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William's Druid Guide
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Druid Strategies

Ok, well alot of people on this site seem to think that melee druids are the way to go. No, not really they get pwned. The true ownage charecter is a elemental Wind Druid.
Skills to max: Cyclone Armor, Twister (for synergies), Tornado, and Hurricane. (dont worry about any summons besides oak sage max that too.)
Gear: Your going to want a good Nightwings with a cold die facet in it, Also A good HOTO, Dusk Shroud enigma (because of low strength req), 2 sojs, Mara's Kaliedascope, Arachnids Mesh, Annihalus Small charm, Get a Kite shield Sanctuary for the resists and all that other good stuff, and either Frostburn gloves or just something with Faster Cast Rate. Boots just get a good pair of waterwalks. Get alot of Elemental GC'S and Vita charms too.
U'll Pwn in no time and u'll have a pretty good rusher too.

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I found the strategies on this page interesting but nobody seems to pay attention to one class: the summoner!!! It may looks like crap, but here's how you do to make it good. Skills:1-5 Crow (damage x hits x crow = ayeayeaye and it blinds),Akara : Oak Sage, 6-12 spirit wolves (synergies) 13-17 skill KEEP IT. You may have some trouble to kill Andy but when ya got, its goood. Lvl 18-29 + kept skills alternate between hrt of wolverine and dire wlf, 3 0max out grizzly and dire wolf, then hrt of wolv.` then spirit wolf and finally raven. Vines sucks. Stats: Str around 110, dex around 110 and the rest in vitality. Items:when you start, collect only saphirres, emrld, tpz, ruby and diamond. Set 1: Bow or Crossbow with 4 sockets or more to do ele dmg (with perfects gems) Set II: 3 or + sockets shield with perfects diamonds for resist all and throwing wps. I keep set II in my stash cuz i have a unique executioners sword (2handed) that can attack without going into the bunch of foes. Have a good armor, gloves, 4rows belt (plated and +) and rings. Try to have amulet that boosts your skill and a druid helm (i have a rare hawk helm with +3 to grizzly and it does the job). Mercenaries : Rogue. Take her an elemental bow (again with gems) and. May look pissy but not at lvl 75. I have not a lot of trouble in hell, even if it may take some time to beat imm. to phys. but here's why: bear is making 1400-1500 dmg + 160% with wlwerine, 4500 life, hits anytime. Crows are diminishing enemy def and blinding them. My dmg with sword: 400-700, bow:150-200, rogue:250-400...

The Summoner, single player lvl 76 druid

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Druid - version 1.10 - single-player build
Skills: Werewolf - 20 (increases life, attack rating and speed), Lycanthropy - 20 (increases life and werewolf duration), Feral Rage - 1 (left click, look for +skills equipment, mine makes my feral rage level 10), Rabies - 1 (anti-physical immunes), Fury - 20 (right click, once you've built an orb from feral, uses fury), Raven - 1, Spirit wolf - 5 (synergy to Grizzly), Dire wolf - 5 (synergy to Grizzly), Grizzly - 20 (tank and blocker), Oak sage - 1, Heart of Wolverine - the rest of the extra points (additional attack rating and damage)
Stat: +2 Strength (until 170 or 200), +2 Dexterity (more than 200), +1 Vitality (constant, just add one here every level up)
Look for equipment that increases skills, resistances, elemental damage... just check the web for those equipments If you want the best pelt, get Lalal's mane, for set items get Aldur's, it is simply the best For runeword items, choose Breath of the Dying (hard to make bec of the zod rune) or Silence (adds resistance and +skills), chains of honor for your armor
Hire an Act II defensive mercenary with the defiance aura to increase your defence

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alright...not many werebear strategies have popped up here, so ill add one. Max grizzly, HoW, Maul, Werebear, and Lycan. For stats, put 150 into both strength and dexterity, and the rest into vitality. For gear, you want a fast striking weapon. An interesting choice would be a "Beast" (runeword) Champion Axe. It gives +3 to werebear and lycan, 40% IAS, and a lvl 9 Fanaticism aura. A good choice for body armor would be the "Bramble" runeword, because it has a lvl 15-21 Thorns aura. Between you and your grizzly, this is quite powerful. For a helm, Jalal's Mane. Rings: just need mana steal, life steal, +skills. Ammy: Highlord's for the IAS. choose whatever you like for the rest. Your main attack in this build is maul. Use it all the time.

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ok any 1 who says a shapeshifer druid is a good pker is an idiot there a joke the way to go is with a Wind druid (steam roller). 1st max CycloneArmor,Tornado,hurrican,twister not in that order execlty just max em no skills in shapeshifing all skills there suck. then max oak sage. put 1 pt in raven then put as many as you can in spirit wolf (NO BEAR) this is the reason for raven these are used to hit enemys that run like pussy foh'ers and zons this does work they dont do any real dmg but if the pally try to block or the zon's dodge goes off theyll stop for a sec very good so you can tele on them and destroy them. again no bear for this reason your not a summoner so your bear isnt really gonna do that much dmg your pets are more for decoys for ppl like foh'ers and bowazons and bone necros who use bone spirit. these skills are all auto targeting so the more targets you have the harder it is to hit you use these wolves cuz you can have 5 instead of a max of 3 with dire or 1 with the bear. for equip use a good ol' nightwing 2 to all skill and the +to cold skill dmg is great for hurricane. Shield use either sancuary or ss i like ss for the good blocking pretty good res (not as good as sancuary but youll have plenty to be full in hell) but it has a 35% dmg reduction which is great b/c well its alot of dmg reduction.gloves use tranges or magefists both have 20% fcr but trang has 30 to cold res and magefists have 25% mana regen you choose. rings Sojs or fcr rings with +to mana and res. Ammy can use maras but a good rare or crafted ammy's are harder to get but well worth it with 2 to druid lots of res and 10 fcr is what you need. Armor go with Mage Nigma str req is only 55 this will give you enough to carry everything else if not put some extra str in( im pretty sure if you lvl a lil youll be able to were everything). belt arachnid. wep hoto. boots imp shanks or wraith brands (wriaths are alot better but more expensive). wep2 Cta and lidless or slendor. also put a 5/5 cold facet in your helm and ss ( if you use sancuary you cant put 1 here). charms 6 nature charms with 12 fcr and 4 nature with 40 to life. 1 anni and some all res sc's to fill you to full res in hell and the rest 32020's have fun


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For anyone who might be interested, here's the Druid Strategy I use....I'm not saying it's the best, but it works for me, I can solo everything on hell and that's all that matters really. Elemental is the way I go, with maxxed Cyclone Armour, Tornado, Hurricane and Armaggedon. Any spare skill points then spread around the elemental tree into good synergies for these skills.
For items I'm using Maras Amulet, HOTO and a Spirit shield on one weapon set, CTA and another Spirit shield on the other, Jalals for a helm, Mage Plate Enigma, Bul Kathos Rings on each hand, War Traveller boots and I alternate between Venom Grips and Chance Guards for gloves, depending on what I'm facing. Backpack has Annihilus, Gheeds, and 6 elemental skillers, with the odd spaces filled up with MF/life small charms. (This leaves 2x4 slots for picking up loot)
My mercenary is an Act 2 Nightmare defensive, for the Holy Freeze aura, and he's wearing Giant Skull with resistance jewels, upgraded Duriels Shell and a Bonehew Ogre Axe with 2 perfect skulls for life steal.
Again, I don't claim this is the best druid, but as I say, he can solo Hell, and finds good items....that's all I need. :-)

Beastering, Lvl 90 Europe Ladder, BeasteringII, Lvl 92 Europe Ladder

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aight this is how the best shape-shifting druid strategy works. max out these skills in this order..... lycanthropy, werewolf, fury, then heart of wolverine. this is the only type of char that ive seen that can solo hell. all you other people r newbs and know nothing!!!!!!!! ive made at least 5 different versions of the druid and this one is the best

lvl 71 qwertyg

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Hey...this is an okay PvP strategy to take out those pesky elemental guys. But it wont really work against hammerdins, necros and maybe javazons. First the skills. Remember this isn't a godly strategy. So first max WereWolf, Lycathropy thing, Fury, and Cyclone armor. See most people max Oak Sage for life, or that spirt of werewolf for more damage, but why, maybe against zealots but against elemental, which most duelers are, you have no resistances.
Item's: Jalals Helm is a must for skill. Amulat is anything that adds to druid skill. Rings, doenst matter, Ravenfrost would do. Armor doesnt matter again, coh for resistances and skill, but if ur poor Vipermagi is okay i guess. Shield, is Santuary or 2 Pdiamonds in mosers blessed shield. Boots, anything that adds restances or gore riders. Gloves souldrainers or anything you choose. Belt i perfer tgods for str,vit, and restances to lighting, for fohers and light sorces. and oh of course weapon, GImmershred, it adds alot of damage, and you end up doing around 7k damage per hit and you do 5 hits and there fast so they die quikly. Charms if you wish or rich enough.
well thats all, its an okay strategy, and dont get upset if you loose to some people but you should win against most.

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Here is a Strategy for Elemental Druids Most people want to create the perfect PvP character, I can tell you right now, thats impossible, there will always be some builts that will counter yours. However, with a good elemental (wind, fire is....why the hell do people even consider fire??!!) druid, you should have the advantage in most duels. First off, lets start with your skill points, max tornado, cyclone armor, hurricane and twister in that order, put the rest into your oak sage, you should be around lvl 97 or so when u finish, but if u just want damage, you should be around lvl 86 when you finish lvling your elemental skills. Now for your gear, HELM, most people that have posted anything here aren't really experts, remember, my strategies are for experts only, Some dude posted a elemental druid telling you to get chamed Shako......he'll get owned by me, here is what you should do. Get a good druid delirium, by that I mean a delirium with at least 3 to tornado and some other mods. personally, my own Druid Deli does 3 to hurricane, 2 to tornado and 1 to cyclone armor. Haven't seen anything on Bnet thats legit and better than it yet. For your armor, Get a Mage Plate Enimga, a good one will have over 1k defense requiring only about 65 Str or so, For your 1st set of weapons, dont use Earthshaker no matter what, yeah the 7 skills is cool, but you get no Fast cast rate, FAST CAST RATE IS THE LIFE BLOOD FOR WIND DRUIDS, REMEMBER THAT! get a hoto, the higher % resistance the better, for you shield use a Sanctuary, Preferably a Troll Nest shield, with at least 60% resist. For your glove, use trangs glove for its Fcr ( fast cast rate ) and use 2x sojs, and ararchinds belt, as for your amulet, if you want to sacrafice fcr for damage, use maras amulet, or if you fall in love with fcr, use fletch ammy, dont know what that is? ask people around in Bnet channels, its a duped ammy that adds 2 to sorc skills, with 20 fcr, 55 to mana, 55 to life, 18 to str, and 23 resist all. as for your boot, use Grim Spurs, another wonderful duped item from D2 classic. in your inventory, Stack up 10 elemental grand charms, if you are rich, try to get 5 fast hit recovery elemental grand charms, and 5 life elemental grand charms. Fhr ele gcs cost about 7x 32020 each. (sorry for getting technical, you can find out what they all mean if you dont already know by asking around) and 1 Anni sc, the 2nd weapon set is no doubt Cta and lidless. As for your stat points, here is what you need to do, put enough str to use your highest requirement item, which is usually your Sanc shield, and get up to 35 dex to use HOTO and CTA, put in energy unitl you have over 1k mana after your bo, then rest in Life. I have made many builts on D2 LOD, i founded my own clan, So trust me on my advice, Experts will know already when they see my Strategy, but for your newcomers, I will try to put up some more Character builts for you guys so you can have alot of rooms to choose from.

DarkNicrofia USEast lvl 92 Barb, lvl 86 Sorc, lvl 89 Druid, lvl 84 Nec, and lvl 85 Asn

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Druids are nice chars. I have a 93-91 and deleted a 94 and countless others. All mine have been wind druids cause they are the best. If you are able to get an enigma then they are tough and are good telers cause they can stand to get hit more then once not like sorc's who die when u hit them 1 time. Not really that tough on pvp but if u make him right and the right equip almost every char is a god.

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no its not the werebear or wereolf dats the most powerful WRON!!!!! it the elemental druid. to succesfully build a wind/elemental druid easy put ojne point in arctic blast and pump and max out all others in that catgeory. except for twister due to its lack of damage. Do not, I repeat, do not add any points in shape shifting at all. However, for summoning pump enough point into the raven column until it allows u to go to ur grizlly which helps u seriously. max that out along with oak sage do u give u the extra boost in ''life''. then get ur self decent armor and a nice shield. You definitely want poison resist here cuz you already have your absorbing damage going on, Duriels Shell would do just fine, since you can't be frozen, but I would rather have Skin of the Vipermagi. It has increase in Resistances, faster cast rate, magic damage reduction, and, +1 to all skills. It also has decent defense, although not nearly enough. You will want a high level shield that has three sockets. You will want to socket this with RalOrtTal in order to make Ancients Pledge. Try to get this in Hell if you can, so that you can find a higher defense shield, since AP also increases defense by 50%. You are definitely going to want resistances here. And since you don't do much physical yourself, you will want the defense and resistances and faster cast rate. You will also want Jalal's Mane, not because of the +2 to shapeshifting, but really good defense, good increase in Resistances, +20 to strength, and +2 to all skills. Waterwalk Sharkskin boots due to the faster r/w, regenerate stamina, plus to life, awesome defense, and adds to max fire resist. String of ears is the best belt to have.

LEVEL 60 DRUID predator abs

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the best kind of shapeshifting(shapeshifting is best of all 3 skills) druids is werewolf. first of all u have to max out lycanthropy, werewolf, fury, and heart of wolverine. after that you can choose to either max out grizly or feral rage.i went with feral rage because it speeds me up and the synergies for grizly were a bit too much. as for items, go for the most health leech. maras will do good for the skills, jalals is a must, and venomgrip is good for the leech. ravenfrost is necessary if u dont wanna get slowed down(speed is ur only advantage) my weapon choice is hellslayers because it gives alot to strength. my druid is lvl 82 and does around 2-6k. it will do VERY good against any sorc because of the speed(sorcs cant hit u, if they get to close, one shot and they r dead) trust me it will work well

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Thanks for all the interesting builds explained but all these truly impressive druids. In order to be different I only use animals. Max Ravens. Max Wolves very high Bear and Heart of Oak. I have no weapons that currenty use runewords but I hope to build one but my armor is 807 with 85 to defense, and ancient shield, a Totem Mask and A Berserker Club with +1 to Druid skills and lots of others, good magic rings, such a Raven Frost an amu for +24 resists. So as you can see just so so but not brilliant but I've already reached the end of act 3 Hell not solo but with a bit of help. I also have a fine Mercenary with Sigon's Helmet and 300+ denfense on his armor. This is just a test to see how far I can get the Druid to go without the other things, no shape shifting no volcanos just the bear, the dogs,the ravens and maxing Oak Mage and probably HOW. Certainly I can solo Nightmare with this combo. Hell is much harder because I don't have the exotic stuff you rich people have.

Level 67 Druid

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I was reading these druid strats and all I can say is wow....First off no sheild on a druid it interupts fury....Second I would like to say at 8k damage heart of the wolv adds 800 dmg hrmmm interesting 800 more damage or oak sage 125% more life making me over 3000 hp rather than 2000 interesting .......so 20 lanc 20 ww 20 fury 20 oak sage rest you can put into griz or whatever I would choose griz based on something to take hits aswell as me. Gear wise you have many options depending on what you want high life high resist the 50% dmg reduc umm all up to you but the weapon must be 2 handed....2 handers do more dmg than one handers and like I said sheild on fury druid is just plain retarded...you could survive on 1% mana leech I also suggest a good amount of life leech.. so once again yes yes you are all newbs....
84 druid over 3k life 8 k damage and 6k defence with atleast 20% life leech dont recall the exact amount 75 resist all cept poison because honestly who cares about poison....for the most part...and i was doing this with a hell slayer btw so this char is very easy to build and can stand to almost anything except immune to phys

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Hey all! I gotta couple of things to say about druids: 1. THEY KICK BUTT! 2. Every tree is amazing: elementalsists are not weak! 3. I only have a level 15 druid, but i know a thing or two about how to makea kicking one. and 4. Contrary to popular beleif, RAVEN is one of a druid's best skills. If youve been to the Arreat Summit on battle.net recently, then you should have looked at druid skills. It says that ravens add elemental resistance to your pets! so my lvl 15 druid with level 5 spirit wolf would receive this much resistance per wolf: (pet's level -1)x5, or for me, (4)x5, or 20%! or think of it this way, level 20 grizzley, with a raven's resistance =95%!!!!!!!! So if you are gonna make a summoner, think of that. Here are a few strategies: (Note: SPECIALIZE!!!)
1. Were wolf: WW,Ly, rabies, feral rage, fire claws(opt)
2. were bear: Wb, Ly, maul, shockwave, fire claws(opt)
3. Windy Druid: Artic Blast, Cyclone Armor, Tornado, and Hurricane
4. Lava Druid: Max out boulder, fissure, volcano, and armageddon
5. Gate Keeper: Max out either HoW or OS, Raven, SWolf, DWolf, and Bear
6. Rabid Wolf: Max out WW, Ly, rabies, feral rage, and Posin Creeper
7. Bearageddon: Max out Armageddon, Fire Claws, WB, Ly, and Shockwave
All of these I have seen and work. I am testing out a Gate Keeper (my lvl 15) and my friend is testing out a Rabid Wolf.

ConnArtist: Natures_Glory, level 15 gate keeper

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hey sup my names john i been playin since 2000 when this game came out so i know alot about it. as u know this is a druid strategy so listen closely. first for the skills its easy, u have to max ww,lyncanthropy,fury, heart of the wolverine, and grizly bear. save grizly bear for last. for stats use 156 str, 77 dex, no energy, all the rest life. for the gear u use dusk stone,ss um'ed, jalal mane cham'ed, mara's, drac's,gro's,dungo's belt,2x carrion's, and for the wep a eth stormlash. wit those skills maxed and this gear on ull be unbeatable in melee and most ele duels so go out and build this guy and get to the a$$ woopin pcc out.

ladder useast acct name is DE-death-elite clan acct my druid is lvl 86 its name is de_animalcrazy

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shape change/elemental strategy. ok for the first ten levles get were wolf then get lycanthroopy for the next 20. after that get 1 rabies 1 in fire claws and 1 in hunger then get 20 in fury you should be about 53 by now right,right. so put 1 in fire storm 1 inmolten bolder 1 in fissure 1 in volcano and 20 in armeggedon.(you can use this in were wolf form).max hunger and put this on hotkey next to fury on your left armmegedon will be on your right.you'll be 96 by now if you want to cuntinue to 99 then get a couple more points in firestorm for synergies. good luck with youre ultimate driud.

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Druid at least lvl 90 enigma 13xx def, hoto any res, Shako 'cham', mara, storm um/ber, sandstormtrack or good fcr/fhr/str/life boots, magefist upg, arach(NOT BUG BELT CUZ BUGGED IS FOR FUCKING NOOBS), other weapons: cta 3+bo + lidlles wall, 8 life, 2 fhr ele skillers some 20/5 sc, fhr sc (together 9)and anni. 20 twister, 20 hurricane 20 tornado 20 cyclone armor + rest in oak sage. easy lvlin till lvl 88 good pvp and good pvm DRUID + relatively cheap


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ok ppl u idiots elemental druids dont suck they rock. i have a level 98 elemental druid with maxed hurricane and lots of +skill charms and i own the hell out of ball in hell. i just stand there and he dies within a 15 seconds. What you do with an elemental druid is max out hurricane and maybe armageddon. volcano is very usefull for parts but not always. i would say 8 points there. max out summon bear and u cant lose. oh yeah, and use druid helm that does +hurricane or +druid skills (Mine does +5 hurricane, +4 summon bear, and +3 all druid skills) put lots of points in to mana and u r good to go

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ok i already submited 1 strategy (ownage nec) to this site n im gonna do it again. ALL strategies on this page r from noobs. Im gonna tell every1 how to make a true owning shape druid. Shape, cuz its easier then ele druids. Ok for shape druids dont go the werewolf way...go with bear, trust me. da build is to MAX fire claw, armagedon, fissure, put 1 point in werebear, lycanthropy n alll preresquite skils...ne remaining points go into a fire claw synergy skil of choice. al u need for gear is a fast 1 handed 6 soc wep with shaels(wep), coh(arm), stormshield(shied), delirium(helm), maras(ammy), dracs(gloves), dungos(belt), n gore riders(boots). The wep doesnt have to be strong, al u want is the ias from da shaels. coh is obvious bcuz f the 65res n +2 to skils (dol+um+ber+ist). stormshield is good bcuz its an al around shield, put ias jewel in dis shield. find a 3soc helm that adds to some kind of fire claw synergy skil den make dis runeword (lem+ist+io). maras for res n +2skils. dracs for the leech n life tap. dungos for the dr n +vitality. gore riders r good for all melee for da op n other crap. for the attribute distribution put enuf strength for gear, put 100+ dex for the att rating, no nrg, n put the rest in vitaity. Your Fire Claw will do tons of fire damage, not good for pvm (immunes) but u wil rape every1 in pvp bcuz ur ias gives u fast fire fury.

Ownage Shape Druid.

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u guys are just a bunch of noobs...max out werewolf licanthropy eart of wolverine adn grizly if u can....use full aldurs with 3 ohm in the wep and put some resist in ur armor and helm get a fuckin good shield sojs +2 skills ammy arachnid mesh or string of ears and good gloves u will wn i swear...shape shjifting is the best elemental sucks!! lvl 97 druid from pbacount

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Omg guys, max for ww,lycathrphy,fury then wutever~ and get a good weapon without any special skill my damage is like 4k, and if i use fury, it goes up more than 10k lol. I don't know why you guys wrote so much, just max those three skills and see that's gonna happen

lvl 64 Wolf boy

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ok you want a good mlee druid heres what your gonna do. First max out these werewolf,fury, and lycenthorpy. get between 10-20 in heart of the wolverine 2. Also a good thing is cyclone armor get it 2 ten. DO not get anything elemental besides cylcone armor if u want it. look im a lvl 55 druid with lvl 28 WW and 28 fury 19 lycenthorpy and lvl 15 heart of wolf. I dont care waht u hear this stradegy is the best melee shapeshifting druid! look i do 1000-1700 and do just fine in hell mode! try 2 get a fleshrender and jlalas wolf mask :) and some good armor stats should be 250 str 190 vit 60-70 dex and no mana! look when u have full werewolf it sgives u a massive dex boost plus heart of wolf so dont worry :) and u have 2 be werewolf nevr and bear or anything liek that! werewolf is fast and very agile! ull pull circles around ur opponents! i can take a lvl 70-80 barb easy! with furry u do emmense damage! but u need life drain! u most get life drain adn some mana becuase fury does use mana! nothing much like 5%mana and 30%life:) ull nevr die ull own all !

lvl 55 druid and beyond /m *sniper-dca call anytime!

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omfg u all r noobs man. heres what u do. max werewolf, lycathrphy,fury and heart of wolverine. then put as much poits as u can into summon grizly (it gives extra dmg). then get urself and good dmg one handed botd, sanctuary, enigma, jaljal totem mane, +2 to skills ammy, sojs, draculs grip gloves, aldurs boots and either tals, sigs, or ik belt. u will do like 4-5 k w/ botd and fury and heart of wolverine. not to mention u will hit them like 3-5 times with fury making ur overall dmg around 12-15k to 20-25 k!!! u will own i garuntee

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I've built several druids up to lvl 91 and I think this is the best strategy. Build strength to 255 so u can use earth shaker and split the rest between dex and vitality, nothing to Mana. Max out Fury, lycanthropy and werewolf this will give u the most dmg and attack speed, ur basically a melee fighter. Don't bother with any of the summon skills except maybe 5 points in raven. In hell u won't be able to keep spirits or animals alive in the tough fights when u need, so they are basically useless here. Ravens are OK because they blind opponents and can't be killed. Put 20 points into armagedon for handling immune to phys. You can use this spell in werewolf form. You will need to be lvl 85 to complete this skill formulae. After this put your points into volcano for synergy effect with armagedon (14% dmg/lvl). For equipment I like upgraded angel to get all immunites to 90%. For weapon use earth shifter 2 handed and a good one handed such as Schaefers or Azures. I like sanctuary, stormshield or Spirit ward. There are also better weapons and armor if u are willing to put in the time to build runewords. I like gore riders for boots, Maras for ammy and Verdungos for belt, I use Jalals for helm. For rings I use a BK band and ravenfrost. For Gloves Dracul's grasp are a must the lifetap makes u basically invincible when fighting creatures. Put ums into helm and armor & P. Diam in shield to take advantage of hellforge angel. Also I use some SS GC's for skills and Shimmering Charms to increase resistances. With 50% dmg red and 90% all resistances u can do some serious tanking. Earthshifter does serious dmg and really boosts armagedon making u a serious threat to all creatures no matter what resistances they have. In my opinion a properly developed druid is one of the best all round questing characters in the game, fully capable of soloing hell or making a significant contribution to any party.

Beeowulf, Lvl 91 US West

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ele druids are great, but only if u make them right. dont go after those gay fire ele skills they suck. volcano for example on lvl 20 does what not even 100 damage. armageddon sux pvp cuz its radius is so wide and its very easy to avoid and it doesnt do a whole lot of damage. i choose a torando druid. first off you can do w/e u want with ur first skills from lvl 1-4. save ur 5th skill and when u get to lvl 6 put ur 2 skills on oak sage and arctic blast. from lvl 7-11 put all ur skills on oak sage. on lvl 12 get cyclone armor. from lvl 13-17 get cyclone armor. on lvl 18 get twister but from lvl 19-24 DON'T use them on twister use them on cyclone armor because twister just sucks and they both give the same % adds to tornado. on lvl 24 get tornado. 25-29 tornado. get hurricane on lvl 30. from 31+ max out tornado. after tornado is maxed, then u max out hurricane, twister just sux so save that for last, max out cyclone armor after hurricane. once cyclone armor is maxed out, max twister for the synergy on tornado. you should be around 75-85 (i was 83 but i got a bear just because he takes a crap load of dmg instead of them hurting me, and you will get ur skills maxed ne ways) then start getting oak sage for the life bonus. your stats should be as followed: strength-as much to use all ur items without add ons, dont use that gay earth shifter it steals all ur vitality points into strength and ur tornados dont do much more damage, dexterity- 35MAX because of hoto and cta if u can afford one(you dont need dexterity b/c u will never melee), energy- enough to have around 700-1.1k mana with ur gear on, and finally vitality-all the remaining points (try to get AT LEAST 250 vitality by lvl 80, more if you can). the gear i use is great, my druid is my fav char so i pimped him up : ) Rich People Gear: Helm: Cham'd Shako (cant be frozen-you need sojs so dont waste by using ravenfrost, +2 all skills and +mana and life per char lvl), Weapon: HOTO(heart of the oak for you noobs out there)-mine's 40 : ) try to get around 35+(resistances and +3 all skills)*secondary weapon should be a CTA(call to arms)*, Armor: Enigma (+2 all skills and mf per char lvl, don't get anything with higher strength than a wirefleece,111str, that way u have more points for vitality), Shield: Lidless (+1 all skills, If you don't want to cham your shako, cham your lidless and put a perfect diamond in your shako instead-trust me the cant be frozen is great-try to get 320+ defense, if you dont cham it put a perfect diamond for the resists)*secondary shield should be another lidless or sigon shield for the +1 skills when using your cta to add to your BO(battle orders), Gloves: Magefist (used for the 20% fcr-faster cast rate), Boots: Imp shanks(low defense but it makes up for it with the GREAT resists), Belt: Spider-great b/c +1 all skills and fcr, Amulet: Maras-(+20-30 resists, +2 all skills and +5 all attributes) try to get 25+ resists, Rings 2x BK(bul katho's once again for the noobs)-+1 all skills, and +life per char lvl.GC's (grand charms for the noobs once again): 10 elemental gc's-+1ele skills(some have mods, try to get if you can) Poor People Gear: Helm: Peasant's Crown-+1 skills and some other mods, Weapon: Unique islestrike axe (i forgot the name lol)-+2 druid skills, Armor: Skullders Ire-Magic find and +1 all skills, Shield Sigon's-+1 all skills (very easy to find), Gloves: Magefist- 20% fcr (also ez to mf), Boots: Natalya's Boots- 40% faster r/w (noobs, r/w is run/walk) and some resists, Belt: Bladebuckle-max potion space (mods are good for noobs and its ez to mf), Amulet: Try to get a +1-3 elemental or +1-2 druid skills ammy, Rings: 2x Sojs- +1 all skills, increase max mana, regenerate mana. Note to Rich and Poor people: If you have a +3 elemental ammy, +3 ele helm (ravenlore) or +7 ele maul (earth shifter) use the maras, shako, and cta+sigon or lidless when you bo, then switch to the +3ammy, +3helm(ravenlore) and +7 ele maul(earth shifter) that way you have a higher bo and when u switch back you have great elemental damage. My druid has all the stuff i listed in the rich people section and HE OWNS...3k+ absorb makes it so NO SORC CAN TOUCH ME. fire sorcs are the only one that have a chance because one fb kicks off the absorb of the cyclone armor IF they're a good fire sorc and then second fb kills ya but if u know how to duel you wont have a problem ; ) just tele BELOW the hammer pally *DO NOT RIGHT CLICK ON THE PALLY, RIGHT CLICK RIGHT BELOW HIM SO YOU AVOID HAMMERS* Assassins...once again the absorb owns the traps, if they're melee, just tele and tornado and you shouldnt have a problem. Barbs are probably the only ones who really stand a chance because if they're good they will have about 3.5k+ life and 25k+ defense so its hard to kill them w/o gettin hit by ww(lots of barbs only have 2k life and can be knocked out with about 3-5 tornados and usually you can take the hits if u have high enuf life. necros...LOL ez they spirit and u just tele behind them and tornado once and they're dead then tele away from the spirits, somtimes they use teeth...they dont even take off 200 of my life and bone spear had very low accuracy so dont even worry about necros unless they are summon. summon necros are fun cuz they're so ez to kill yet so hard, they tele and 1-2 tornados takes out their minions but u gotta get close enuf to the necro where u can tornado and hit his minions w/o getting hit urself, u get too close...you get owned. usually u can kill the necro and his minions in 1 tornado. Javazons are ok...i hate their dodge but i have fast cast so when they dodging they cant do anything else so they just dodge and eventually get hit and die, bowazons r ez cuz u just tele so their homing dont hit, their multi dont hurt much and they dodge and same thing with java, other druids are fun cuz its a challenge. some are better but still die, some are worse but kill u...ur on ur own but try to keep ur oak sage alive.

Lvl 85 Elemental Druid...OWNAGE

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Alrighty peoples, If your reading this strategy now, hopefully its on the druid. Now lets go onward. Now when making a druid you must decide. Wearbear, Werewolf, or Elemenatlist(Is this a word?) I myself chose the elementalist because my computer lags too much(heh getting roadrunner in 3 days) well anyways. I personally choose Cold because hurricane basically owns and the immunes in hell will be owned by tornado as long as your not being beaten on by enemies. So max that and hurricane. NExt there's cyclone armor. For those noobs out there it helps if your res are -100 cause your too stupid to realize that it AINT GONNA HELP YA. So max this out. Last but not least max out twister(though its is probably the worst skill)Only max this because its one of the synergies. SO ya got your druid now but your thinking equipment well get jalal's helm, earthshaker, a elemental amu, and decide the rest on your own those are basically the neccesities. So just have fun. And make sure you have good equipment, don't start out you will need at least +8 to skills or your druid will be owned by all. Its all about doing the build just right

Lvl 82 druid BNU-Manliness

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Now I have read most of the strategies in this site.Some are good but most of them sound like they are total noobs. Don't take advice from someone that owns a druid with less than 50 levels. I have a Level 74 druid. He owns especially when it comes to melee vs melee. Max fury, heart of wolverine, and lycanthropy. They are basically what you will need. Don't touch elemental skills, werebear stuff, and don't touch summonings (except for Heart and its presequites). Elelementals sucks, you won't even be using them when you are in werewolf form. Cyclone Armor can be useful but is almost USELESS if it does not have much synergy bonuses. All that summoning crap dies in 2 seconds in high lev duelz or hell mode. People say Oak Sage is good. But don't believe them. The extra life bonus does not serve you as well as the damage bonus from Heart of Wolverine. Plus you will already be getting life bonuses from Werewolf and Lycanthropy. Werewolf doesn't need points because att rating you should have enough and att speed isn't that important if you have a fast wep. Fury totally owns becuz of the consecutive hits and high damage. Don't focus on getting weapons that increase your skill levels. Even though skill levels are important it isn't as important as a high damage wep. Get one that does at least 400 max damage. Some good examples are Bonehew or good bows, if you can USE Windforce!!

MasterBlazes, Lev74 Druid

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