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Shankara's Assassin Strategy

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Assassin Strategies

This is for a martial arts assassin.
First of all, let's talk equipment. Get your hands on the Natalya set. I'm not recommending any strange, mismatched combinations of uniques. Just get the full set! It's not hard. If you don't have any MF items, keep searching around in hell difficulty, or if you're good enough, keep killing Nightmare / Hell Baals and Mephistos to find some of the items. (I don't recommend Diablo because, for most folk fighting him on their own, it takes forever). The items you're most likely to find are the boots and helm. You might be lucky to find the weapon or armor too, but if not, trade for it. Lots of high-level chars are nice to noobs, and often give away freebies. Just collect some high-end uniques from these games and trade them for Nats set items.
For rings, I recommend Bul-Kathos rings or Carrion Wind rings. They both have a small amount of life-steal. Bul-Kathos adds less, but balances that out by adding 1 to all skills.
For your amulet, get your hands on a +1 or +2 to all assassin skills amulet, or any unique amulet that adds to your skills, or any amulet that adds to your life stealing ability.
I don't care what gloves or belt you choose to use.
Now, all that's left are your weapons. The first is Natalya's Mark, a fine Scissors Suwayyah (sp) which is part of Natalya's Odium, the set I mentioned earlier. For your second weapon, choose one of these:
Bartuc's Cut-Throat - Chaos (Fal + Ohm + Um runes in a three-socketed claw. An elite claw, for best results.), or Another Natalya's Mark.
For skills, max out Tiger Strike and either Dragon Claw OR Dragon Tail (not both!). You'll also want to max out Claw Mastery, Weapon Block and Shadow Master.
Maxing these 5 skills will use 100 skill points, obviously. I believe that there are 110 to be attained in the entire game, so that leaves 10 spare skill points. 4 of those points you'll use just to climb the skill tree: You'll spend 1 on Dragon Talon (or whatever it's called. You know, the first finishing move), 1 on Psychic Hammer, 1 on Cloak of Shadows, and 1 on Mind Blast.
From there, you'll have 6 extra skill points. Spend them however you please, but I recommend that you invest 3 in Burst of Speed and 3 in Fade. Both come in incredibly handy.
Now, as for stats. I haven't calculated how many you get in the entire game, so here's my -SUGGESTION- :
125+ to Strength, 125+ to Dexterity, 100+ to Vitality, 80+ to Energy
Wait, lemme do this in my head: 98 levels X 5 stat points = 490. That quest in act 3, three difficulties, X 5 stat points: 15. Okay, I think the total is 505. So, go by my above guidelines, (resulting in a total of 430 spent) and spend the remaining 85 points however you want. My advice is to blow them all between strength and dexterity.


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There was probably one good strategy on this site and all the others are pretty noobish. What you need to create is a martial arts assasain. You know how disappointing it is when people outrun your traps? Well, thats because those people(I'm talking about assasains) use martial arts and wise choices into Shadow disciplines. What you really want to do is max tigerstrike(unbelieveable damage when using dragon tail), dragon tail(fire damage is godly and even more godly with tigerstrike), and max out claw mastery. Then, you probably want to put around 5-8 in shadow master(after investing one point into shadow warrior), 5-10 into fade and into burst of speed and then invest 5 into weapon block(for crowds of enemies that can kill you easily if you use traps :).) Then for the gear i suggest you get enigma for the armor (the gear i will list is very hard to get but if you follow the stragety, it will be easier. Then get a bartucs and wither a jade talon or a choas runeword because those both are good for a martial arts assasain. Then for rings, i suggest wither soj's or bk rings just for +1 or +2 to yor skills. Then, a crescent moon amulet because of the life and mana steal you will get. For the boots, i suggest nats because of the IR/W speed of 40%. For the helmet, i would get the nats or if your seriously rich, the delirium runeowrd because both are very good. And finally for the gloves, you should definitly get the lavagouts just because of the IAS (even if it is only 20%, its still better than any glove). OK, thanks for reading my strategy and I tell you, If you read this and try it out,you will be very impressed, not disappointed like people who try trap strategies.

LiL_MonGOOsE, lvl 83 Martial Arts Assasain, beat Baal on hell by herself at lvl 73.

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PVP Assasin . This the best mode to make a PVP Assasin. I have lvl 82 end i can kill Paladin`s Thare Are Fister , Zealot end Smiter`s to ! But . This Strategy is not so cheap
Skills: Dragon Tail = Maxed ( 20 ), Claw Masterity = Maxed ( 20 ), Burst of Speed = 5 Points , Weapon Block = 5 Points , Fade = 10 Points, Venom = Maxed ( 20 ) , Shadow Master = Maxed ( 20 ), End The Rest of the points put it in Fade ( rest + 10 )
Stats: Strenght: Put enough to wear your items, Vitallity: Put enough to make life aproximatly 1500 ( i wil that 2XX are enough ), Energy: None, Dexterity: All the other Point put them in dexterity.
Ritch Items: Armor: COH ( Chain of Honor ), Weapons: { 1. Chaos ( fal ohm um ) made on a Feral Claw 3sok that gives 3 to venom ( u can find it in act 5 hell or Cow Hell ) 2.Bartuc ( perfect ) + 1 jewel poison 5 // -5 ( perfect ) + Upgrade the Bartuc ( Pul + Lum + Perfect Emeral + Bartuc in cub )} w//w { I recomand only a Call to Arms , because it gave`s u mutch Boo ( Battle Orders ) end u will have mutch life ) }, Gloves: Trang-oul`s Claw ( because u need Poison Damage ), Boots: Shadow Dancer ( 2 to Martial Arts ), Rings: { 1. Raven Frost ( Perfect , 20 to Dexterity )2. Bul-Cathos Weeding Band ( Perfect , 5 Life Stolen per hit ), Belt: Verdungo ( Perfect , 40 to Vitality , Damaged Raduced by 15 )
On a PVP Duel -- You put on Left Click " Dragon Flight ", You put on Right Click " WirldWind "( The Chaos gave`s u that attack ). 1.When Dueling whit a Mellee Char ( Pala , Barbs ) , u " WildWind " end u let the enemy come to you in the time that u cow forword ( that way the wild wind will keep distance betwen you and him , end his life will come down very quick ) when he has little life u " Dragon Flight " on him and quick " WildWind" end hi will die . 2. When Dueling whit a non-melle char . ( Sorc`s , Necromancer , Asasins , Amazon on Bow ). It is very easy to kill them because the dont have to mutch Life . When u start the fight u quick " Dragon Flight " on him end the u quick " WildWind" end he will die very fast ! Now u have to know that u will have some problems whit 2 char`s : Amazons that are on Javeline and Barbar`s that are on " WildWind"

Killeros_SorC ( Cold Sorceres 90 ) , Killeros_AmA ( Amazon Bow 88 ) , GraveMaker ( Assasin 86 ) , Fire_Masterity ( Fire Sorceres 86 ) , LightingFuRy ( Amazon Javeline 90 )

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The character with damage>10000 is the Assassin which not thanks to any super weapon but elite greaves + maxed out tiger strike + dragon tail. To obtain power beyond imagination upgrade to maximum tiger strike (make sure to boost only level to dragon tail and use it of course with the elite greaves for unbelievable damage) then put 10 levels to shadow master and 5 to bursts of speed and the rest to blade fury (blade fury because unlike other weapons it does depend on original speed of weapon as the blades attack very fast, i.e. try using mauls or great mauls to test this).

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i wanna talk bout the assasin's gear which i think is rather realistically achieved by not-so-rich-plp. i saw some suggestions of plp which talk bout using nigmas n annihilus.. well... i can confidently say that they are not cheap... (LOL!!) so i've decided to improvice and replace those godly items onli used by lofty and rich plp with easier to get and gd ones.
first, for weapons, i'll suggest a couple of +3 to trap claw wif shaels in em...and 4 armour a vipermage with um... upped if possible... (doesnt sounds too impossible does it?) shako 4 ur helm, a simple +3 to trap ammy and an arach.. or if that's too expensive.. i'll suggest a belt wif nice resistance and some other mods... for ur glove, i'll leave it up to u to decide on it... but remember that it has to have IAS and resists... boots, i think a nat's boots would be gd coz it has nice 40% FRW and it has some minor lightning n fire resists... i think... and ur rings can be sojs, or resistance rings.. if u cant get 2 +3 trap claw, juz get a SS or spirit to substitute for one of them. and i would STRONGLY recommend a wand that has lower resistance (charges of course) wif u ALL the time... or some nice 5/5 facets in ur gear... hehe.. though that's a little expensive.. haha... and do not 4get ur trap GC!!! it's very impt.
further tips: oh yea.. u can get ur lower resist wand at the shops in hell.. or NM.. and so far, i've got my 2 +3 trap claw at larzuk.. hell too.. hehe...

prince_kael (Asia realm)

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i think what u guys all missed out was attack speed... trap sin's rate of casting traps doesnt depend on FCR.. it depends on faster attk speed... so i think magefists, (as some of the other plp adviced)isnt an effective choice... just try finding a glove wif faster attk spd and some resistance... and i suggest having 2 +3 to trap claws... as i hav.. n socket them with shael rune to increase the rate at which u cast ur traps... this is tried n tested.. it's reliable.. i promise.. if u hav any enquiries or anything to ask, i'll be glad to help out...

Prince_kael (Asia)

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Hi guys. New trap strategy here. Instead of lightining, it is fire! Wake of fire has its effects that know one really talks about. Wake of fire has a spread shot and it has a 1.5 sec stun. use good trap claws, like +3trap claws and get firelizards which adds 2 to WOF. get +1skill armor and helm, get +3 trap ammy, fast boots and magefist for +1fire skill. and trap gc's if u want, wont add that much tho, 10 will add 60 damage only. So max fireblast WOF and Wake of infurno, put 1 into burst of speed,fade and mindblast and put the rest of ur points into weapon block. NOw you do only 600-660. set 5 traps infront of town and they will be stuck, 5 traps and shoots 5 times, 600x5x5 whcih = 15000 fire damage. Wont that be nice. And another thing, fire traps are camoflauged, and necros end up walkin into them and die. i set them infront of town and some big shot sorce walked out and was owned because she didnt know what was going on. TRy this strat for fun.

sky-down levl 75 assassin(FIRE TRAPPER)

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Ok there are only 3 types of assassin skills and they really don't give a lot of support 4 each other so your will need to just forget about the "Martial Arts". Ok now that's 2 types of skills left I suggest you work on Traps and Shadow Disciplines.
I. Max out Fire Blast "you will need it trust me it shoots 1 shot per 3 levels for Death Sentry". II. Max out Lightning Sentry "it adds 12% lightning damage to Death Sentry". III. Now Max out Death Sentry "when you max all these out your will have 1-1666 plus all the corpse explode damage!". Now you may think that 1-1666 is weak lightning damage but it isn`t and you shall see why.
1-1666 X11 Shots = 11-1666 + 111-6660 = 122-8326 X5 Sentry = 711-16300
IV. Max out Mind Blast " your need this not just to convert the enemy , but to do physical damage". V. 5 on Burst of speed "for faster cast rate ,trust me you will need this. VI. 5 on Fade " you will need this for the resistance". VII. 5-10 of Weapons Block " if you're the type that likes to duel ". Note: Mind Blast if good for duels because of the Stunning.
Also if your wondering what items you should have on your assassin you will need: I. 2 Bartucs (Claws), II. Enigma (Armor), III. 2 SOJ`s or 2 Bul-Katho`s wedding band (Rings), IV. 1 Delirium (Helmet), V. Soul Drainer or MageFist (Gloves), VI. Shadow Dancer (Boots), VII. Arachid Mesh (Belt), VIII. 3 to all skills Assassin Only (Amulet)

Character(s) otS-Trapster - Level 66 Note: never lost a duel yet!

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i am sorry to say but almost every strat here is pure noob. to make a godlike asassin heres what u do: Martial arts:Max tiger strike, max claw mastery, max dragon claw, max venom, 5-10 in weapon block, 1 in burst of speed (your items will do the rest.), 1 in fade, 1 in dragon talon, 1 in dragon tail, 1 in dragon flight. If you do this right you will be maxed at 80-85 depending on how many skill quests u do.
Traps:Max shock web, max charged bolt sentry, max lightning sentry, max death sentry, put a few into shadow warrior because it uses the skills you are using. this build will be done by 80.
both these builds are excelllent builds for pvp and pvm. if you are duelling with the martial arts, cast venom and burst of speed or if you are facing a spell caster you can cast fade. have tiger strike as main attack then go pound them a few times then have dragon claw on other attack and hit em with that if they run like a panzy then switch to dragon flight and take'em out. I you sue the trap guide dont be an idot and cast all the traps on one spot, although it will make a powerful single shot tis also easy to dodge, instead think to baal runs when they spawn in the square if your smart you will have traps on either side. so just like the baal runs put traps around them so its harder to dodge. and then run around and dodge their attacks as the traps own them.
for items come one we all know what good items are for asassins. if you dont, then you are a noob and have posted a strat already. goodluck and have fun.

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my stradagy is 4 the assassin. for ur stats u should put 150 in strength because of nats armor. put 150 into dex so u can have alot of attack rating and use every claw in the game. dont put any in mana because even if u use mana as u lvl u get mana. then use all the rest of your stats 4 vitality cause u can never have too much life. 4 ur skills max claw mastery andput 5-10 in weapon block. u should put 10-15 skillpoints into shadow master and then prerequists and for ur martial arts skills choose your favorite charge up and finishing skill and max them. 4 your items i find nats to be the best. for the gloves i use chance guard and my belt i use goldwrap or gloomtrap. the rings i use are 2 bul kathos wedding bands. then ur ammy find 1 that does 1-3 to assassin skills.the other claw u should use is either another nats claw a bartucs claw or a firelizaeds claw but i prefer bartucs. so recap 150 to strength and dex. 25 in energy. and the rest in life.

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Best Trap-sin Ever
Items to be used: Harlequin Crest shako, maras or 3+ trap ammy, 3+ trap skill claws x2, Dusk or Archon enigma or bugged coh, sojs or bk x2, magefist gloves, shadow dancers or war traveler boots, arachnid mesh belt (any belt will do, not very important), None of this stuff is very hard to get, unless ur a complete noob.
Attributes: Put very little strength or as much as needed to use nig or coh. dexterity is needed for high lvl claws, lots of vitality (put all extra points into it), no more than 100 if u got good itmes
My sin's points are: 104 strength, 77 dexterity, 255 vitality, 110 energy
Skill Points: Start by putting 5 points into fireblast until lvl 6. Then put 5 more into shock web, until u get charged bolt sentry. Put every point in charged bolt sentry until u get to lightning sentry. At this point put every skill u have into lighting sentry until its maxed out. With the +skill quests, add them on the various synergies to lighting sentry (shock web, charged bolt sentry, death sentry). When lighting is maxed out, put all points into death sentry and then work your way down to charged bolt sentry and shock web. IF U WANT A GOOD TRAP-SIN DO NOT USE ANY MARTIAL ARTS OR SHADOW DICIPLINES UNTIL YOUR TRAPS ARE MAXED OUT! If u follow this, all your traps should be maxed at lvl 75 and your lightning sentry should do 5k or higher. My lvl 75 trapsin has the gear stated above and does 6k. She can easily destroy a lvl 90 hammerdin or barb. BEWARE OF DRUID ELE SHEILD IN DUELS. Follow all the normal lvling techniques; nothing special for this assassin. Gc's are not really necassary for a good trap-sin: im not using any.

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ww asn build: pts into str 77 dex80-90 vit rest of pts energy-10. Gear chaos / fury / dream / +2shadow dis with rare mods or maras / 2xraven / dusk bramble / trang gloves / gores / 10xshadow dis skillers get with life mods if u can afford. for prebuff 2x +3 venom +2asn skills 30s claw with 3x5/5 psn facets in each. Skills max: Venom / Claw mastery / dragon flight / fade put 5-10 pts in bos(for casters) and put 10 pts in claw block(with shadow dis skilelrs will be lv 15). for dueling df then do ww. for some casters u want to bos to run away from attcks then get close and ww.

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The benefits of a whirlwind assassin (rather than a barb) are that you can have up to 58% damage reduction and still use a strong whirlwind attack. This is a short one. one of the toughest godly sin ever
Item info: This is the most important part. Without this, your sin will not be ww. if you r to change anything plz change the skills. I have listed the items in value from most important to less important. Weapons: Elite Katar Chaos (runeword)x2 this will give you +2 so far to wirlwind and some wicked claws that can shoot frozen orbs lvl 11. Armor: Elite Armour Enigma (runeword) this will give you 8% damage reduction, +2 to all skills and most imporantly teleport so yoou can skip those pathetic stone walls. Helm: Vampire Gaze (unique) This is good for extra damage reduction and life/mana steal. Belt: Verdungo's Heartly Chord (unique) Awsome extra 15% damage reduction (if full) bringing our full total damage reduction from items 38%. That is awsome. Boots: Shadow Dancer (unique) +1 or 2 to shadow skills never hurts. Rings: Bul Kathos' Wedding Band (unique) x2 If barbarians can make good use of this than so can you. Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope (unique) +2 to all skills is ideal because you need both barbarian and assasin skill levels. Optional: Normal Weapon Call to Arms (runeword) for BATTLE ORDERS and BATTLE COMAND. (use in 2nd weapon slot) This gear in total is worth about 12 sojs so only the best players should be able to get this far.
Skills - Recomended -- 20 Claw Mastery, 20 Fade. Optional Skills - Venom, Shadow Master, and anything that will pump your wirlwind. Martial art skills are not recomended because wirlwind is not a finishing move.

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Ok, for a beginning assassin, (like up to level 30 or so), I have a strategy that has kept me alive and well. First, in the beginning levels, get Claw mastery and Fire bomb (and try to use duel wristies). Make your strength 10 more than your vitality, and dex 5 more. Whenever you see a hoard of Fallen or whatnot, lob a few fire bombs and watch them burn. Level 10 and 11 you should use on energy, and thats it, no more energy at all. Then level 12 rolls along and you have Wake of Fire(yay). Use it on bunches of enemies and it'll have an atk bonus from the fire bomb, and one of 'em will kill like 10 Tainted. Whatever is left, slash 'em to ribbons with a pair of socketed wrist blades, one with ice and fire, other with poison and electricity. This lets you either poison the enemies or freeze them, and keeps no one resistance free. For Andariel, run to every part of the Catacombs Level 4 and lay Wakes. Then you can fight Andy uninterupted, and just keep the belt full of health potions and she'll go down like puke in a toilet. Then in Act II, replace the wristies with cestuses (same socketing). Keep leveling Claw Mastery and Blocking, but mostly Wake of Fire. Any time you see a pile of enemys, lay a Wake right behind you and stand and fight the hoard, they should all be cooked. Act II is pretty straight forward, but you kind of have to look for the tombs and stuff. Anyways, kill Duriel like Andy, but use Wakes on him. Now your strength should be 20 more than vitality, dex 10 more. Energy always 35. Get the two things you need to get Shadow Warrior that you didn't get if you only got Claw Mastery and Block for level 22 and 23. Level it up a few times, and spawn one every time you go outside town. Act III, cestuses to blade talons, you know the rest. Try to get Stealth the rune word. Its ok, and the runes are common. Flayers drop like stones under the might of Wakes, so's ya know. And watch that Shaman Flayer fire, it does tons of damage. If he starts flaming, run out of the way. Act III so far has been pretty easy for me so far, but I'm not at Mephisto yet. And remember, Shadow Warriors can take a lot of heat off you. Happy slaying.

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hello this is a strategy i made up and i know it aint the best on here but if u would like to take the time and read it i would be happy because this strategy is good!!!! PvP claw dueler
+20 claw mastery, +20 venom, +10 burst of speed, +10 fade, +20 dragon claw, Get 1 into dragon flight 4 the tele ability. get 2x bartuc's

ThE_SiCkNeSsS/ PvP claw azn on USEast

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Making a combatassin is pretty easy if you ask me. My skill tree has maxed Tiger Strike, Dragon Tail, and Shadow Master. I will eventually be maxing Death Sentry, but havn't gotten there yet as this is my 3rd Assassin. Also put 1 point into Burst of Speed. By the time you reach 70, with a 3 to Martial Arts ammy, and a couple Bartucs, your martial arts should be 29-31 depending on your other gear. Your Burst of Speed can reach around elvel 9 if you happen to come across Nat's set, which I have, making extra points into it worthless. For rings I suggest at least one RavenFrost. The AR and Cannot be Frozen is nice to have, and maybe a Soj if you can get your hands on it. With your remaining points, I say get Death Sentry. It makes physically-Fire Immunes possible and can also be great when you first enter a room crammed with creatures.
If you plan on socketing your gear, try and get some Fire Facets. My helm and weapons each have one, with lowers enemies fire resists a total of 11, and gives me 13% to fire skill damage. My armor has 3 sockets in it, but I still need to find the facets for those.
Weapons to look out for: Bartuc's Cut-throat Talons, Jade Talons, Shadow Killer, Nats Mark. There are others but these are what I primarily use and switch between.


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I have been testing out the assassin skill tree for a couple months now and have about 6 lvl 80 asn charactors. First of all I would put traps at the top of the list by far! Reason being-the damage is very high. Of course you need good gear to get this kinda of dmg though. The best gear I found out to use on a trap asn is of course posted earlier: Enigma Archon, HOTO flail, 2x soj, Shako, Maras or +3 trap ammy, uped Lidless, Magefists, Nats boots, Vedungos, and of course a full inventory of trap gcs! Max out your lightning sentry and death sentry first. With those my main skills I do 1-5000 dmg with them at lvl 40! I hear people complain about immunes in hell all the time, but a trap asn has no problem against them. Simple, put some skill into cloak of shadows and burst of speed. Its like a walk in the park. Why bother on something thats lightning immune. Run past them and forget about them! As for a melee asn, they are not junk. They are just underrated due to the weak dmg claws in the game! A simple solution is to use dual chaos claws and use that whirlwind skill! Also max that awesome blade shield and venom! With all those skills maxed ur dmg will be unbearable for those pesky piles of enemies! Your dmging them with dual claws, poison, and a blade shield! Other skills to max of course is claw mastery and shadow master.

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ok no offense but i think all of u ppl offering "good" info on trap sin are noobs because wut this website needs is a godly strategy on trapsins ok heres the gear:
Enigma(mage plate), Hoto(35-40), Spider, Imp Shanks, P faceted shako or griffons, Maras(25-30), CTA w/ Lidless, Storm Shield, 10 Trap Gcs, Annihulus, x2 Sojs, Mage Fist Gaunlets

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O.K. first of all ,none of u noobs knos how to make a godly trapsin for example wtf is up with bartucs on a sin???
here the gear i think you should wear: Enigma(mage plate;for 55 str req only), Hoto(35-40), StormShield Monarch, P faceted shako or griffons, maras(25-30), CTA w/Lidless, Spider, IMPS , Mage fist, x2 Sojs, 10 Trap Gcs, Annihulus
And with all of this stuff u will hav max resists in hell and will be hitting about 10-11k dmg with the lightning traps.And unlike all those other noobs that think they own with bartucs they are wrong. So if any one is looking to create a trapper then this is the bext guide

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I don't like that all these people are saying you have to max out certain skills, or only use 1 skill tree. I pretty much use every skill so I can do whatever I need to whenever I need to. I put only one point into it if I don't use it that often, like fire blast and 6-10 pts if I use it all the time, like burst of speed and dragon claw.Also I like to use the Malice and Venom rune words so if I get into trouble, which is not very often, I can hit them once, and then run away and set traps while the open wounds and poison continues to do damage. I also put more points in to wake of fire tan into wake of inferno because even though wake of inferno does more damage, it only hits one person. I like to put pts into wake of fire for large groups and death sentry for alone bosses and uniques after killing the minions.

From a four time assassin player: Blade, Deathbringer, Gravemaker, and Undertaker

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I like melee assassins cause they're easy to build, and the equipment isn't hard to get. My main focus is Phoenix Strike, I focused on Blades of Ice synergy. And i maxad Shadow master too, Good backup for your assassin. Although, try to max claw mastery between lvl 1-30. After that i put one prereq point in dragon talon, dragon claw, dragon tail and dragon flight. For stats, i suggest 149 strength, 190 for dex, Energy base. And the rest should go in vitality.
Now to the items part, If you're new on battlenet i suggest my cheap way. Otherwise follow my expensive way. Cheap: Wep: 2x Bartucs, they aren't difficult to get., Helm: Lore Grim Helm or Peasant crown., Armor: Shaftstop or Duriels. Viper may also be good choice., Gloves: I suggest Bloodfists or Lava Gout., Boots: Gore Riders or Natalyas., Belt: Thundergods vigor or verdungos., Rings: One manald heal and one Raven Frost (Dwarf Star)., Amulet: Highlords or Mahim Oak Curio.
Expensive: Wep: One Nat Claw, One Chaos Suwayyah. ( Fal + Ohm + Um ), Helm: Natalyas Helm with Um rune in., Armor: Nats Arm with 3 Ums in., Gloves: Soul Drainers or Draculs Grasp., Boots: Natalyas Boots, Belt: Verdungo or Nosferatus., Rings: One Bul Katho's Ring and one Nature's Peace., Amulet: Metalgrid Amulet (Only spawns in ladder) :)

Zahgurim Level 82 Assassin Europe Ladder

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Assassin strategy: I built a blades assassin in 1.10, and it was godly through nightmare, and useless in hell mode. I'll explain why in a bit. First, the build. BladeFury : 20. Thats it for traps. Nothing other than prereqs for that. Next, Claw Mastery : 20. Claw damage adds to your base damage, which in turn is adds to your per-blade damage. Needless to say, you are going to want to use a claw weapon here. With some IAS equipment. I think I achieved about 8 per second near the end. Knockback gloves work wonders here. Venom : 20. Shadow Warrior: 20. She gets venom blades too. Don't pick Shadow Master, you can't tell what she'll use and she tends to hang back behind you as you blow through levels. That's pretty much it. Sock the rest into prereqs, and maybe Fade or Death Sentry to blow up corpses.
Here's the deal with the build. You basically leave Venom on, and blast blades at everything. What the physical damage won't kill, the venom will. Even Act 5 Nightmare critters melt under the blades.
Then you get to Hell. You'll have trouble even killing Zombies in the Blood Moor. The way the folks at Blizz setup the damage reduction in Hell mode, the fast, small damage attacks basically get wiped out, and you end up doing NO DAMAGE at all. And the venom/poison attacks (at about 450/ 0.4sec) don't add per blade, so you end up with just this slow poison attack which is basically negated by the creatures regen ability in hell.

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HI this is a good stategy for a basic assasin ok so first you get 20 on to blade fury its good then you get an amazingly high damage wepon like GF i know it sounds dumb but then blade fury will own with the amzing damage your assasin will give.Dont get any shadow disiplins exept wepon block to level 20 it helps alot when fighting especialy on barbarians dont bother trying to find claws just try to get GF buy now you will be level 52 now you start on traps you get chaos sancuary and that weird electric trap thing max them out then ur dont after that you do ur stats :) OK so you get (vita:330) (dex: 145) (str 175) (energy doesnt matter but try to get more energy than 60)

Blade_raider the barbarian lvl 82, delander the assasin lvl 81, bowa_ama the amazon lvl 62, odex the paladin lvl 37, conlak the druid lvl 61

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Martial Arts Assassin:
Hey everyone... i decided to make an azn and am on my way to having a good pvm build (traps are crazy for pvp). Due to me not being able to get my hands on any good items i've made due with the stuff i've found with her. Skills to max: Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice, and pheonix Strike. Put about 5 points in burst of speed. With the rest of the points you might want to put them into Dragonclaw for hte +dmg or possibly 1 into Dragon Flight for the tele ability. for the most part its nice to have higher dex (a lot of dex for block and attack rating) and str cuz they effect claw dmg. Other than that put the rest into Vit. 90% of the time the Specialized element skills are better when facing large groups of monsters with similar weaknesses. I maxed Fists of fire and can nuke tons of stuff in nm. Claws of Thunder Do way more damage and have a nicer range. Blades of ice do pretty bad dmg but are great for freezing things. Pheonix strike is only really good for the special effects of its attacks (light attack has even nicer range, Meteor blows up and leaves fire, Cold attack freezes in a large range). My claw is a double socketed rare bladetalon (which is really bad, i know) but as i said i was blasting things away with fists of fire maxed. I have a Firelizards talon in reserve for when i can use it and hope to find some better equipment. Of course if you have access to some Godly/Expensive runeword items.... all the power to you. Some ideal equipment would be Arachs, 1 chaos claw, Chains of Honor, Delirum Helm, Spirit ward (for cold absorb and Chance of Fade), Dracs, Ethreal Sandstorm treks. But ya.... if you're like me, just make due with what you can get your hands on. Try to get high defense with a lighter armor so you stay fast and when possible find a weapon with high Attack speed and if you have a high attack rating its easier to gather and release a charge. I've tried to duel with this build, and its nearly hopeless unless the person is another charging azn or a melee char with horrible attack rating. For dueling do traps.

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I am submitting this strategy because I am sick and tired of all the cheap Trap Assassins that everyone makes. They are the cheapest Duelers and they get no respect from most people. Mainly because they exploit their traps and town guard too much. You can however make a very strong WW Assassin that can own the majority of characters through strong poison attacks. Assassins have the strongest poison source in the game which deals all of it's damage in under a second. First off are stats, You just need enoug STR and Dex to wear dual claws, especially Chaos Claw of which will give you Whirlwind. Mine are 99 both STR and DEX. Unless you wear Scissors Suwayyah Claws which will require 118 STR and DEX. You don't need any energy. I can't stress that enough. No energy. And all the rest into vitality. As for Skills, you'll want to max Fade for resistance, Venom for Extreme Poison Damage, Claw Mastery for stronger claws and Whirlwind attack, and Max Weapon Block since you do not use shields, Plus you will need to put 1 point into all prequisites. You will Also need to put one point into Dragon Flight so you can Teleport to thos hard to get enemies and also to do some final damage to those duelers who feel they need torun away to avoid dying like an honorable dueler. It's fun to see them go down while trying to run away. Also makes you feel so much better to know that you didn't let him get away. And Finally, you will need to put the rest of your stats into Shadow Master, as she can take some FOH from pallys and buy you some time. Now on to the fun part, Your items. For Weapons you will Need Chaos since it is a very strong Claw and offers your +1 to Whirlwind, This will be the main weapon of choice for you. Your second claw will have to be Fury for Deadly Strike and -Target Def. Also adds a bonus to attack rating. Armor of course will Be Bramble Armor with 800+ Def. This offers heavy poison resist, and adds up to 50% to poison skills which in conjunction with Trangs Oul Claws which also offer 25% to poison skill damage will be the equivilent of 25+ Levels of venom in your assassins. Boots, you will use Gore Riders which offer Deady Strike, Crushing Blow, and Open Wounds. Belt I recommend Verdungos for the Heavy Life it adds. Up to 100+. Or you can substitute that for a ThunderGods which also adds life and Good for light resist and light absorb. Helm, you can use Crown of Ages if you can live with the heavy STR requirement. I use Guillaumes Face which gives me Deadly Strike and Crushing Blow. Also adds 15 to STR. Rings and ammy.......If you are not too concerned with your attack rating, you can go with a Highlords Wrath which also gives to Skill Levels and Adds to Deadly strike (25% at level 90) and Ravens Frosts. Or you can Use Angelic Ammy with One Angelic Ring which will Give almost 100 Life, 10 DEX, and 1000+ to attack rating. Also with one Raven Frost which will help with Cold res. and Dex. And lastly, it will help to have an Anni Charm for resist, additional stats and +1 to all skills. Next, Is something I highly recommend but is not necassary unless you wanna be able to survive longer. You need a Call To Arms and a Lidless shield on your secondary weapons so you can switch and Use Battle Command and Battle Orders. It can take you to well over 3k Life if used properly. The lidless shield will just add an additional level to boost up Battle Orders a bit as the anni charm will too. Hope this guide Helps. If you have any questions, you can find me on Battle.net under HmGrwnSnc1984 account name. Good luck and have fun with a very unique and respectable Assasin Build. I rather Enjoy it when I get props for not having a cheap assasin.

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Ok, so most people have it mostly right on the trap azn but they leave out one HUGE thing. You should use lighting/death and such but you also need mind blast....SO good for a trap azn. Its aoe and does stun/convert/knockback. Cast this on the leading edge of any mob and you convert 3-4 monsters for like 10 seconds. While all the other monsters try to kill their new enemies you set your lighting traps and take them out and once a few of them have died you set your deaths and pop the bodys which should take out any number of monsters. This is a very VERY good way to kill hell cows. You do it and two of them and then pop the bodies which sets off a huge chain reaction which will kill everything in the area.(this is one of the most ejoyable and funnist things i have found in this game) You can do this to pretty much anything even if you suck like i do. My azn sucks horribly because i have no good items but i can still walk through hell diablo/baal. So pretty much use lighting/death and mind blast and your god.


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I admit I have screwed up a bit with my assassin, only by putting skill levels in traps. They are useless in hell, trust me! Now then, let me make a few more suggestions: use dragon claw as your primary attack. I s**t you not, this skill is the barbarians concentrate or the paladins zeal. I started using it and my attack rating went from 5k to 9k. Also, put 10 in burst of speed and dragon flight. The only traps i suggest by the way, are ironically the least used. The blade traps! yep, 1 level in each is enough, because the damage increase in them is abysmal (not to mention the extra mana cost). Well.. add a few in blade barrier if you wish, gives extra duration. A few suggestions what items to aquire in the mean time: Ravenfrost, Natalya's set, Bartuc, Hellmouth or Venom Grip, String of Ears. I think thats about it. Call me a noob if you'd like and if you have a better strategy, I know its far from perfect, but It has turned out pretty great for me.

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Trapper Guide
Ok, To make a trapper succesful you will have to focus on the element of surprise. I am going to go over all your stats and skills and equipment. If you are doing this to be a cow killer, Leave now. This is a PVP guide. Now the truth is you want to surpise them. Make your name like " MartialMadness" or "PheonixKiller". Next have two sets of weapons, One is to be two jade talons and the other is to be two bartucs. Simply start with the talons, People with not think you are traps. Then, while your out there with your talons, Once your foe comes out switch weapons. Now trap and by the element of surpirse you have won your match.
Now skills, 6 Into Mind blast, Max Lightning Sentry, Death sentry, Charged bolt sentry and shock web.
For equipment, RICH MAN : Enigma, Shako, Maras, x2 SOJ , SilkWeave, Frosties , Stringing of ears/Glooms Trap And of corse x2 Bartucs and x2 Jade talons Poor Man : Skin of vipermagi, 3 to traps circlet , Cunning ammy, Ik boots, Ik belt , Ik gloves, And of corse x2 Bartucs and x2 Jade talons If you cannot even afford the poor mans equipment then turn this guide off now because its obvious you are not ready for this kind of character.
Stats: 150 life and dex, The rest divided evenly into vitality and energy.
Sneaky tips : 1) If you are facing a sorc, Switch to talons right before the spell hits you. 2) Do not attemt the element of surprise to the same person more then once, Now he knows what you are doing. Instead just go right in with the bartucs 3) If the person blabbers about the fact that you use the element of surprise, Do not start arguing with them, But do not attempt to use the element of surprise to anyone else in that game. Again go right in with the bartucs. 4) Do not use traps to Townguard or NK. If you town guard or nk someone, They will not forget so say if someone else killed you, The first person will NK you or get a higher level char to townguard you themselfs. 5) If the person has massive light res or uses a wisp projector(s) do not attempt to duel them.


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STATS: 100 Strength (MAX), 200+ Dexterity, 150+ Vitality, NO ENERGY
SKILLS: Claw Mastery (MAX), Dragon Claw (MAX), Venom (MAX), Dragon Flight (MAX), Speed Burst (At least 5), Mind Blast ONE POINT
Weapon: Nat set, jade talon, shadow killer, fury or chaos. (Try to not double up for variance)
Armor: Nat arm, High Def Stealth (for fcr and run walk), Gladiators Bane (fast hit recovery, cant be frozen) or COH, Tyreals Might (if you're rich fucking retarded from playing d2 so much)
Helm: Nat helm, or Andy's visage (IAS and good stuff)
Gloves: Trang (for psn and fcr), or some rare/crafted gloves with good stuff
Boots: Nat boots, or Shadow Dancers (25 to dex, 2 to shadow skills)

EXPLANATION: This build owns all chars except pallies and barbs cuz they have too much def and life, hence MAGEKILLER. This is if you're not one of those rich bastards who can make the runewords Chaos and Enigma any day. Try to make a combo of the items so that you have enuf resist. If you're gonna use nat, you gotta use the whole thing, and then use fury for damage. Jade talon has very nice resist, use if you're low on it. Or use coh for resist and skills. Gladiators is good if you get hit, cuz you can quickly recover and dragon flight. 100 Strength is all you need to hold claws and armors. Assasin damage is based on both str and dex, so do dex for more AR. I recommend at least 150 vitality to stay alive, but when it comes to dueling, its about hitting them and killing them instantly, cuz as an assasin, you'll pretty much die one hit. Claw mastery is straight forward, dragon claw should be your main attack cuz its a double hitter, and has mad AR and damage. Venom adds psn like 800 psn damage over 0.8 seconds, which is basically instant damage. Dragon Flight is the part where you own casters, the damage and ar sucks but you tele right in front and then you dragon claw then to hell. i say you do level 5 speed burst, cuz with 10 to all skills, it gets to level 15, and at level 15, each point into it doesnt add much speed or IAS If you want you may max speed, but i did some tiger strike for regular demon killing. I did one point in MB so i could stun someone, Dragon flight, then slice and dice to hell. Own trap assasins and tornado druids out there easily with this build. I have a lvl 45 assasin with bartucs doing 2k damage, once i get better stuff like maybe jade talons, shadow killers, chaos, or furies, ill do mad damage. If you're gonna be a wwsin, then forget everything here.

Ray_Wc, Ray_Sc, US EAST Ladder and Non-Ladder

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sup i have the most kick ass trap azn strat ever. first gear shako,enig,2x soj,+3 trap ammy,2x +3 trap claws,silkweaves,arach,frosts, 3x trap gc's,7x shadow gc's. now that the gear is done movein on to skills. max shock web, max charged sentry,lite sentry,death sentry, 10 wep block,10 fade. wit these things maxed and lvled u will be dealin massive damage wit lvl 40 trap skills and be able to take lots of damage from ele attacks and blockin melee. now for stats, str - 77 dex - 50 energy - 0 and life - EVERYTHING ELSE trust me ull be godly have fun.

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i have a lvl 90 trap azn and if u wan perf azn then max firebolt and max lightening sentry and max death sentry i prefer death sentry bcus if gets dmg boost and it does more shots per ever 3 lvls of firebolt and more dmg per lightening

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i have an assassin that is only lvl 50 and hits 3200 dmg who did i do it??? i maxed out speed boost claw mastery and tiger strike the other skills u can do by urself and attributes can vary depending on what u wanna do what u wanna do is have nats 2x claw and full nats the rest is up to you !

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for my trap assn's, theres obviously 2 choices. Lite has been numero uno forever now, and theyre the simplest if you just want to win (who doesn't?). Skill: Shock Web, Charged Bolt Sentry, Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry. Gear: 2x 3-Trap Claws. Try and get ones without sockets, then use your socket quest at Larzuk (Heres where i let you in on my secret) and you'll get 2-3 sockets. Only Uniques get 1 socket. Also, get as much absorb gear as you can. Snowclash, hellmouths, sojs, arachs, nigma, delirium/shako, and I go with treks (eth if u can afford). Use same gear for fire assn, which noone expects, just max all the synergies for inferno trap. Does enough dmg and most people are expectin lite trapper. Keep those fookers on their toes!!

- *PiMPiN-eVeRYoNe (Assns: Snuffles_theCat; MeaShadowhunter) Msg me if you have a question.

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FIrst off, I do have a martial arts assassin, and I do think that martial arts are better than traps, but this is a build that I saw once, and i figured I would try it. He main attack for this buil is blade fury(thats right, blade fury). Not only can u attack extremely quickly from a range, but maxed it does about 100 dmg per blade. Now the good part: blade fury not only does about 100 smg maxed, but it also adds 3/4 of your weapon dmg to each blade. Think about it. You could use a huge gothic sword (i dotn reccomend, ur an assassin arent u?), or you coulde use claw and sheild, or double claw I am currently using duoble claws, but from my experiance, blade fury doesnt increase by the dmg u actually do, but by the inventory dmg ur wep does. I think that blade fury takes the dmg from ur left claw, so if you are a double clawer, have ur hiest dmg claw on the left. Also, im pretty sure that the blades get any bonuses of elemental dmg or poison from ur charms, weapons, or i think venom (havent tested it yet only lvl 29). ALSO, blade fury is just like using a bow because you get life and mana leech from it. Did I mention that my lvl 29 assasin does 150 dmg per blade, and throws about 6 per sec? Thats almsot 1000 dmg a second. THink about that with faster cast rate, venom, Burst of speed, I havent tested yet but I think its possible for martial arts to work with it.

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Assassin: One of the easiest assassin builds is a build that doesnt require massive amounts of res and def. but theyre of course very good to have. So this strategy is for those of you who hate defense and just wanna runnin around and beatin everyone to a pulp.
First off, ill start with my D2 career. Ive ben playing ever since it came out, and ive played legitly through the whole game with every char, then i went to hacking for a good twist in the game, then went to closed b.net to go back to a chellenge. I had 3 or 4 accounts, getting pallys and sassys up to about 85 or so with ease.
First let's talk about stats: No offense, but all of these people saying you need massive amounts of energy are lieing out their asses. Just get about 7 or 8% mana steal and youre good to go. I'd say to set your strength to about 170 for high level armors. Set your Dex to about 155 of so, so that you can use a scissors suwayyah then dont add that much more to dex if you add any at all. as soon as you hit the req dex for the claws then STOP unless you have bad AR and direct all of you stat points to vita(youll of course add to vita throught the game as long as all other useful stats).
So heres an approximate for stats: Str: 170, Dex: around 155 or so, Vita: as high as you want it, Ene: dont have any more than 50
Items: for assassins you want to try to get a lot of life and mana steal, def isnt needed quite as much as pallys and such but is still needed. Resistances with my strategy are made almost useless so ill cover that with my skills and strategy. Also try to get prevent monster heal and ingore target defense just so you can eliminate them easily. The last two things needed from your items are lots of life and damage reductions, and if you can get resistances without sacrificing damage and speed then do so.
Skills: Here is where my strategy comes into play, with the right combo of skills, you avoid damage and deal major damage lvl 20 claw mastery, lvl 20 dragon talon(two claws of course), lvl 10-15 burst of speed, lvl 5-10 cloak of shadows, a decent lvl weapon block to get the block up to about 50, lvl 5-10 shadow Master, lvl 5-10 venom, lvl 1 dragon flight(teleport kick), ANY level blade shield
Strategy: Finally, what youve been waiting for the STRATEGY! what you do is start off with casting blade shield, burst of speed, venom, and summoning a shadow master. When you get to the battle field have dragon talon on your left mouse key function, and youll need to switch off your right mouse function between cloak of shadows and dragon flight. Practice with your cloak of shadows to learn exactly how it works, and what youre trying to do is know the perfect distance that completely bilnds all monsters. When the monsters are blinded youre def goes up and theirs goes down for if you get close enough for them to know youre there. thats where blade siheld comes in, it will interupt some of their attacks and damage them at the same time. then you can just simply use your dragon flight to manuever on the battle field, and when the cloack of shadows wears off then just cast it again and youre good to go. This strategy has been flawless with my assassin and has allowed me to accel in the game with ease. And thats how i play my assassins, hope you enjoy!

By: DarkSassy

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well i have a assn lvl 90 and she pks missile and melee. she uses full on these: dragon flight ,, claw mastery and blade fury think about it blade fuy hittin 100 to 105. dragon fight hittin 1000's and claw mastery for hittin high when you eva get close to somone or somthing really blade fury can be for both but mainly duels tho when you teleport over to and opponant (with dragon flight) and and keep clicking on them with dragon flight they never ever get a chance to aim cos you keep moving and if you ever rune out of mana use blade fury or a normal attack with last 9 points i probly put on venom cos of runners

(68 ama xghxgh) (36 pala _goontom_) and ( 90 assn kitcat_K)

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Hey I know how to make a nice assassin. In order make one u have to max out the following skillz: Claw mastery-To make u do a LOT more damage compared to what u would do without it maxing it out. Burst of speed-To make u swing all crazy fast and move all fast. Claws of thunder-To make u do a lot more damage. HINT: Put thunder of claws on the left hand side in witch u will use it every hit u make and u will do a lot of damage with every hit.

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I'm a level 94 lvl assassin who kills baal (hell difficulty naturally) solo, with little to no problem. The trick is to be self sufficient ie. have all the elements ready for easy access. The way i've chosen to do this is by maxing fire blast (i know it sounds lame but here me out), lightning and death sentry's, claw mastery, and shadow master with 1 point in blade fury and a few in burst of speed. And now for the breakdown, Fire blast will do 1000-2000 dmg with all those synergies maxed, death sentry for the popping ability while also strengthened by the light sentry and fire blast, next is shadow master to keep all the ghouls and goblins at bay, and now i bet you've wondered about the blade fury... well there's a point to it when boosted by blade mastery and a few charms it does massive damage while still being a ranged attack and get this.. with say 15% mana steal it will recover mana not deplenish it (but only if its lvl 1!!). And thus ends my strategy. Hope it helps..


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this is a strat for a duelin bow zon. first max the following skills in order. dodge, guided, evade, avoid, critical. for stats u have to have by lvl 99 str 134, dex 167, vita all other points after ur done wit the str and dex, and NO i mean NO mana. for gear u use vamp gaze, wf, gor riders, lava gouts, verdungos belt, shaft, 2x but kathos for +1 skills and the added life leech, and ammy moon cresent. try to get as many passive gc's as possible ull need them to boost ur dodge, avoid, evade, critical.

i play east ladder and my zon right now is lvl 87.

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first of all, i use bowzon, they're leathal and powerful, heres my bow zon strategy
first the skills: multi-15-20, guided-20, freezin-5-10, critical-10, pierce-5-10, penetrate-5-10, avoid-5-10, dodge-5-10, evade-5-10
now the stats: strength-100-110, dex-200+, virt-100+, energy-30-50

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to make a good trap azn u have to max shock web, charged bolt sentry, lighting sentry, and death sentry. ur main skill will the be the lighting sentry wit all the other attacks maxed this skill will pwn anyone. for the gear i use 2x soj, nats set complete, +3 trap skill claw, frosties for the mana, verdungos belt for the vita, +3 trap ammy. wit all the gear and the other stuff maxed ur lighting sentry deals 7k. just think about it 5 lighting sentry 10 shots a piece that makes 350k if they take all the hits.

my accnt name is XtwinbladeX and my azn is lvl 80

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for a good all around assassin that kills cows so you can level and deals lethal damage use these skills: tiger strike- with this skill maxed plus ur added skills from equipment this will add arounf 1500-2000 extra damage. max this skill. dragon claw- good for using 2 claw class weapons this will increase your damage and lets you use both claws in one attack. max this skill. claw mastery- good for adding extra damage. put 10-15 skill points into it . claw block- gives you a chance to block while using 2 claws. put 10 into this skill, the chance to block does not go up that much after this about 1 every 2 skills. shadow master- some extra help when fighting a lot of opponents and uses all your skills wisely. 15-20 skill points into it. death sentry- this skills corpse explodes so when one enemy dies it starts a chain reaction- put about 10 into this skill so it deals damage also. burst of speed- put one into this skill your skills from equipment will boost it up. only put other skills up for prerequisites

my account name is hellmit23 and my assassin's name is Alynnia

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