comments.

Cheers, Stephen

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Hi I have a strategy much the same as the one already posted but i believe to be much better for a all around pally... u decide. I have maxed out zeal 20, fanticism 20, holyshield 20, defiance 20, then put remaining points in depending on what u want sacrifice, conviction, or other LAST. I max defiance though first because every point I put in it my defence go's up 300+ by adding a bonus to holy shield my gear is not godly so it could easily be more being a percentage your defence go's up. So for PVP I use DRACS, ANGEL or SHAFTSTOP, GORERIDERS, ZAK shield, GAZE, NOSFERATU'S belt (10 slow is good for dueling), ASTRION'S IRON WARD(also has slow and is a very good wep... better than Death Cleaver), lastly i use a duel leach ring and for attack rating so u can hit the ******** i use a angelic ammy and ring. Also if u may want to put um runes in the items for resist or i also use griz set when not dueling it works really good also. Also HINT if your just trading for gear Dracs are maybe the most important because of life tap. It keeps u alive during large pvm battles if u have good resist.... Good Luck

Russel Underhill

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this strategy is for a perf dueling paladin. first of all foh is the best for pvp, not hammerdins, foh. hammerdins get easily owned by trap asns, sorcs, and all kinds of ranged attackers not to mention foh pallys. foh hardly ever doesnt hit the target. the skill distribution is as follows...
Foh:Max, Conviction: Max , Holy Shock: Max , Holy Shield: remiaining points
(Dont forget about da prerequisite skills)
Good gear for a foh pally if ur poor... shako, hoz, g angel, hand of the blesses lite, seraph, raven, some other ring, and dungos
Good gear for a foh pally if ur rich... shako, hoz, enigma, hoto, maras, raven, soj, and arach
Just keep teleporting (run if no enigma) and fohing and ur gauranteed to own!

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Hello pplz. Im an experienced diablo fan and ive tried about every build available(made to like at least lvl 70) so i know what i am talking about. First of all Sorcs suck for everything but magic find. Some may say that theyre good for pvp but n e 1 with good resist gear can counter them easily. anyways nobody realizes the potential of the avenger-i think theres a strategy in this site somewhere but im 2 lazy to check. The avenger is basically a character who uses vengeance and conviction to stab away at enemies resists and def with insane damage. This character can hurt any opponent so those pesky immune to physicals will be a breeze. Also all the resist skills except mayb salvation should have 10+ skill points in them. These guys with the right gear (im not going to specify because all pallys have around the same gear and if u can afford high rune words then u shouldnt b reading this strategy as u can complete the game with like any character)can take on anything in any difficulty and with guardian angel you will have like beyond perfect resists so they wont b a problem. Shoot for dexterity to get max block and throw enuff in strength to use your gear then pour the rest into vit. I recommend just using zeal on normal monsters until youre about midway through nm as vengeance has a fairly high mana cost for a low lvl. if you're pretty rich you should try getting the runeword famine-its basically a 1 hand ik maul with the rest of the set equipped giving high physical and elemental damage. Gear is just personal preference anyways so strike at your best stuff to shine in hell. This char is also good for party play because if you are in a room with a zealot (the fantasm/zeal type) you'll have incrediable attack speed and damage and with a barb (who arent very common now it seems) you're hp, mana and skills will skyrocket thru the roof. srry bout the typos i wuz in a hurry. L8er guyz

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Yo! The way I see it, the most effective character in the game is the Hammerdin. He can, easily, do 8k dammage, irrisistable for demons and undead. Furthermore, he gets max resist(95-90-90-90 or 75-75-75-75) with his equipment. The skills are simple. First, max Blessed Hammer. Then max synergies. Then max Concentration. The rest of the points should be put into Holy Shield.
The Stats: Strength: Only enough to carry your equipment, with it on... With the best items, this means nothing... Dex: Just enough to get 75% block. This is not a lot either. Vit: The rest. Energy: Nothing... You can easily get more than enough mana without
Items: Poor mans items: Shako, Mara's, Guardian Angel with lower req jewel, Wizardspike, Zak shield with Pdiamond, 2 soj, Bul-Kathos or anything with +life and mana, Arachnid Mesh(Expensive) or String, Bloodfist or Frosties, Waterwalk. These are what I use, and I can do Baal in no time.
Rich mans items: Shako, Mara, Dusk Enigma, Weapon set 1: HotO + Zak, Weapon set 2: CTA + lidless, 2 soj, IK gloves, Waterwalk, Arachnid Mesh
These items, even the poor mans items, should give you 1,5 k life, 8 k dam, 500+ mana, loads of defense, and no Demons or Undead will be resistant or immune to your hammers. Do all quest that adds to stats, skills, and resists.


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ok. this is a duel ing pally that is pretty good at killing multiple monsters as well. so u put all ur skills in might until u can get charge. ya its cheap but it is the best when ur fighting. now for sorces u get hammers. that way if they tele they will get pounded with hammer after hammer until u go and charge them. some good equipment is sigs form lvl l2 then at lvl 17 u get milgabregas. then eventually u get full griz and u should be set. and when u max hammers, charge, and might u add to holy shield and redemption so u can get more defence and heal while waiting for the wusses to come get some

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A better combo is a zeal(20), sacrifice(20), fan(20), holy shiled(20), point into salv, charge and remainder into defiance, this makes a pally not only a tank, but a hell of powerful warrior to deal with, also i recommend the people who posted the stats to be used to be banned from pallies, 85-130 dex, you should be running 170+ dex, no more 170 str, 200+ vita and leave the energy alot, with just my gaze, highlords, goreriders, schaeffers, zak, gangel, dracs, t-gods(FAR BETTER THAN STRINGS), c-grip and raven frost i have around 200 mana, which is plenty, i can even charge for like 5-10 secs which is plenty. Hopefully you will do something about those strategies because hell, a freaking melee sorc could probably beat those


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