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Reading the strategies here has became a joke to me. Some people make strategies that they know little about and some make messages making fun of the "noobs". I have a word to say about the people who say that. Were YOU ever a "noob"?Do people start out as godly players. I think it's your ignorance to the fact that you've gotten better. Well, anyways, I have a few opinionated tips for all of the less experienced players out there. A good character to start your Diablo obsession off with is the sorceress. My preference is the blizzard src because you don't need really good equipment to do damage, though your resists tend to be bad. With these sorcs, you can do magic find runs in either nightmare or hell to find items for your other characters. I'm sure you can find numerous strategies on them.
My second character of choice would be the Hammerdin for his outstanding damage, defense, and resistances. Though finding the optimum equipment is going to be hard, once you do get it, your character can defeat any monster in the game. Also, mercenaries are a huge help and should not be ignored. The act 2 mercenaries' auras can be of huge help and items you can equip to them can make them almost as powerful as you are…or better. The characters I made after these were not out of necessity, but for fun. These would be my first two picks for a new account. These are my opinions and may not be the best possible characters.

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In Act V, use the waypoint to get to the frigid highlands and go slightly north (no matter what the layout is) and thier is a group of slayers(?) with a boss, kill them all and then go south to the bloody foothills and kill Shenk the Overseer and his cronies. repeat this and you should have gained a little experience and increased your stash. i do this with my lvl 50 barbarian in the normal difficulty. i even got my inventory gold full. it usually takes a maximum of 15 saves and exits to do this.

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yo im just a player who reads the stratagys on this site and laughs....cmon pplz the stuff u rite is lame(except for a certain few).....i have a 87 sorc, 84 zealot, 82 bowzon, 78 ele druid if u wanna know how to make them then here u are...SORC: max firebolt,fireball,meteor, and put one in all the cold skills and tele....use relatively good gear...ZEALOT: max sacrafice, zeal, fanac, holy shield, and put all extra skill points in defiance...use good gear and ur maxed skils should be at lvl 30 wich should allow u to own everything and every1.....BOWAZON: max guided and multi...(strafe is a gay skill dont use it)...make all ur dodge, avoid and critical strike to 50%...then max ur valk.....u will be done by 82 if u do all the skill quests.....ELE DRUID: max twister, tornado, hurricane and cyclone armor, put all of ur extra skill into oak sage and grizzly....use good gear and u should do 3-4k with tornado when ur lvl 78....THX FOR READING MY STRATS PPLZ! and if u didnt u r a noob

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Build a fast attack speed and wear Delerium. They bad guys get confused quick and fight each other. Now you only have to fight them one or two at a time, instead of being surrounded. HUGE difference. Great for Werewolf Druids and Fanatazealout Paladins. Should work for Bowazons, though I never tried.

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Hey, i don't know if anyone sent this in or not already but I got a good strategy for the Chaos Sanctuary.
If you plan on releasing Diablo into this world by opening each seal. The best path to go by is to do the seals on the bottom right first. You should have everyone there to help out when you open the far seal which releases the dread lords. Then go to the top right seal. open it and giht the magical knights. Then for the last seal. it is smart to go in that order, and make sure that before you open a second seal the monsters aorund you are all killed....don't pull any stupid stunts and open all seals at onse.
Stupid moves like that are done alot of the time...even when your in hell difficutly. So remeber having a high level character isn't going to win you the game.......your strategy will.

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hello everyone, i am very much like all of you a big diablo 2 fan and blizzard fan in general. the reason i like this game so much is that i find it very challenging and requires a very intelligent and well-thought of strategy to be capable to enjoy the game. otherwise, if you're a noob, you'll suck at the game and get frustrated. first about me: my highest level characters are a paladin, lvl 83 and a druid lvl 72. both on hell of course, i've only finished hell with the pal....ughh, i'm from romania, by the way. (many of u may have never heard of this country, well for such guys, it's a medium sized country in middle europe, next to hungary, bulgaria and ukraine.)
i'm very sad because i read most of the strategies posted here and i didn't see much answers to the obvious question, obvious to the experienced and smart players, anyway. that is "how to deal with monsters that have one or more immunities?". cos u will want to do an easy job through hell difficulty as well as on normal or nightmare, but imune monsters will stick in your neck very painfully. (so do magic resistant monsters, in fact). so i want to say that the druid builds are all sucky for that matter, as they all suggest to buil up a shapeshifter. but with warewolf or warebear u can't damage imune to physical monsters. so i suggest that u make a sorcerer druid, based on cold attacks: 20 to cyclone armour, 20 to twister, 20 to tornado, 20 to hurricane, and what's left, in oak sage, of course. they are almost all related closely, because as u well know, synergies now allow u to heavily increase the efficiency of one skill by adding points to another, related skill. now u will have two types of massive damage: hurricane - more than 1000 cold dmg and tornado - more than 2000 physical dmg, which offers u the possibility to deal with one type imune monsters. for example, use hurricane most of the time, and when u encounter cold imune monsters, switch to tornado. there are, however bosses or unique monsters with 2 types of imunities( on hell), possibly imune to cold, imune to physical. when u encounter these monsters( and u will for sure on hell difficulty :P) just ignore them, try to run away until they stop following you...another very good advice is to get a barbarian hireling on act 5/normal and stick with him since then, build up his exp as he battles along your side and try to equip him with the best items u can't or prefer not to use yourself. i noticed that magic find items( items that give +%chance to find magic items) are very good in the game, for example with the druid, i started collecting them and stacking them on my char. and it pays off heavily, i found lots, lots of uniques. even a very good balrog blade for my barbarian, a unique item, forgot it's name :). another thing about the "wind druid": u will have at high level cyclone armor with VERY HEAVY elemental damage absorb, which means u can be less carefull about building up your resistences to elemental damage, instead place magic find items, for example. just remember to recharge your cyclone armor every once in a while and on hell difficulty quite often, especially when batting lightning enchanted monsters.
what about stats? invest heavily into strength, because u want to be able to use very strong, elite armors, which require "tons" of strength. NOTHING in dexterity!!!, as you're a caster, not a melee fighter, naturally. secondly, be sure to give many stats to vitality, cos on high difficulty levels tuff monsters will slay u with 2 succesfull hits, which is frustrating. at the begining, build up some mana, but stop before 100 points in energy. MY stats build with the lvl72 druid is: strength-200, dex-/, vitality-135, mana-90. that's about it.

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Here is a great tip for anyone starting out. Right after u make your new char, go directly into a COW game. DONT FIGHT COWS or party up since cant get the exp from cows at lvl 1. Instead go and fight monsters in Blood Moor and use the harder monster more exp with more players trick. Then after All the Cows have been slaughtered, Enter the lvl and collect all the gold an items u want. The 3 most important items you want are a Breast Plate, Bone Helm and Bone Shield. You can use these at low lvls (only need 30str to use all of them) and they have decent Armor for the low lvls, 65+for the plate 25+ for both Bone helm and shield, as wel as you can MAX out your gold storage which will give you a HUGH advantage with starting out. This works excellent for every char class, Have Fun Looting.

Diablo Addict

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WOW alota of people on here are DUMB. Either they cant spell (Palidoons) or there giving out info about things they know little about. I have read alot of so called "strategies" and well there sad, alot of these people have wrote that barbs and pali are weak and suck, that here hard to make and hard to keep alive. Palis and Barbs are the simplest characters to make. With barbs u only have to pic a weapon u want to master and stick to that till its maxed out, then go after ther other skills you want. Palis are easy due to the fact that there Offencive Auras can duel geat damage when done right, combined with there combat skills they make killing things really easy. Zeal in the right mouse slot and a aura like Holy Freeze in the left and go crazy. PS there are no "worst" characters, its all in how you play the game.

Frostilllicus lvl 74 Pali

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